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Shooting off hand on a low port


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im fairly new to the sport, we had stages where there is a low port you have to shoot through, off hand, (im RH), and you have to lean forward due to restricted shooting area.

so what i did i leaned forward, extended my left arm all the way out locked my elbows parallel to my shoulder and used my left eye to focus, i was shooting low. so about 20 seconds past and none of the steel plates are going down, i shifted my shoulder brought my left hand towards the middle of my body, canted my hand clockwise and used my right eye to focus.. it didnt improve a bit. am i doing it wrong?

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If the sights are on the target when the bullet leaves the barrel, you won't miss.

Figure out how to make that happen, and you have your solution.

i took off as much slack as i can on my 1911, sight perfect before detonation, but as soon as it goes bang, since its off-hand, i cant track of anything, front sight is all over the place. when you said when the bullet leaves the barrel, when it goes bang?

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I always use my dominant eye no matter which hand I shoot with. The trick is to get the sights lined up with that eye in the same plane as when you are hitting. I am left eye dominant so when I shoot strong hand I have to bring the gun to the centerline of my body to get a good sight picture. When shooting weak hand the gun is canted clock wise just so it is more comfortable. Adn as HS101 stated it is a skill that must be worked on. After you have worked on it then you must get the same lane even if it is at a low port. Head and shoulder must go down with the sights. Clear as mud? Good luck and hang in there. Later rdd

edited because I forgot to mention I am right handed, left eyed dominant. :blush:

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Just for your reference and to simplify things, no offense intended.

Offhand is a rifle term, means shooting standing with no rest or sling.

Pistol shooters use the terms, stronghand or weakhand. If you are right handed strong hnad would be your right hand.

Now on to the question.

Do you normally shoot with both eyes open??

If you do why would you change for either hand?

The pistol is far enuff away from your face to prevent your strong eye from taking over and moving the sights to a false view.

If you have the front post aligned in the middle of the rear notch and the post aligned to the same depth as you always do, you should hit where you always hit. Of course that is assuming that you manipulate the trigger and grip the pistol in a controlable fashion.

I would imagine that if you have not practiced it the poor control comes from the awkward feeling of shooting weakhand.

Keep trying!!!!!!!!!

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im really new and i heard many guys refer off hand synonymous to weak hand. but thanks for correcting me.

i shoot both eyes open, and on that particular stage different body position while aiming got the best of me. i was totally unprepared for that.

i have practiced dry firing, but to take the concept of shooting watching the sights lift and come back to POA with weak hand only.. then i have a lot to practice with live rounds. im pretty sure it got something to do with my grip too.

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Part of it is mental. You are "not shooting weak hand or off handed". You are "shooting left handed".

Do not look at it as a handicap or test. Visualize it as what it is: shooting. If you go into it thinking it is hard, or that you will do bad: you will. Just say " I have to shoot this string left handed. Short. Simple. Positive.

Do not let negative thinking doom the shoot before you take it.

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