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Review STI GP6-C

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My 13 year old son, an avid USPSA / IDPA junior shooter, put 1000+ rounds through an STI GP6-C in the last month. His review can be read here:


His summary...:

The GP6-C is race-ready out of the box. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a heavily customized SIG, Glock or XD, nor go to the trouble of installing aftermarket parts. Even with hundreds of dollars in aftermarket triggers and components, you will only come close to the single-action trigger on the GP6-C, probably its most outstanding feature. It is a new gun, so accessories are scarce, but I’ve found three suitable holsters and magazine holders. I’m very impressed with the GP6-C, and you’ll see me shooting it in IDPA competitions more in the coming months.

Your feedback on the review and also experiences with the GP6-C are welcome. Note... be kind over his comparison with the SIG P226, remember... he just turned 13 and hasn't yet encountered gun wars of faith (-:


Ken N.

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