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anyone shooting sig patrol....


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would like to set one up for playing and getting into 3 gun.....any problems, reliability etc. which is best, the quad rail or smooth handguard......what type of equipment and optics....I did a search, but would like an update on equipment for it especially.

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Just did not know if all that rail space is needed. It is better to ask than buy more than you need.

I wanted to check on the short gas action system, in reading and theory, it would be subjected to more wear. But we need to get the input of people who have shot them extensively and their view of wear and reliability.

I was just reading about a new sig 516, basically an ar with LWRC like piston system, not sure they are out yet....

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I have a SWAT Patrol, which came with the Quad rail. I didn't like the rail covers included by Sig, so put the slim lo-pro type ladder covers on the side, to keep it slim, and put a Magpul AFG on the bottom to give me something to hold on to, and also act as a forward stop so I won't reach up and grab the hot gas block - ouch.

I like the balance of the Patrol better, less nose heavy, and by theory all the moving parts are shorter and lighter in the drive rod system, so it should also run smoother with less moving weight going back and forth? I also put a brake on it.

Anyway, other than that, its stock; for optics I put a Holosight on it. I like it quite a bit, but am still deciding between my mid length AR and this for all out 3-Gunning..... tuned right I think the AR is a bit smoother running, but the 556 is pretty cool.

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I purchased a 556 when they first came out and was very disappointed with the accuracy.

The best I could get out of it was about 3moa no matter what I did or what optic I put on it. The trigger and ergonomics were excellent, it just wouldn't shoot to the level I wanted. I sent it back to Sig as they were having some documented barrel problems with some of the early guns and they returned it with a statement that there was nothing wrong with the rifle. They even sent a target with a nice set of 5 holes all within 1 inch. (They didn't say what range the target was - I suspect about 25 yards :) ) I put it in a sled and still couldn't get better than 3moa no matter what ammunition or bullet weight I used.

I like the rifle, but mine just wasn't accurate enough for 3 gun (fyi it was never my intention to use it in 3 gun). It functioned perfectly and there were absolutely no issues except for accuracy. I intend to sell it.I played with a friends SCAR last weekend and it would be a much better option if you really don't want to use the standard AR platform. For what you pay for a 556 I think you could get a well set-up AR with an inexpensive optic and still have money left over for practice ammo.

I don't mean to rain on our parade, I like the gun I just could not get it to shoot that well.

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Great advice thanks,

Well, I have been reading much on the sigs, and it is apparent that they had some teething problems initially, I do hope that things have improved, with sig they usually are. I have played with my brothers classic, it is a bit nose heavy, not sure if that is good or bad. Wow fabulous trigger when compared to his wilson combat AR.

I have not had a chance to really check accuracy.

The only other rifle that has caught my attention is the POF.

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Unless you are shooting Open there is really no need for the rails. Vertical foregrips really don't offer any advantage in the 3 gun game and the reality is they become a liability due to many of the rulesets for matches (as an example at RM3G if you happen to ground the VFG during a course of fire you are penalized outside of OPEN division).

With respect to the accuracy I know Eric Lund was able to get it down around 1 moa (do a search there is a post about it on the forum). Secondly you are compromising with the gun not being as soft/flat/tuneable as an AR platform from the perspective that it is a carbine length piston system which is going to be harsher than the comparable rifle length guns you are going to be shooting against. Third is the trigger, again you will not be able to get as good of a trigger as the AR platform.

This is all not to say you can't be competitive but at every turn you are giving up something to your competitors.

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