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Saying good-bye to friends

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As a lot of us have been informed of the passing of our friend Eddie Rhodes, it is with additional great regret, that Eddie apparently requires a GREAT DOG, to keep him company, so tomorrow Scout will join him and the two of them will be patrolling the grounds together. He has made friends all over the shooting community, somewhere I have a squad picture with the 2 of us and Leatham, Sevigny, Goloski, Seeklander, Bonnet, Hannish, Horner, and a few others I'm forgetting at one of the last STI/Handgunner matches. I have actually gotten used to the phrase, "Hi Scout!!! oh hey Trapr hows it goin"

He will be missed by me, but I am glad that he will now be able to run all day, chase cows and rabbits, and eat whatever he wants,.............................................. So go home, buddy!!!! I'll be there in a minute.



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Sorry to hear that Trapr. I have to deal with both sides of this sad situation, and you know in your heart when the time is right. I personally had to put my duck hunting partner of 16 years to sleep last August...and it still sucks.


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Always remember the good times. Putting your best friend to sleep is painful for us but remember your ending his pain. He'll find you when you get to the same place tail wagging and ready to play!

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Sorry brother, that's the shits...He was definitely a very special dog and his human is pretty decent too.

Can't help but remember this fable when I think of you and Scout.

An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate in the fence and looked in, it was nice - grassy, woody areas, just what a 'huntin' dog and man would like, but, it had a sign saying 'no trespassing' so they walked on.

They came to a beautiful gate with a person in white robes standing there. "Welcome to Heaven" he said. The old man was happy and started in with his dog following him. The gatekeeper stopped him. "Dogs aren't allowed, I'm sorry but he can't come with you."

"What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If He can't come in, then I will stay out with him. He's been my faithful companion all his life, I can't desert him now."

"Suit yourself, but I have to warn you, the Devil's on this road and he'll try to sweet talk you into his area, he'll promise you anything, but, the dog can't go there either. If you won't leave the dog, you'll spend Eternity on this road."

So the old man and dog went on. They came to a rundown fence with a gap in it, no gate, just a hole. Another old man was inside.

"Scuse me Sir, my dog and I are getting mighty tired, mind if we come in and sit in the shade for awhile?"

"Of course, there's some cold water under that tree over there. Make yourselves comfortable"

"You're sure my dog can come in? The man down the road said dogs weren't allowed anywhere."

"Would you come in if you had to leave the dog?"

"No sir, that's why I didn't go to Heaven, he said the dog couldn't come in. We'll be spending Eternity on this road, and a glass of cold water and some shade would be mighty fine right about now. But, I won't come in if my buddy here can't come too, and that's final."

The man smiled a big smile and said "Welcome to Heaven."

"You mean this is Heaven? Dogs ARE allowed? How come that fellow down the road said they weren't?"

"That was the Devil and he gets all the people who are willing to give up a life long companion for a comfortable place to stay. They soon find out their mistake, but, then it's too late. The dogs come here, the fickle people stay there. GOD wouldn't allow dogs to be banned from Heaven. After all, HE created them to be man's companions in life, why would he separate them in death?"

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Hey Trap.

Sorry to hear about Scout. I know he's had some health issues for a while, and you've done all you could to make him comfortable. You two made a great team.

God bless both of you.

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I'm so sorry for you but like you say, he can run all day now. I had to do the same with my old friend the Wed before Christmas. Kind of put a wet blanket on Christmas this year.

Thank you for bringing him to meet us all through all these years. He sure has been a good friend!

Mark Miller

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