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AASA Nationals 2010

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American Action Shooting is hosting their 2010 Nationals Steel Challenge and Man-on-Man shootoffs at BulletHole Range in San Antonio, TX tomorrow. Shooters meeting at 7:30 am Hammers down at 0800 for the Challenge. Luch will be available at the range and the Man-on-Man Shoot Offs will start a 1:30 pm.

For more Details http://www.AmericanActionShooting.com

Sign up forms are available on the site or on http://www.sashooter.com. Print it out fill it out and show up to shoot. No Late Fee and plenty of openings, lots of prizes and a good one day match.

I didn't see this posted and didn't what anyone to miss the chace to shoot it.

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How did it go?

As a club member, I would like to have seen a few more shooters. As a Competitor it was great. The AASA steel format is a little different with 7 shots in a run for most. D class and revolvers get two plates down which actually gives them a fighting chance of doing well in the match.

For me I kept my head and focus and wound up 4th of 40 shooters in the challenge. With 4 runs and a throw away you only need to put together 3 good ones to stay in the hunt. The Man-on-Man was each class going thur 5 sages working the tree which was enough man-on-man to get practiced up for the Finals. I managed to win 15 rounds and 1 stage. In the finals I wored my way thru the classes and won 4 bouts to make the semi final, up against a shooter I had beat on the same stage earlier. In the first round I had a round that failed to go off but came back and won the next one, the it was for the spot in the final and half way thru the plate rack my C-more quit, I made it down the rack first but without the dot missed the stop popper twice and it was over. I am a C in USPSA but AASA moved me to B open, but I managed to beat all but one other B.

Carl Frazier a GM won it with a Glock Open Gun, never seen one go fast before and never seen one run long enough to finish a match but he was very good.

Jim Dameron won the Rifle Side Match, and James Braddy took the ShotGun side match, with Steve Kline winning the 22 CAL Challenge.

The weather was perfect the stages were challenging and the competition was close and it was still relaxed and fun. Its a good day when you can shoot nearly 400 rounds in a match.

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