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The Apex sear is definitely an improvement over the Pro sear.

It drops in at about 4lbs.

It yields a very short reset

It certainly makes doing a trigger job on the M&P a lot easier.

My test bed for the sear is a well worn 22k rounds M&P Pro that I shot in competition for a couple years

I just ordered a sear online and installed it as is.

It dropped in at 4lbs on the nose and was a bit crisper than the pistol with the Pro sear

I then polished the trigger bar contact surfaces and rounded the firing pin plunger

All that yielded a 4lb trigger, very little creep and relatively crisp for a striker fired pistol.

Certainly a much improved trigger than the stock M&P Pro

I'm looking forward to the new carry sear kits that are reported to be coming out soon.


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I put an Apex sear in my Pro that already has the SSS Ti firing pin safety plunger and it worked out to 4lbs 4oz on the Lyman digital gauge...consistenly pull after pull (probably did 25). I've polished the contact point with the trigger bar a little, but that's about it. It feels much lighter than 4.25lbs and the reset is pretty short.

I'm a big dummy because I didn't think to use the gauge with the stock sear in place...I've tried it before, but it's been a while and I can't recall what it was...doh!

I may eventually try a SSS sear to see if I can get it lighter, but it really feels more than good enough right now. I'll do some live fire tomorrow and test it out. :)

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Good news! I was wondering what the Apex sear would do to the Pro. I just purchased a new Pro. I owned a 40 and own a 9c. The 40 had a trigger job which I liked a lot. I think that I'm going to go with the Apex sear this time around.

PS. Would the stock sear in my Pro be an upgrade for my 9c?


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I ordered a SSS sear a little over a week ago and just got an APEX sear. As mentioned on here earlier....the APEX sear is pretty much drop in improvement. Its about a 255 improvement over the Pro sear and easily a 60% improvement over the standard MIM sear. The SSS sear still needs to be cut for your desired engagement. The SSS is a more versatile sear given the area where the trigger bar engages is meaty and allows for options. They both appear to be very hard.

I personally like using the SSS sear for triggers that break towards the front with an overtravel stop to limit rearward travel. Both are very well made.

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i just installed my Apex sear a few minutes ago.

here's the before & after

Total travel - take-up - reset - trigger weight

M&P 9 Pro (stock) .55" - .34" - .21" - 4lbs 2.8oz

M&P 9 Pro (Apex) .55" - .385" - .165" - 3lbs 5.2oz

the weight was done on a 10 pull average on my Lyman & done in the same was as in the Apex video.

with the Pro sear i can feel the point where the trigger resets, but can't tell with the Apex sear. is this normal?

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My APEX reset is very hard to feel also. Just going to take some getting used to. I dont want to do anymore work to it because I have to keep a 3.5lb + trigger for NRA Action pistol production division.

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I repleaced the MIM sear in 9L with an APEX. I agree that the reset of the Apex sear does not have a positive "tactile" reset, but it did seem to significantly shorten the reset distance, and entirely eliminated the "false" reset of the MIM sear.

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Just tweak the inward pressure of the trigger bar just a bit to stiffen up the feel of the reset. The M&P has never had a real tactile feeling reset in any of the many M&P's I have played with. When i do a trigger job...I tweak the trigger bar in two spots to improve reset.

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