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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday's match went decently well except for a couple bizarre technical difficulties which I didn't see coming. First USPSA of the year and I'm using my trusted G34. Only catch that hadn't been a problem till now, it was made in 2003--and so were the two 10 round mags that came with it. A wear issue I'd not previously been made aware of is that the mag floorplates can come loose all at once when they've had enough and are past their life of 100% trouble free use. To my knowledge there is or was no advance warning of this. Now this isn't cheap knockoff mags, but Glock OEM mags. I'm shooting production so I carry 6 mags with me b/c you have to change them so much to keep from running dry, so 4 are new 17's and 2 are the 10's. So I reach the end of a stage after lots of mag changes and I grab at random one of the 10's, give it a good hard seating, and I hear a very weird sound and the gun feels oddly lighter. I look at it and the magwell is open...with a bottomless mag in it! The only thing I can think of to do is shoot one of the last targets in the array to empty it, because my mind is so boggled by this I don't have any other plan. I actually took the shot strong hand only because...uh...because...uh, somehow my support hand should be doing something...I don't know what, I was in total derp land. After I finish, I find the base plate and tab but not the spring or follower. The RO asks me if I always seat my mags that hard or did this one especially hard. I said I seat them all the same way, rifle and pistol, and have never seen nor heard of this so I don't have anything to compare it with. Two stages later it happens again, with the other 10 round mag. At the end of that stage there was a table underneath the shooting position so I hear the ammo hit the table, audible enough so that my video camera picks it up. Last mag since I was down to 5 anyway, so I take a mike on the last target. At least now I find the spring and follower, so I can put one mag back together to still have 5. Stage after that, a round nosedives in the mag so I get a bad jam up and don't even finish the stage. Mag malfunctions SUCK!!! Check the date and/or condition of your mags!
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