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Found 3 results

  1. Limcat Custom UML District 1 Championship- Level 3 Match June 8th & 9th Hosted by Stillwater Firearms Association Presented by Northern Nevada Multigun https://www.practiscore.com/limcat-custom-uml-district-1-championship-1/register No gimmicks or Got ya's, just exciting & challenging multigun stages 10 stages, max range of 200ish yards for Rifle divisions. For PCC there will be an alternate target array. Full day format United Multigun League Divisions OPEN, Limited, Tactical Optics, Tactical .308, 2x4 OPEN, 2x4 Tactical, PCC only, & 2-Gun EARLY BIRD SPECIAL shoot the match with the staff June 6th & 7th Range Master: Blair Cooper Stage design by Pro stage designer Pete Rensing. Check out the stages at the Surefire World Multi-gun Championships, yup ALL designed by Pete. All paying shooters will be entered in a random draw for a Limcat Custom pistol as well as other goodies from the prize table. Match Fees: $225- squading allowed after match fee received Pay at the door = $250 Junior Shooters 50% off of their match fee. Refund of 50% will be given at time of registration. Full Refund for withdraw from match before May 1st minus $25 admin fee Refunds returned soon after the end of the match No Refunds after May 2nd All shooters will receive full refunds in the unlikelihood of match being canceled Prizes by order of finish. Approx Round Count With UML, it is difficult to give you a round count due to all the options that you have in the divisions. However, if you plan for 250 rounds for everything and 10 slugs you should be OK. Round count ***TBD*** Rifle- Pistol- Birdshot- Slugs- There will be a Vendor area for you to make purchases Food vendor on site for purchases
  2. * I am posting this here since it covers several topics and I don't want to get booted from one forum to another because of the breadth of topics * A little background first - I started shooting USPSA production about 8 years ago after I turned 18, and fell in love. I shot as many matches as I could fit into a busy college schedule. I switched over to 3 gun during grad school, and had been enjoying that since graduation. However, last July, my apartment was broken into and my 3 gun rifle and shotgun were both stolen (luckily they didn't notice my 3 week old STI DVC Limited 9mm in the range bag they rifled through), and I have only replaced the AR so far. So since then, I haven't been able to shoot 3 gun since funds have been a little tight and I was down a shotgun. Since late last year and all of this year, I have been shooting exclusively PCC in UML and falling steel matches, and have fallen in love with a gun with a red dot and only having to worry about hitting my targets, and not dealing with as much stage planning as typical 3 gun requires. I have really felt like my speeds and splits have improved dramatically, and I won my first overall match just a month ago shooting PCC. So now I have a new itch (well, not new, but reinvigorated itch) to get into USPSA Open. So here in-lies the dilemma - I miss shooting 3 gun, but I am really enjoying the red dot and fast paced world of PCC and potentially Open... So my question, and what I want to hear your opinions and thoughts on - Do I sell my DVC Limited to go towards a new 9mm Open gun, potentially the new Freedom Gunworks/CK Arms "Solution" and only shoot USPSA Open and UML PCC, or do I keep the DVC, and put a little money into a new shotgun to start shooting 3 gun again? I know the typical answer may be to do both, but that really isn't in the cards right now unfortunately, so I feel like I need help making a decision. I would love to hear any opinions, insight, or experiences you may have in this situation or something similar you have gone through. *I do reload my own ammo, so making major in Open won't be an issue. I am close to a range that has 3 gun, UML, USPSA, and steel matches once a month*
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