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Found 1 result

  1. So I just bought my SECOND P320 X5 Legion. I’m having a blast shooting the first one. I bought the GreyGuns Competition Trigger Kit for it and did the installation. I knew GG was one of the leaders and just pushed the ‘easy button’. With the popularity of the X5, I’m seeing now that there are more options than I knew. With just a little reading here, I’ve found “The Sig Armorer”, “Armory Craft” and of course Grey Guns. I was wondering how many more options are out there? What is the collective experience with the other kits and work? I’ll start - GreyGuns Competition Trigger Kit - Pros, Cons and Overall. Pros - The kit seams well made and was GENERALLY easy to install, more on that in the Con’s. You get a couple of sets of springs and the finish on the parts is good. It dropped the pull weight from about 3.5 pounds stock to about 2.6 pounds after installation. I measured multiple pulls with a Lyman digital Trigger Pull gauge. I’ve shot two matches with it since and it’s worked fine. Really limits over travel. Lighter, shorter, less build up (Stack-up) before the break. Reminds me of “rolling" a light revolver trigger. Con’s. - No instructions at all. They do use the disclaimer of use a “qualified Armorer” to install these parts. I’m a Glock LE Armorer and have 25 years of working on Glocks and 2011’s. Even an Armorer needs instructions. After watching all the videos I could find, the install was smooth except the trigger return spring. There’s got to be a better way than the ones I found. Maybe a tool? One video said right out to expect to bend the spring. Feel of the trigger is okay, it does stop the over-travel. At first the over-travel was limited the point the gun would not fire. I had to back out the adjustment screw a quarter turn. Feel overall is quite different than the stock trigger. Overall - It’s staying in the gun for now, but I’m still looking. I wish they told you how to use all the “extra” springs to get different results. I guess it’s up to me to experiment. The first experiment is going to be building a tool to install the Trigger return/triggerbar spring. Part of paying for the kit is expecting to get the “knowledge” needed to use it effectively, maybe that’s an unreasonable expectation on my part? I know when I buy 1911 parts there are no instructions. Glock kits always came with the info. So who else have ya’all used and what do you think ? Really interested in reviews of The SIg Armorer....
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