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Found 1 result

  1. Recently got into revolvers with a 627, and wanted to get some moonclips, but I didn't know which ones would work best with what ammo. I reached out to TK Customs, and Eli was kind enough to give me a sample pack! So with that, I got to work with my BMT mooner. All results are with my grip and twist strength, which should be about average male in their 20s to 30s on a BMT mooner. No modifications have been made to either the mooner, the moonclips, or the casings. All moonclips tested are 8 rounders for the S&W 627PC. Template: Ammo brand/type/weight: Best moonclip in my opinion Blued: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-025-blue .025: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-025-ss .020: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-020-ss Horn: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-025-ss-horn Star: https://www.tkcustom.com/products/swn627x8-star-025-ss PPU 38 special 158 gr SWC: .025, .020 Blued: Hard to fit last one in .025: Firm in Firm out, wiggles. .020: Easy in, easy out, too much wiggle Horn: No fit Star: No fit Federal RTP 130 gr FMJ: .025, horn, .020 Blued: Hard to fit last four in .025: a little hard to get last one in, but doable, no wriggle (great combo for competition) .020: Easy in, easy out, wiggles, but loads easy (great combo for practice, possibly for comp) Horn: Firm in, Firm out, wiggles, but less than the .020, but loads easy (great combo for practice, possibly for comp) Star: Only fits one at a time, last one is very hard Armscor 158 gr FMJ: Horn, star, or .020 Blued: Very hard to get in and out. Did not completely load. .025: Very hard to get in and out. Did not completely load. .020: Firm strength required to get first 6 in, last two are very hard, did not completely load. 6 that fit are very wriggly and had lots of space between the rim and the top of the cutout. Likely inner diameter differences. Horn: Very easy in, very easy out, very loose, one bullet actually was able to move across the middle and touch an opposite bullet when pinched together. Star: Very difficult to insert, need to be done one at a time, but bullet sits firmly in place when inserted. Did not completely load Azoom 38 special snap caps: .025, Blued Blued: Firm in and out. wriggle. .025: Firmer in and same out as blued, less wriggle. .020: Easier in and out than blued and .025, much more wriggle. Horn: Too easy, can be pushed out perpendicularly with a finger. Some rounds fell out directly. Star: No fit. Magtech 38 special 158gr LRN: .025 Blued: Load one at a time, otherwise, very strong grip required. Last one incredibly hard to get in. .025: Slight firm twist. A little wriggly. Would recommend usage for training or competition. .020: Easier twist. Much more wriggly, Can touch opposing bullet tips with slight pressure, do not recommend. Horn: Very easy in and out, very wriggly, do not recommend. Star: Very hard to load, can barely do one at a time. The ones which were loaded do not sit in the cylinder. Do not recommend. Remmington UMC 38 spl 130gr FMJ: Horn Blued: No fit. .025: Firm twist required to get them to fit. .020: Firm twist required to get them to fit, but easier than .025. Wiggles. Can fall out by twisting vertically. Horn: Fits well, but one of them fell out by twisting vertically. Star: No fit. Winchester Target, 38 spl 130 gr FMJ: .025, .020 Blued: Very Hard to twist. .025: Firm twist Some wriggle. Somewhat hard to insert into cylinder. Case lip catches on edge of chamber. .020: Easy in, easy out. Lots of wriggle. Hard to insert into cylinder. Case lips catch on edge of chambers. Horn: Too loose. Bullets slip out. Star: No Fit Federal Champion 38 spl 158 gr LRN: Blued, .020, .025 Blued: Last two require a firm twist. Slight wriggle. Easy insertion .025: Easy in, easy out. Less wriggle than blued. Hangs up on the edge sometimes. .020: Easy in, easy out. More wriggle. Very smooth insertion. Horn: Too easy, bullets fall out. Do not use. Star: No fit. Thanks again to Eli, and I hope this helps someone. Please let me know if there are brands you'd like me to test. (Fiocchi is on the way)
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