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Found 6 results

  1. The following are my observations comparing my new SHOTMAXX-2 timer after three practice sessions to the SHOTMAXX-1 timer that I owned for several years. In general, the functions of the SHOTMAXX-2 closely mirror those of my CED 7000 timer which isn’t a surprise considering DAA and CED collaborated on this one. You can download the SHOTMASS-2 user manual from the DAA - CED website if you want details on the various functions. Things I like about the new version: 1. It keeps track of the last 9 strings of fire. My CED 7000 does 10 but 9 is plenty. I use this feature repeatedly during my practice sessions and it has also saved re-shoots during matches if a time was not entered for the previous shooter. 2. The three buzzer tones are very distinctive. The highest pitched one is similar to my CED 7000. The mid-range one seems to be just slightly lower than a PACT timer. The low pitched one is almost soothing, which is probably not what you want to feel when your run begins. However, we have a couple of shooters who have poor hearing. My suspicion is that they will be able to hear the low-pitched tone much better than those of other timers. 3. The 7-level beeper volume adjustment works great. For practice, I set it at level 3 and can hear it perfectly. I had it set at level 7 on the mid-range tone when I was playing with it at the range the other day. We had eight shooters under an overhead cover shooting together on an outside bay. While I was playing with it I heard a “What is that beeping?” from a shooter six positions or about 30 feet away. That while multiple people were firing away between us. I was using the accelerometer function at the time. As with my SHOTMAXX-1 timer, it worked perfectly recording only my shots and not those of the other seven shooters. 4. I purchased the white face this time. My SHOTMAXX-1 had the black face which was the only style available when I bought it. The white face may be a bit easier to read when outside but truthfully, I have no problem with either. I don’t shoot indoors very often but when I used the V1 with the black background I had no problem reading it. The white face should be even easier to see in a darkened area or at twilight. 5. The buttons are easily activated through the silicone skin. I didn’t have one on my V1 so I can’t comment on whether this one is better. 6. It fits in the protective case from my V1 although the fit is quite tight. 7. The charging cable end is the same as used on my Samsung 6 cell phone. This was true for the V1 too. I don’t have to bring the second cable as a result. 8. I used it for over four hours and it’s still showing 100% charge. I think the next increment will be 75% but it appears that the battery in this version will take a much greater charge than the V1. Things I don’t like (all minor issues for me): 1. Aesthetically, the timer looks a bit like a hump backed whale mated with a Casio G-Shock watch. Generating the louder beeper volume came with a compromise apparently. I occasionally wore my V1 to lunch after a shooting session. This one is pretty ugly so I doubt I’ll wear it off the range. I bought it as a shooting timer and not a watch so this isn’t a big deal for me. 2. One other odd aspect is that when the beeper goes off it generates a puff of air against your wrist by the timer. The first two times it went off I thought a bug had landed on my wrist just as the beeper activated. It didn’t bother me any more once I figured out what was happening. 3. The Spy Mode delay doesn’t seem to be very useful. It is intended to offset the reaction delay we all have upon hearing the buzzer and beginning our draw movement and is adjustable up to 0.50 seconds. I tested the SHOTMAXX-2 on SPY using my CED 7000 to generate the actual start beep. In theory, the difference between the two time readouts should have been reasonably consistent if my reaction time was about the same. They weren’t even though I focused on quick and consistent reaction times. It made no difference if I started with my hands relaxed or in a surrender position. The good news is that if you’re using this at a match to check your transitions and splits all you really need is the “official” time and you can subtract the first shot time from the SPY reading. The difference between the two times will be your true first shot time. All the shot time splits after the first shot in SPY mode were perfectly in sync with those on the CED 7000. 4. With the silicone skin installed, I have the buckle tang in the fourth from the last slot. If I remove the protective skin, I pick up another slot position. My wrist circumference is probably in the typical range at a measured 6 7/8-inches. If you have thick wrists the band may not fit. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to lengthen it. 5. The plastic screen protector included was an absolute POS from China. I think one piece of cover film that you remove during installation was missing. Neither of the two protectors included worked. Fortunately, I had a collection of protectors from old cell phones and simply cut one down to size and installed it. Using this technique, I’ll have enough for the rest of my life or the timer’s, whichever comes first. Overall, I’m quite happy with the new version and will use it routinely. I have no qualms about using this to RO shooters at a match in addition to my practice sessions. Only time will show if it exhibits any reliability issues like those many experienced with the original version. Hopefully, the good folks at DAA have eliminated those gremlins. BTW, I have no relationship with DAA or CED other than as a customer.
  2. So my Pact Died... Need a new timer. My Club uses the CED 7000's and they work fine. Easy, get one, right!? Not so fast.... They have a bunch, if a battery dies, they grab another... Not so easy for me. Also the display isn't visible from clipped you your belt..... So Pocket Pro II is looking pretty good right now. Replaceable 9v battery and a display that I can see while it's clipped to my belt.... or forget both and go SHOTMAXX?
  3. Has anyone purchased the new generation SHOTMAXX-2 timer? If so, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the $50 above the CED-7000?
  4. Wonder If I am the only one with this problem and whether I should give up on this product... Got one of the first Shotmaxx watches, used it for couple of weeks, enjoyed the usual beta-tester issues, various software fixes etc, but it worked for a while. Then the little speaker started dying, first the beep volume went down, then the watch was making skreechy noises and then complete silence from then on. Went through 4(!) replacements, all ended up the same - the beeper died (sometimes just after sitting in a drawer for a couple of weeks. Then I got tired of finishing off faulty inventory and decided to buy another one at an international match , hoping it would be a new batch with no issues. Couple of weeks later the watch went silent . All 5 shotmaxxes that died on me were not put through any particular abuse, some were only used for dry fire. Yet all lasted for only a couple of weeks of combined use. I love the idea of timer-watch, like the functionality , but the above is really annoying. Should I wait for someone else developing a working product or am I just particularly unlucky and this timer works for everybody else but me... ?
  5. I searched didn't find what I needed and hope I didn't just overlook it. I have the CED 7000 and I am not doing well with the instructions I guess maybe this might be over my head or just missing something. What I would like to do is set this up so I can start it to time holster draw and first shot. I would think I could just start it and then when shot is fired it will show the time but I guess I am missing how this is down. I am hoping when I understand this it will also allow me to understand much more about the 7000. Thanks Dennis
  6. Anyone ever have a shot timer repaired by CED somehow the screen cracked on one I borrowed from a buddy. So now I gotta make it right. Anyone with experience with their repair department in regards to cost and turnaround time. If it's not worth it I have the money to get him a new one just curious to see if it's worth the repair. The lesson here is STOP BEING A CHEAP BASTARD AND BUY YOUR OWN DAMN TIMER... LOL.
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