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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, So I know that my next purchase will be an STI 2011 pistol. Just trying to make my choice between the Edge, Eagle, or Tactical. Caliber is 9mm Luger. The firearm will be just for fun...not really planning to do any competitive shooting. I know I would be happy with any one of these, but I am looking to you all who own one of these for some advice/insight. Thanks in advance! Darrell
  2. Hey guys. Hoping for a quick response. I am having trouble finding a lot of info on the sti tactical 5.0 ss tr I have an opportunity to pick one up local for 1300. Comes with 5 mags a leather holster and following work done to it dehorned frame.. match competition sti trigger polish feed ramp. polish internal slide. competition guide rod competition internals.. trijicon heine night sights. level one reverse crown .. What u guys think? Should I ask anything specific to the build? I may shoot it in ss a lil but kind of want a full length dust cover 1911. Thanks again. If I dont reply it's because I am horrible at forums. But I read and appreciate the input
  3. Hello all. I would like to hear from those who currently own, plan to own, or even just contemplating owning a Benelli Vinci or Super Vinci. We are currently developing an extended Bolt Catch, Bolt Handle, and Safety for the Vinci. I know i have heard so many people asking about them and have been seeing more and more of the Vinci models on the racks at matches. I personally shoot a Vinci and am in love. If you fall into one of the categories above please reply with whether or not you would be interested and if one of the three items is more appealing please specify that as well. Thanks!!!!
  4. I just got a Versa Max Tactical and want 9+1 capacity. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Cheapest way? Thanks in advance!
  5. For anybody who has a Versa Max Tactical choke tube, can you please post the dimensions? Just length and diameter of widest portion is best. The more precise, the better (ie. use calipers). Thanks!
  6. Hello All, I am getting the open gun hankering. I have a bone stock 9mm tactical sport I would like to turn into an open gun. I do not want to build a czechmate clone, I want to do a few things different and I need some advice from all of you: I am going to list things number here that I intend to do to the pistol so If you are listing something you would do different just type the number (eg: 3: I would do this) 1: Grip reduction. I have a Shay Akai grip reduction on another 40 cal TS I bought from a member here and it is decent. Anyone else to try? 2: Slide/Barrel Shortening. It has a 5.4 inch barrel now and after you add and inch at least of comp to this this pistol starts to get pretty long. I would like to shorten the barrel and slide, if there is a smith who can do this and if it is cost feasible. Shorten slide and barrel to 4.5" barrel, threaded for comp. 3: Along with the slide shortening scallop all extra metal off slide and port it. 4: The frame will more than likely have to be cut away at the front alone the frame rails to clear the comp and shorter barrel. 5: Large Magwell (no clue on a good on) 6: Drill and tap for mount. Any recomendations on the best mount or optic setup to use here? 7: Big safeties, mag catches, etc for my medium sized hands. 8: Flat grips with tape of course. Add in anything else you guys think I might need or like. Thanks for the help, the biggest hurdle is if its even possible to shorten the slide as I would like, If not maybe I should just give up and buy a new czechmate, but they are so long... Thanks alot! -Matt
  7. I recently picked up the M&P Shield in 9mm, and love it. Also started loading and shooting bayou bullets as love them as well. The pistol is reliable and the bullts are accurate with no leading and little smoke. 124 gr bayou bullet Starline case CCI SP primer Power pistol powder (going to try longshot and bluedot when I can find it) Anyway I got in touch with apex tactical to find out if their Forward Set Sear and Trigger kit will work in the Shield. It will not but was told they maybe working on it with R&D. Apparently they have gotten a number of requests for this, so if there is anyone out there that would be interested in this product from them please contact themand let them know!
  8. Im at a crossroads. I have spent months researching the Tactical Sports, as my latest project for IPSC. Having always been a fan of CZ firearms, owning a Shadow in the past, I have always viewed them as quality under dogs. Being a 1911 guy, I have always found that the trigger is my most hated issue with most firearms. Ive since purged every glock I have ever owned, both my Jericho 941 and my Shadow (although, not the shadows fault, just not a DA kind of guy) in the search for the firearm to fit me perfectly. Convinced that the Tactical Sports was worth the money for what I was looking for, regarding the trigger, bomar style sight cut, appealing heft and beauty; I am now having second thoughts. That second thought being a CZ75B in .40. Before you jump to conclusions, you must realize that in bone stock form, Im sure we can all agree that the TS is leagues ahead with pure race predigree, but here is the rub. Properly done, I feel the 75B could be a very potent competition firearm with the right investments. However, not being a CZ afficiando, I am not up to speed with a few things about the CZ trigger system. Assuming I could spend what I paid for the pistol in parts, ie Single action conversion, competition hammer, properly suited spings, with some careful love applied to the sear and hammer engagements, is a 2 pound trigger a pipe dream? What I think I need is a list of pros and cons, if anyone would be so kind to enlighten me as to the benefits of both systems. Keeping in mind of course, that I have preconceived notions of firing pin blocks and decent triggers. Looking forward to hearing from some of the experts. Thank you in advance!
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