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Found 16 results

  1. Anyone have issues with their Tactical Sport with ACME coated flat point 180 gr .40? My OAL is between 1.125-1.129. Have zero issues with montana golds at the same length. Seems to me to be hitting the feed ramp and sticking then not going into battery. Running a 14lbs recoil spring
  2. I am sure this has come up before, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of a smith or barrel maker capable of making what I am looking for. Essentially, I want a threaded barrel for my TS orange. No one makes this, though I believe it is possible to accomplish. As far as I understand it, the barrel width and engagement with the bushing would not be impacted by extending the barrel past this point and threading it. So the problem then is a barrel long enough to accomplish this as the stock TS barrel is 5.2" in length. Enter Novo Precision. http://www.novoprecision.com/products/pistol-barrel-blanks/ They can make a custom barrel blank at up to 7" in length, which is more than the size needed. What I am looking for is a smith or barrel shop willing to take custom orders, and has the capability to machine the breech, chamber, feed ramp, barrel taper etc. on a blank from Novo. Before the suggestions come in, I will let you know where I have already asked: CZ Customs and Cajun Gun Works. The former could not lose the production time due to retooling to do it, and the latter said they do not make their own barrels in house. So since Stuart and Micah don't have the ability right now to do this, is there anyone out there who does? I am open to any / all suggestions if you feel the smith is competent or has previous experience with custom barrels. Especially if they have experience with CZ barrels. Thanks all!
  3. Recently when cleaning TSO .40 I've noticed that the extractor pin seems to be 'walking' a bit, causing it to drop down into the slide channel. I noticed this when trying to remove the slide and feeling a bit of tension/resistance while trying to pull the slide off the frame. Below is a picture of my 40 (top pic) that has several thousands of rounds through it, compared to my TSO 9 (bottom) which only has a few hundred rounds through it. It appears the pin was staked from the factory. Anyone else notice this with either a TS or TSO (I believe both frames are similar/same)?
  4. Hello, I recently shot an SP-01 converted to SAO with Cajun Gun Works parts and it was amazing. Had the Race Hammer Kit, extended firing pin, 13# hammer spring, aluminum SAO trigger, reduced power trigger spring. The trigger was outstanding although the reset a bit long. But I hear removing the FPB will solve that. I want to get a gun for USPSA limited and am trying to decide between getting an SP-01 and converting it to SAO Cajun style with the above parts, or whether to get the CZ Tactical Sport. I suppose a third option would be get the TS and put an aluminum CGW trigger in it but leave the rest stock including the hammer. Have any of you held both? How do they compare? Advantage of the SP-01 is I will save money and still have an outstanding gun. Also mags are cheaper for the SP-01 than the TS. Advantage of the Tactical Sport I see being the longer barrel (larger sight radius and more heft for follow up shots) and larger grip. Although the SP-01 grip is very comfortable, I do have long fingers and I don't think it could hurt to have a bit larger grip. I know the TS has larger mags, but I'd just use Taran Tactical mag extenders for the SP01 if I went that route. I'm more wanting comparison of shooting each if anyone has handled both. Thanks for the help.
  5. My 9mm pistols typically throw the brass about 8-10' from me, at the 4/5 O'clock position. My .40 TSO on the other hand seems to throw the brass 10-18', when shooting a 172 PF, 180gr bullet. I've tried 14, 16 and 18 lb springs in addition to the 13# (I believe, the pistol was used) spring to test for functionality. All of those springs will cycle a full magazine with no malfunctions, tested with ~20 rounds per spring. I didn't spend enough time with the heavier springs to determine how they impact follow-up shots and overall fit with my grip/style. Looking for feedback on what some other folks are using and why.
  6. I've ended up with a couple CZ TS's that are stock.. Being new to the whole CZ thing whose parts are the bee's knees for these bad boys? Cagun? I think that's about all I know.. I mean of course CZC, are there others out there? I guess it then begs the question.. But way to further optimize the guns? There are both in 40. Thanks!
  7. I started shooting 3 gun last year. I put together a nice M&P 9 Pro. No matter how much I shoot it though, I still shoot heavier guns better. This will be for 3 gun, some steel challenge, and maybe action pistol at my local clubs. I have no real desire to shoot IDPA or USPSA. I've narrowed it down to a few different guns. I have large hands so I like the Stock 2. I already own 4 CZ's, so the SP-01 Shadow is a real option. And Kneelingatlas now has me looking at the Tactical Sport. Here's where I'm at. With a Witness or the TS, I'm starting all over. Mags, holsters, etc. With a SP-01 Shadow, I already own a Tactical. So I'm already well stocked with CZ mags. I have holsters, mag carriers, etc. I'm also thinking of buying a stock SP-01 safety model and just upgrading it over time. I could convert it to SAO, change the sights, and I know it would also do more than I need it to do. So I'm looking at $650 on the low end up to $1175 for the TS. As much as I'd like to go all in on the TS, I don't know if that's actually the best route for me. HELP.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know what weight is the stock hammer spring on a 9mm TS? Is there any benefit to going with a lighter one? I'm thinking there's less force for the slide to overcome as it goes back, which sounds like a good thing.
  9. Last weekend at St. George, UT I had an opportunity to chrono some loads. They were shot out of a CZ Tactical Sport (5.47" barrel) in .40 S&W. 100-104F was the average temperature. chrono was in the shade. 2,860' elevation. Loads were mixed brass, using CCI SPP and Xtreme 180gr HP bullets. OAL was 1.130" Load 1: 4.4 grains of N320 933 930 916 928 934 928 Average velocity 928.16, 167PF Load 2: 4.6 grains of N320 948 957 976 969 971 Average velocity 964.2 173.6 PF I guess 4.5 grains could be the ultimate load giving enough cushion.
  10. So I couldn't find ANY info on the internet on this topic, so I'm beginning a new thread. I own a CZ 75 Tactical Sport and do all my own gunsmithing. I've done a lot of work to my gun, all of it myself. I'll attach a list at the bottom of this page. As many of you probably know, through CZ USA and CZ Custom (http://czcustom.com/CZ75SAOTrigger.aspx), you can buy a flat-blade trigger for the Tactical Sport. Pretty cool, right? Well, for dudes like me with monster hands (and/or long fingers) that trigger sits so far back in the trigger guard that my trigger finger looks like a pirate hook to get the pad of my finger tip on the trigger for the perfect "press". It had a great feel, but I can't manipulate the trigger fast enough with my finger shaped like a booger-hook, so I went searching elsewhere for custom triggers for the TS, and the ONLY place to get them (someone correct me if I'm wrong but I scoured the interwebs looking) is on the CZ UB website. For those that don't know, the CZ corporation can be broken down into three divisions that sell stuff (in regards to competition pistols): CZ UB - (Uhersky Brod) - The CZ mothership in the Czech Republic, where all the cool but hard-to-find stuff comes from. (Like the Tactical Sport Orange) CZ USA - (Kansas, USA) - The CZ distributor for the US. They import from the CZ mothership, and sell much of what CZ UB sells, but not ALL of it (or it's hard to get). CZ Custom - (Arizona, USA) - The "Custom Shop" for CZ. They do business as "Ghost Products". This shop is run by Angus Hobdell, a Grand Master and team CZ shooter and know-it-all (in a very good way). They sell much of what CZ USA/UB sells, plus many products in-house that you can ONLY get there. I've navigated this maze for many months now as I built up my Tactical Sport. So with this topic of "what comes from where" covered, the rest of this will make more sense. CZ UB's online shop sells some really cool stuff, that is ONLY available through their online shop. This includes the custom triggers I'm going to discuss. So they make several different trigger "shoes" (just the trigger itself, that doesn't affect pull weight, etc.) that are apparently designed for different hand sizes and purposes. This is RAD. STI/SVI 2011's are about the only other pistols I know of that you can find triggers designed for different ergonomics. The problem is, you have to order them through the international CZ UB site, and shipping is expensive, and more importantly (for me) was how long it would take to get to me, would the trigger get through customs, etc. Well, I jumped through the hoops and bought one, and holy crap is it worth it. So with that said, here is a link to the shop where these can be found: http://www.shop-cz.com/sporting-parts-ipsc/c-1204/ Here's what they offer, all in a variety of colors: ^This is CZ UB's Straight Trigger. Slightly Different than the one CZ Custom sells. ^This is CZ UB's "Target" Trigger. Has slightly more curve than the factory Tactical Sport trigger. ^This is CZ UB's Aluminum Trigger that is identical in shape to the stock TS trigger, just aluminum rather than polymer. ^This is the "small hands" trigger. It moves the curve of the trigger very far back in the trigger guard, so it's easily reachable for small hands. ^This is the "large hands/long finger" trigger. It has a shape like the target trigger, but moved forward to INCREASE the reach to the trigger, so that the aformentioned "booger hook" isn't an issue, and someone with longer fingers can comfortably use the pad of the finger to manipulate the trigger... like you SHOULD be doing. At the current exchange rate, these come out to about $25! Totally a deal in my book, despite paying for added shipping costs. So I went through the purchase process to get the long finger trigger, and wanted to share my experience so if anyone else out there has considered the same thing but wasn't sure about it, they could at least use my experience to know if it's worth it. So here's what I did: I went to the site, and created an account (which you must do first). I then added the trigger to the cart, and began checking out like you would at any other online shop. I used Google to check what the total was going to come out to before I placed my order. I selected "Worldwide Express" shipping, that was about $50. Considering this is the ONLY place to get these, I was willing to pay this for the trigger. The checkout process asks for everything but payment info when you "confirm" your order. In total, it came in at about $80 shipped. I immediately got an email asking for payment info through a secure online payment site. I entered all the info and hit "confirm". Several hours later (I assumed when they opened up shop on the other side of the world) I got an email confirming everything, and offering a cheaper shipping option. I replied that I did want the express shipping (assuming it would still take weeks). I got a final confirmation email, including a DHL confirmation number. This was on Wednesday, October 7th. To my astonishment, the expensive shipping I paid for was VERY fast. The trigger was at my door on Monday, October 12th. It installed into the gun perfectly. Holy crap was it worth it. It acheived exactly what I was after. In my personal opinion, it was absolutely worth the $50 shipping cost on top of the relatively cheap $25 cost of the trigger. The ONLY thing I would have done different would be to throw a few more things in the shopping cart to get the most of my $50 shipping cost. There you have it. Whether you were aware of their custom triggers or not, or knew of them but weren't sure about ordering from an international online shop, it was painless and the result was great, especially if you consider biting the bullet for $50 shipping worth it to ensure your expensive pistol has the perfect trigger for you in it. Considering my CZ 75 Tactical Sport is worth well over $2,000 at this point, it did not seem too crazy to me to spend $80 on a trigger that "fits" me perfectly... especially since there is only one place to get it. I'll get some pics posted of the finished gun soon, but for now, here's a phone pic of the trigger after I got it out of the packaging.
  11. CK34

    CZ tac sport grip screw

    Does anyone know the dimensions on a CZ tactical sport grip screw? I don't like the way they feel on the thin grips, thinking about a flat top allen type.
  12. Im looking for a major load using 700x with a 200gr bayou bullet. And a minor load for a 155gr bayou with 700x. Out of a CZ tactical sport Thanks for the help.
  13. After a tragic folly (remedied by Kneelingatlas) I finally finished up my TS. I put all the goodies you would expect from a gamer and then sandblasted and Cerakoted it at my house. Im amazed at how this setup turns a 172PF .40 into a marsh mellow. The lightened slide and 13# recoil spring helps a lot. The original slide was damaged (but has been fixed) although it lacks in the beauty department. Im not sure what I should do with it now. (I will post another topic about later) Anyway I couldnt be more happy with the way this project turned out. I have a Dawson STI Edge but I honestly prefer my TS over it. What do you guys think?
  14. meatsauce

    New Tac Sport

    I just picked up my new/first TS today. First things I'm going to do are replace the front sight with FO and put the grip on a diet (remove checkering front and rear straps and slimmer grips). Are there any known issues? Anything you guys would say NEEDS to be done? Or is highly suggested...?
  15. It still needs some finish work, but so far it accomplishes everything I was hoping for.
  16. Hey all, So I have a brand new TS 9mm on its way and I have been looking around CZ Custom for what parts to get. This will primarily be for range shooting and 3gunning, maybe limited minor if things get in a bind. Looking at the hammers it appears CZ Custom has wide (for TS and Shadow models) and standard (for everything else). Looking at the hammers it looks like the base is the same width and it is just the .... extension of it... is narrower, can anyone confirm this? I have an SVI I shoot for limited, and really like the light weight hammers that fall really quick. My question is would I be able to get one of the standard hammers and install it into my TS for a lighter weight hammer? Would the hooks be cut the same on both versions? I also noticed they have a low version now, that is intended for lower sights. I may change the sights later on, but I'll probably shoot the fixed ones for a while. Would that lower hammer also reduce the radius of the ark the hammer would follow, therefore quickening hammer fall? Ideally I just want to figure out if I would run into any problems trying to install a standard width low hammer into my otherwise stock TS, well I'll probably put a flat trigger into it too, but for the beginning that would be about it. -Eli
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