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Found 7 results

  1. Just wondered if anyone has purchased a Taccom project gemini rig for12gauge? is it any good? could you, if needs be, go prone and not knock out the shells? TIA
  2. Im starting to peice together a PCC. One thing I'm stuck on is the upper recover. I see lots of people say QC10 is the best, but is it really that much better than the Taccom? I already have a QC10 glock lower, if it matters.
  3. Not exactly sure how to ask this question. I guess it's a multi part question so lets see. First I'll say that I shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA. I have recently lightened my PCC by adding the CODA 13.5" carbon fiber hand guard and Smoke Composites C.F. stock. The gun feels amazing to me and as far as what I'm used to it's perfect.....or is it? Its current weight is 5lbs. 11.5oz. QC10 upper and lower(glock mag) Faxon 16" barrel(thread protector) Taccom extreme 9mm BCG(weight removed) .223 spring 8oz. buffer Elftmann AR10 trigger Holosun HS510C dot Total BCG/buffer weight is just under 20oz. I am considering going with the Taccom ULW barrel which would really lighten the gun overall. My concerns are: Will it be too light? As in, will it be too light to absorb recoil resulting in unwanted dot movement? Will the recoil be "different"? I keep hearing that the ULW barrel produces a different feeling all together. The good thing is that the ULW barrel is fairly inexpensive overall. I know I will have to alter my PCC loads with the much shorter barrel. I also shoot production with a CZ SP-01 so I have plenty of load data for it. Soooo....what's your feedback on the barrel and my situation? Thanks.
  4. I’m building an AR chambered in .300 with an adjustable gasblock and pistol length gas tube. Can i still run the TACCOM ultralightweight buffer system? (It’s a 10.5” barrel and 7” gas tube. With a lightweight bcg )
  5. ... and it tastes pretty sweet! I wanted a Thanksgiving project for the long weekend, so I ordered a Taccom extreme bolt, tension barrel, ultralight handguard and ULW muzzle brake to go with a side charging upper I already had. Everything arrived on Friday evening ,I assembled everything on Saturday morning and sighted it in Saturday afternoon. Got up this morning and shot a 6 stage USPSA match, about 175 rounds, and it ran flawlessly without a single hiccup. I have been really happy with my JP, but the rumors of them being muzzle heavy are all true. In the end, I removed just shy of one pound from the muzzle of the rifle and it shoots just as soft and even flatter than the JP, likely due to a more efficient brake design. This thing was a real joy to shoot and is really accurate too. Very impressive to throw together a box of parts and have everything work out this well. An unexpected benefit is that the nickel boron coating on the bolt allowed me to simply wipe the bolt clean with a dry napkin after the match. No solvents or cleaners were necessary to make it look new again. That coating is really nice. I want to specifically thank Tim for his patience with my questions over the past week or two, I am pretty sure I asked more than a few!
  6. Shotgun loading challenge, what's a better way to review the new Taccom MG quad loaders. Shotgun loading challenge from fellow three gunner known here as Tony the Tiger. Load 8 with a four second par time while moving, sounds easy right?. Now do it 15 times in a row. Which means if you yard sale on your 14th load you MUST start from 0 again. I was able to complete this challenge this evening using the New Taccom MG quad loaders (It took me a hour and a half, but never mind that) Now on to the review of the new loaders. I will start this off by saying that Tim is a great supporter of the sport, and is always willing to talk to customers at matches. That being said, I'm not sponsored by any means by Taccom, I.e I paid for all my loaders. Intial impressions: As usual the loaders are made to a very high standard. The magnets and rubber pieces are very secure and don't look like they will fall out any time soon. Pros: 1) Shells are very secure, however they grab extremely smooth! Like Butta 2) Very tough psychical construction on par with the rest of Taccoms gear. 3) fast shipping! Cons: 1) The above is very possible, but the adjustment needs to be made for the specific type of shells your using. Based on the depth of crimp. I.e Fed Top gun has a very shallow crimp, while Herters have a deep crimp. The loaders may need adjustment between shells. Not a big deal, as Fed top guns are a good price and easy to find. 2) Will not work with Brass rimmed SG shells. I.e winchesters AA Some herters shells are brass coated, but still have a steal rim, those will work fine. ------- It took some time to adjust the loaders just right, but I believe these are going to work well for me.
  7. I have a three gun match this weekend and needed a Taccom Load Two carrier. I ordered from Dillon on 9-13-13 with no indiction that the item was out of stock or backordered. I still had not recieved the item as of today (9-25-13) so I called Dillon. They advised me it will either ship today or tomorrow. When asked the problem the individual stated they working on the website because it is not stating anything is out of stock. He also stated he did not know why it did not ship because they are showing plenty of them in stock. Needless to say I am a little pissed about the whole situation. I guess it is my fault but I will now do all off my business with Midway. They have always has real time inventory and fast shipping. Please call them it time sensitive Adam
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