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Found 4 results

  1. I just purchased one of the new STI DVC Limited Islands in 9mm, so I figured I’d post a quick review. This is my first 2011, and will replace my Glock 34 for 3 gun. After a few months of research and reading through countless posts here, I was between an STI DVC, CK, or Atlas gun. When I came across the DVC Island on Gunbroker, it seemed like a good compromise between the features that I wanted and cost. I really liked the concept of a sight tracker, which previously limited me to an Apeiro or custom gun. This seems to be a good middle ground between those 2 options, although CK and Atlas definitely offer an amazing value for non sight tracker guns. The DVC Limited Island is a limited production gun (like the DVC Limited DLC), and is essentially a hybrid between the DVC Limited and Apeiro. It has a 2 tone finish, with the slide and frame tumble blued and the barrel, magwell, and hammer matte silver. I received the gun last week and made a few observations. Pros: The action seems pretty smooth (although I don’t really have anything to compare it to), and the trigger is awesome coming from a Glock. I measured it at 2 lbs 15 oz on my digital gauge with a very short reset. I also really liked the texture and double undercut on the Extreme Shooters grip. I don’t mind the blued finish, but I figure that I can always have it refinished in the future. Cons: Unfortunately, I noticed a few minor issues. Once I took apart the gun, I noticed a large machine mark/groove on the right side of the island portion of the barrel (see pictures). There were also some minor wear marks on the inside of the slide where the finish appears to be worn off, which I found unusual for a new gun. I should also mention that the island barrel is an STI, not a Schuemann barrel. While I was hoping to be surprised, the STI barrel is what I expected. At the range, I was very happy with how the gun handled. Although I didn’t notice a huge difference in sight tracking/follow through, I think the island barrel still has its merits. It definitely shoots really flat. After putting about 150 rounds through the gun, however, I ran into a problem. I was having some issues zeroing the gun, so I checked the front sight. Sure enough, the sight was very loose and could easily be moved from one side of the dovetail to the other. Based on some other posts that I read, this seems to be a common issue with the DVCs. I contacted STI on Friday, and was told that I would hear back from them on Monday. I really like the gun, but it’s very disappointing to have to send it back already. I was mostly concerned about the front sight issue, but I’ll also see what they can do about the machine mark on the barrel. It’s minor from a cosmetic standpoint, but I’m concerned about long term wear on the slide. I’m cautiously optimistic that STI will be able to get everything fixed. If not I may send it elsewhere to get it tuned/fixed, but that could bring my total investment into the custom gun range. Hopefully I’ll be sharing an STI customer service success story later this week. As long as these issues are specific to my gun, the DVC Limited Island could still be a good option for those looking for a sight tracker but not wanting to go the custom route. I would love to hear from anyone else who buys one of these so that we can get more information and help future buyers make an informed decision.
  2. I shot an informal comparison of 4 limited guns at the range yesterday. I shot a pretty standard load of 180s with WST, recorded it at 240 FPS and slowed it down to 30fps for the YouTube upload. In the stroke thread lots of people said they wanted to shoot 2 identical guns, one stroked, the other not stroked. I essentially did that with two guns that were nearly identical. The guns were was follows, in order of appearance: An Edge style 5" gun built by Will O'Hara. My custom 6" titanium tracker finished by Glenn at Lone Star Innovations. A 5", butler cut sight tracker built by Jimmy Vidanes at 1911 Speed Shop. This gun has a PT steel grip and rear internal lightening. A 5", butler cut, stroked sight tracker built by Shay at Akai Custom Guns. This gun also has a PT steel grip and rear internal lightening. I tried to maintain a neutral grip throughout without clamping hard via support hand, to let the guns lift and return as they want to. You can see this in the magwell approaching my left hand in recoil. I felt gripping it like I would at a match would potentially mask differences in lift. The lift/return as captured on camera may not be conclusive, but behind the gun I definitely could tell a difference in recoil impulse and return. Impressions: The stroked gun produced noticeably the softest recoil impulse. It also cycled more than quickly enough- I was able to run splits down to the .14s on bill drills, which is about all I can reliably control at this point. I really, really, liked the gun. I think some time spent learning the timing could make for a very fast setup. The standard sight tracker was also very controllable, although the recoil impulse was sharper. It was snappier which is more like what I am used to. I liked it. It had the least perceived movement in the front sight to my eyes. My titanium tracker had the sharpest impulse, but being the only bushing barrel and short dust cover gun in the line up I had expected that. It's the "control" in the group, I suppose. I like it a lot. I can comfortably get into the .14s with it on bill drills as well. It was much easier to draw and transition for me, which I would expect being both lighter and what I am accustomed to. I may weld the dust cover back up to tame the lift a bit although the lift doesn't seem to hurt- it doesn't dip much and it is easy to follow the sight. The extremely light slide on this gun cycles more like an open gun than a limited, which I like very much. The Edge was the surprise for me. I'd rank it second softest in the lineup, between the Akai and the 1911 Speed Shop tracker. It had the heaviest slide and the most perceived sight movement. After shooting a tracker for 9 months I wasn't used to the sight reciprocating with the slide. It may be the "flattest" on video, although it is hard to tell without a more rigorous test procedure. The potentially disturbing plot twist? I don't feel like any one gun stood out as the clear winner. If you like soft, go for the stroke. If you like light, the Ti Tracker is an excellent option. The full dust, bull barreled gun has been the choice of most of the Limited champions in recent years. The standard tracker cycled quick, was still plenty soft, and was easy to track the sight. The more I shoot, the more I realize the inevitable conclusion of, "pick one and practice". You can select a gun that plays to your strengths, or mitigates your weaknesses, but at the end of the day its going to be how quickly you can acquire and fire acceptable sight pictures.
  3. Hey guys, So I had my SVI re-barreled last winter and I upgraded my 5" sight tracker gun with a 5.4" sight tracker barrel. Slide is still 5", frame is still a butler cut for the 5" slide. I had just kept using my 180 gr bayou load after the change and it has worked out pretty well for me, but I am wondering if a lighter bullet would benefit me at all. I know a lot of people that go up to a 6" barrel tend to choose a load with a 165gr bullet, but what do you do with a 5.4? And does it make a difference that mine is a 5" slide and a hybrid (bull) barrel, as opposed to most 6" guns that have bushing barrels? Thanks for your thoughts, Eli
  4. Hey all, I have been going back and forth for a while about whether or not to have a 5.4 barrel put into my standard govt length SVI 2011. I decided to go ahead with it, and I just got it back from SVI. All I can say is that the work SVI did on the well used gun is nothing short of amazing. I essentially have a new gun after something like 40k rds were already put through it with the old barrel. Brandon suggested I should have about another 40k to go before the slide to frame fit starts becoming prohibitive, and that should last me a good long while. If you are interested to read the discussion for and against the idea read the previsous thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=170859 I'll attach pics below, and as soon as I make it to the range, I'll post my thoughts. All in all, so far, I'm extremely pleased! -Eli Before pics: After Pics:
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