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Found 2 results

  1. I'm wondering what your guy's opinion is on the schools of thought behind this. As far as Inward Should Pressure goes, specifically what I'm talking about, is in addition to canting and locking your left wrist, and clamping hard with your support hand, you clamp your hands inward (Hold your hands out where your gun would be, but hold them together as if you were clapping. Now try to push them together as much as possible, this is the pressure I'm talking about). The only shooter I've found who mentions this mentality when gripping the gun is Bob Vogel. (Multiple videos of him mentioning this specifically, here's one link: https://youtu.be/688tyvWxaYg?t=207) I feel that when I've implemented this, and I'm actively thinking about gripping the gun like this, my groups get better, period. feels like the gun comes back to zero more consistently and faster than if I wasn't. And my splits also seem to improve a tad. The counter to this, Is that very often, I hear a lot of top shooters talk about everything being relatively relaxed while shooting other than your wrist+grip (shoulders relaxed, arms and elbows bent and not completely stiff, etc.) The specific instance I'm thinking of is in Ben Stoeger's "Breakthrough Marksmanship", where he is talking about general tension when shooting, but I know I've heard it in a myriad of other places and videos. The usual reasoning behind wanting the tension in your body to be more or less loose is for smooth transitions, and more specifically not driving the gun too hard/over transitioning. Which I have noticed is the case sometimes when I'm gripping the gun like this because, instead of driving the gun to the next target with the correct amount of force, the tendency is to use my whole body to over drive the gun because my shoulders are forward and relatively stiff, elbows, while not locked to still have some suspension for recoil, are decently tight and forward, so I over transition sometimes. Are these things not actually contradictory and I'm thinking about this wrong?... Is one consistently better and one worse?... Is it all personal Preference?... Just Suck Less?... Let me know what you guys use and your thoughts, thanks! Also first time post, be gentle.
  2. I had surgery on my shoulder for an impingement and calcification. Has been around 7 weeks and it seems to be healing slower than i want. Shoulder feld good after shooting a match last Tuesday but hurt the next several days. Anyone with any experience with this?
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