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Found 2 results

  1. So I’ve had about 7k flawless trouble free rounds of 40 out of my 650 with Dillon dies. Now that I need to ramp up production for some level II’s and stock up for winter, it’s flaking out on me on station 1... 1) It is dropping two cases almost every time. One makes it into shell plate and a second case is sitting (leaning really) right side up on top of it. 2) About 20% are getting caught on lip of the resizing die. I’ve crunched a few....am able to reach around and pull it snug toward center of shell plate and re-insert. The strange thing it it seems to be snug when placed into position, so it apparently shimmy’s out a few mm on way up. Tighten shell plate? Tried search function already. I’m still a rookie reloader so I hesitate to start adjusting a bunch of things. Help on on one or both issues is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Ok, former green gear guy, recently shifted over to blue. My 650 was misaligned on the upstroke (shellplate down). But, I adjust the indexing pawl and that seems to be fixed. However, I still have an issue during the downstroke (shellplate going up) with the powder funnel and decap/resize die. It's off by a hair. The funnel catches on the case rim in station 2 and the decap/resize doesn't center enough to make it in without a small nudge. This isn't every time, but it's enough to be annoying. What to do?
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