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Found 2 results

  1. This might or might not be news in USA. The EU Commission has submitted to the European Parliament a proposal for a revised Firearms directive. This article sums it pretty well, so far: https://www.all4shooters.com/en/Shooting/law/Firearms-United-EU-Gun-Ban-ongoing/ The list to define rifles that they want to ban might look familiar: 1) Semiautomatic firearms converted from full auto firearms 2) Semiautomatic firearms with 2 or more characteristics from the list: a) folding stock pistol grip c) 2 or more Picatinny rails d) option to mount Bayonett; e) firearms shorter than 830 mm; 3. Firearms with barrel shorter than 450 mm; 4. Semiautomatic firearms using the same ammunition as used by military forces if they have one or more from point (2), namely 5.45 mm x 36; 7.62 mm x 39; 7.62 mm x 54; .223 Remington; .308 Winchester; .30-06
  2. Hello Friends, I am considering trying out longer range rifle shooting this year. If that goes well, I would like to get a custom made rifle for long range work to 1000 yards. The most likely matches I would attend would be here: http://woodysmatch.com, in North Carolina My thinking is to try a Designated Marksman Match first and hopefully watch part of a precision match. I'd do the DMM with my 18" Criterion barreled 3-gun rifle. I have tried to avoid reloading, but I expect I will have to get into that to some degree if I do long range rifle competition. I don't hunt and have no interest in that. Rifle work is pure-play competition at all times. I have three questions to the group. Do you concur with the 6mm Creedmoor choice? It seems like the flattest shooting with reasonable barrel life. Given that I have zero experience with bolt guns would you recommend a custom bolt-action rifle or a custom made semi-auto rifle in your recommended caliber? What particular components or equipment for the custom rifle from #2 would you recommend that I consider in 2014? I will be consulting with a local gunsmith that has experience with shooting very long range rifle as well as building long range rigs. But, I still wanted to solicit your opinions as a means to keep my vision broad at first. I don't want to focus too much, too soon.Thank you very much for your ideas and recommendations. -- Mike
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