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Found 12 results

  1. Ok I am thinking about building a 10/22 to start shooting RFRO. This is something I want to build over a bit of time. I was curious is it better to go with a reeiever like the Tactical elite 22LC with left charging handle or a standard Right handed charging handle. I am a right handed shooter. I have shot a lot of pistol competitions but no rifle comps. Is it better to practice clearing malfunctions with my strong hand while keeping the rifle mounted to my shoulder with my week hand, or keep the rifle mounted with the strong hand and clearing the malfunction with your week hand. The rest of the build I am thinking of is TacSol or CF barrel Kidd Bolt and trigger Group Axiom sock. Not sure if I want to go Slide ride C-more or Vortec Venom for the dot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. I've been shooting my husband's 22LR Ruger "Target". I love the gun (and the Steel Challenge), so I'm starting to research what gun to buy for myself. I will eventually put a red dot on my gun, but I will probably use the iron sights for a while. I found a poll in this forum, and it indicated that Ruger is very popular with this crowd. I'm OK with that, but now I need to choose between all the available models. I like the heft of my husband's "Target". I understand that excess weight could be a penalty in terms of rapid motion between targets. But on the other hand, the extra weight makes it feel so solid in my hand. Opinions? Also, I find that the beavertail on my husband's gun is sort of uncomfortable when I take a good, high, solid grip. Any fixes for this issue? Thanks in advance for your input!
  3. I picked up a Very gently used Ruger LCR-X 3". The front sight is white and fixed with a fully adjustable rear sight. I can shoot with both eyes open. I shot consistantly low. I did adjust the rear sight to raise it. But I still seemed low. I only shot 50 shots. I seemed to shoot the 158 grain bullets better than the lighter 125 grain bullets. My sight picture was centered and flat across the top like in the manual. I am wondering if I need the bottom of the white flush with the bottom of the rear sight. Thus elevating the gun. Ideally i I would like a 6:00 hold. I have read read that the trigger is unique and it is me doing it. I dry fired extendively before going to the range. So I thought I had the trigger figured out. The recoil is very mild and controllable to me. The nice grip is the reason I suspect. So has anyone else been down this road ?
  4. usa259

    Ruger Single 10

    Any experience with the Ruger Single 10? I'm considering one....
  5. After the sell challenge match this past weekend my girlfriend remarked on how fun it looked to shoot an Open Rimfire carbine (we currently shoot a MKIII with volquartsen internals and a Fastfire on top). Well seeing as how rare it is to hear her say she wants a new gun, I thought I should jump at the opportunity! So here is my question. At my club I mostly see people shooting M&P15-22's. Some have the factory flash hider, some just have the bare end barrel. All are running dots. I don't have any idea as far as what they are doing with their triggers, if anything at all. The other thing I see them doing, a lot it seems like, is having issues. Failure to eject, failure to fire, failure to feed... the list goes on. A stock 15-22 is 417 from buds. A threaded barrel Ruger 10/22 is 275. Is there a reason more people run the AR style guns (are they faster, on average?) over the 10/22s, other than perhaps they are cross training for 3 gun? The way I look at it, I could buy the Ruger, a BX trigger, and the necessary mags (2 BX25 mags) and still be money ahead of the 15-22, and have a gun that is basically guaranteed to run. I already have a C-MORE that is gonna go on whichever one i end up with. Has anyone used the BX trigger or magazines? I have only used the Butler creek mags, which are better boomerangs than they are magazines in my opinion. What kind of compensator would be ideal, the tactical solutions one or something different? The sideways Cmore mount for the 10/22 would also be nice to get a good cheek weld, and lower the bore axis. Or the other option could be to pull the Fastfire off of our pistol, use it on the rifle and put a sideways CMore on there. So many decisions. Thoughts?
  6. Have two 10/22's. Want to convert 1 to a .22 mag or .17. Question is, can this be done and where do I get the parts?
  7. Is there any source for mag springs for the SR9c? Everywhere I look only entire mag assemblies are offered.
  8. I cannot seem to find any replacement springs for the mags of my ruger SR9 compact. Does anyone know of a source? I hate to spend the money for complete new mags.
  9. Hey everyone, I just started this thread to ask for some tips, and anything that you might see from watching the video. I know that POV footage isn't as helpful for instruction as 3rd person, but I haven't yet figured out how to get that on here. I have so far just shot two local matches at the Albany Rifle and Pistol club, and at this match (the December 14 match) I placed 32 out of 56 overall (11 out of 16 in Limited) with a HF of 51.11%. Stage by stage my place and hit factor were: Stage 1 Turtles From Hell: 41/56 36.02% Stage 2 Tuned Out: 16/56 63.03% Stage 3 Dancing Elves: 20/56 62,41% Stage 4 Can You Count: 51/56 25.24% (yea yea I know that was terrible, I completely forgot about the reload during the second string....) Stage 5 Cornered: 27/56 53.11% Stage 6 Jungle Bells: 22/56 63.49% In order of appearance in the video: Stage 4, 5, 6, 1, 2. I forgot to film our first stage, which was Stage 3. Any tips, advice, criticism, anything else that you can think of, I hope I can hear from you guys. I love the help I've been getting so far on this forum. Thanks so much in advance!
  10. Wonder if any of you have encountered this problem. This is a new Ruger 22/45 MKIII pistol with 5 new MKIII Magazines for the 22/45. They are very close to inserting but not locking up all the time. I removed the barrel, disconnect etc. and the problems remains the same. The mag release does not return full to the left all the time. Possible the mag release needs polishing. Anyone know how it is removed in this pistol?
  11. I am contemplating installing a Ruger Flip-up sight on my Versa Max for those "tight" slug shots that some times pop up on Stages. I am interested in install pictures any may have. Has anyone installed the Ruger Flip-up or other rear sight so that is is adjustable for windage and/or elevation? Seems like bending the barrel is a bit of "smoke and mirrors". Then what do you do if you change slugs..brands...low recoil to .non low recoil. What say you?
  12. For those of you living on the Central Coast and interesting in action rimfire competition, please take a look and "like" Central Coast Rimfire's new Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CentralCoastRimfire As a part of the San Luis Obispo Sportsmen's Association, Central Coast Rimfire hosts monthly matches at its Hogue Action Pistol Range in San Luis Obispo, CA. Central Coast Rimfire will also host the Ruger Rimfire Central Coast Championship sanctioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on Saturday, August 31, 2013 at the Hogue Range. Details can be found at: http://www.teamrimfire.com/TeamRimfire/central_coast_rimfire_and_team_r.htm Thanks for visiting and for "liking" our new FB page.
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