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Found 6 results

  1. Just wanted to share the DIY strong mount I came up with for my rock chucker. Used a boat seat pedestal made by Attwood, purchased at Walmart for $10~ I did have to put a piece of wood between the press and pedestal to elevate the press high enough so the link assembly would clear the bench. I clamped the wood to the pedestal using C clamps and drilled the mounting holes through the wood and pedestal at the same time. This helped keep the drill bit from walking. This method possibly could work for a dillon press too if you got the 13" high pedestal and the mounting surface was wide enough. I used the 7" pedestal. For $20 it's a great way to get the press on and off the bench quickly when working with limited space.
  2. I was loading the hopper to my RCBS Chargemaster 1500 last night. The Powder H380 (a fine ball powder) overflowed from the measuring spout and powder spilled all over the unit. I carefully dusted the unit off and went to zero my scale. It was reading .4th a grain high...I lifted up the little metal rest/table that the scale pan sits on. Sure enough several grains of ball powder found it's way onto the measuring arm or "load cell". Well stupid me decided to turn the unit upside down and blow on it...at this point I figured the powder just blew into the electrical housing unit...ok well I've heard powder is corrosive and the nitroglycerin will eat away at the plastic body of the unit. The unit's brand new less than a month. Now I'm worried about the electronics and the powder sitting inside of the unit. At this point I decided to take the housing apart..."Sure I can disassemble and clean it myself." I'm stopped by a sticker that says it'll void my warranty. "Well no big deal. I've never had to use a warranty and I doubt RCBS wants to take a unit back that may or may not have a few kernels of powder in it. I've worked on computers, guns, voided warranties before... How big of a deal can this be?" WRONG! I take the sticker off and take apart the housing. Sure enough there are a few grains of powder in the unit...I carefully remove the powder and promptly reassemble the unit. I now notice the measuring arm or "load cell" is loose fitted...it's not actually mounted to anything. "Ok well no big deal that's just how it sits." I put it back together and power it on...now the scale is drifting sporadically from 36 grains to 170 grains without any weight on it whatsoever. Well crap, I write an email to RCBS and fess up to how I voided my own warranty and asking what to do. Well it's the weekend so no response...I start researching more and find out that "load cells" are easily damaged and just even knocking the unit around can cause serious damage...UNWARRANTIED damage. Don't know what options I have at this point. (Don't even know if I damaged the load cell, but unsure what else it could be) Hoping to see if there are more knowledgeable folks out there. At this point I'm not blaming anyone but myself. If I had to do it over again I guess I would have just left the powder in the unit and written and email to RCBS first, unsure if it would have caused damage which leaves me uncomfortable, and unable to use the unit as I would not be able to trust it's accuracy. At least I wouldn't have left myself out on a limb and possibly out $200. I also found out that RCBS does not warranty their load cell so a small consolation is that the voided warranty is a moot point. (http://www.rcbs.com/downloads/instructions/PartnerElectronicPowderScaleInstructions.pdf)
  3. I'm having problems with my Pro 2000 and the auto index kit. The index cam has a tendency to shift around, regardless of how tight I tighten the bolt holding it in place due to the amount of pressure exerted on it. To anyone who has solved this problem, what is your secret?
  4. In the market for an electronic power dispensers/scale combo. Looking at the Hornady Lock n Load auto charge, RCBS Chargemaster & the Lyman units. I read several reviews on the Hornady, good & bad. Read several good reviews on the RCBS, & read several ok reviews on the Lyman units. Thinking about taking a chance on the Hornady since it is half the price of the RCBS. Anyone have any reviews of these set ups or any other brands to look at? Will be used for rifle cartridge reloading only, probably 100ish rounds once or twice a month at the most.
  5. I've had a RCBS Chargemaster 1500 for a bunch of years now and it has worked great. Today I go to fire it up and it just says "02009" on the screen. Called RCBS and they said "Oh that's a fatal error. Your unit is out of warranty, send it back to us with $200 and we'll replace it." $200?!?!? Anyone else had to deal with RCBS' customer service with Chargemasters?
  6. Hey, im new to the forum, but I have a somewhat dumb question. I just upgraded to the XL650 and I love it. Issue I have it I have lots of the 2 die rifle reloading sets from RCBS. I have read they will work fine in the 650, I just can't find anywhere it says how to set them up. ie.. which station to put them in. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks !
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