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Found 5 results

  1. I recently obtained my Shadow 2 Optic Ready. I had already purchased 2 Vortex Venom RDS months ago in anticipation for taking possession of the Shadow 2 OR as well as the P10F OR when it’s available in Canada. When I received the Shadow, I went about removing the rear sight plate, not a problem; installing the CZ Vortex Venom adapter plate to the Shadow, not a problem; installing the Vortex Venom to the adapter plate; big problem. The included hardware sunk into the foam, meant to secure the red dot to the adapter plate, did not fit the adapter plate. Try as I might, the bolts would not grab hold. Eventually I pulled out the calipers and started measuring and discovered that the bolts were about 1mm larger than the contact points of the adapter plate and in the right light, I noticed the wear on the ends of the bolts where they were wearing themselves on the surface of the adapter plate. As I had already been playing with the RDS, the box and contents it had contained were thoroughly rummaged in. I decided to open the brand new Venom box to see if the bolts included in there were a different size and that’s when I noticed the baggie labeled GLOCK MOS containing two additional bolts. These fit. So what I had done was stash that baggie under the foam in the original box because I don’t own Glock products (never will) so I figured the baggie with the bolts was of no use, glad I didn’t toss it though. Anyways, I’ve gotten a number of people watching my video on the Shadow 2 optic ready on Youtube, asking me about mounting the Vortex Venom as they are running into the same problem. Not all Vortex Venoms, be it 6MOA or 3MOA are shipping with that GLOCK MOS package of bolts, and you NEED those. I had contacted my retailer of the optic plate and they suggested the problem is with the Venom. The problem is not with the Venom. I think CZ didn’t tap the holes big enough to use the mounting hardware that Vortex provides with all their Vortex Venoms, that being the larger bolts stuck in the foam. If you’re running into problems, you may need to contact Vortex for the smaller bolts. I was at the point where I was going to either tap a larger opening into the adapter plate or reduce the size of the bolts in the foam, fortunately I didn’t have a tap/die set that would work for this and spent the time hunting for what was missing in the install. Good luck and hope this helps!
  2. I just purchased a Mark 7 for my Dillon 650 last November but due to holidays, etc. I did not get around to putting together until Jan 2018. I had some questions and a few problems but my multiple email queries are ignored. I have received no answers after a couple of queries. I waited 2-3 weeks, but still nothing and now it has been 6 weeks. I have been using the regular support system but no luck. Do you have to spend the bucks for priority support to get any answers? I am getting very frustrated with this company! It seems all they do is advertise but do not support what they sell!
  3. Hi everybody! I have for some time gathered parts for a new upper. Being from Norway getting AR parts isn’t always so easy so when everything finally arrives you are like a child on x-mas eve. This is the pars list: · Troy Alfa rail 15” · 18” Criterion hybrid couture barrel · DPMS standard barrel nut (left over from a barrel I once bought) · Aero stripped upper receiver · Seekins low pro adjustable gas block · Spike melonite gas tube · JP, small Bennie Cooley brake Since I don’t have a torque wrench I did not build the upper myself. Basically I have two problems: I suspect that the gas block is not perfectly sender over the gas hole in the barrel. To make the upper cycle I had to turn the adjustment screw almost all the way out. I noticed that the set screw was not perfectly lined up with the dimple in the barrel. The guy who built the upper said he measured the block and the barrel and that he had to set it a little bit away from the shoulder. I also found it to be a little sideways. Can I trust that the dimple is located where it needs to be on a Criterion barrel and use it to locate the gas block? Second problem is not so easily fixed. I cannot get the Troy Alfa Rail to centre whatever I try it will not line up with the barrel. This should be easy right? I did what the manual say. Al 3 screws are evenly torqued down a little at the time. I even used blue Loctite. I am always careful not to overtight things, but I don’t think tighten them harder will fix anything. I might be wrong? Yesterday at the range (where I noticed everything) I shot a couple of good groups before things started to open up terribly. (The groups had a strange string pattern) I suspect that the barrel is actually touching the handguard under fire, or not enough free floated if you like. The first thing I noticed was that the gas screw was really close to the handguard then I noticed that the barrel was of centre too. (To the opposite side of the gas screw) I could easily make the gas block touch the inside of the hand guard by bending the barrel by hand. The big question is of course. Does anyone of you have an Idea what could be wrong? I am open for any kind of suggestions! Please help? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi Trying to load 2 or Quad on the Benelli Vinci but find I am catching the shells on the Bolt hold open serrated lever under and forward of the trigger. Any ideas/solutions to get round this or do I have to live with it? Thanks
  5. To follow on the thread just previously posted, what are some powder/primer/bullet combinations to avoid? For example, using a slower burning powder with moly-coated bullets?? Everyone seems to have a preference on what they like, but I'm sure there's some good stories on things that didn't work out as well as expected!
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