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Found 6 results

  1. Wondering if anyone could shed some light. I pretty recently switched to a safariland ALS holster for the active retention. (For the record, Wasn't too happy with the fitting. Had to do a crap ton of adjustment and dremeling to get my STI to fit, which I had called in and confirmed that it was the correct holster for it). However, now that it does fit, I've noticed over the last month of shooting and dry fire that there is significant wear on my front sight post (specifically the frontward portion of it). I can only assume this is because it's dragging all the way up the retention system inside the safariland. IMAGE LINK HERE: https://imgur.com/a/j8AV6Kf My question is, is this normal? Do any of you have wear like this on your front sight? My main point of concern isn't necessarily the plastic, but the metal square nut that actually holds the ALS mechanism into the holster. I think now that the wear has actually rounded and smoothed out the front tip, that it's not actually catching as bad anymore, but I could be wrong. I appreciate the input, thank you!!
  2. Hi goodfellas, Few hours ago I installed short reset disconnector on my CZ Shadow 2. In DA mode hammer travels to aproxim. point of half cocked position and falls. In SA mode reset is short and crisp (like it should be). Since that I have match in 2 days ... please help. TiA P.S. Sorry for not using search engine ..... currently in panic mode
  3. Hello I just bought a new hunting rifle chambered in 300 win mag. The only problem I am having is when I go to close the bolt fully with a round in the chamber it is tight like very tight. But after I get the bolt to close and the round is seated in the bolt face on the extractor I pull the bolt back a inch or so and when I push it in again after it is seated it goes right in not sure if it is an extractor problem or chamber
  4. So I have a 1301 issue that I have not been able to find mention of online. The lifter "locks" on me, when it should not be doing so. Sometimes with a round in the chamber (though not always), sometimes with rounds in the tube (though not always). The other symptoms here: Shell Release button is hard to press when this happens, much harder than it normally is. If I press the bolt release (in the normal bolt release "direction"), it will "unlock" the lifter, which I suppose is expected. Here is the recreation of it. Note that in this example it only did it on the last round (tube was empty, one was in the chamber), but that is not always the case. This has happened after one shot with a full tube: Recreation of issue Here is what *may* be a possible related side-effect or cause: Side-effect? Has anyone seen this? What I have done wrong (I am sure that this is user-created). Along those lines, the gun has had only minimal modifications: Loading port hogged out +4 round Nordic tube/spring Thanks!
  5. When I use the Microsoft Edge browser I can't enter anything into the text section on either post replies or new posts. It does allow me to enter tags & titles. Any ideas (other than using a different browser) ? Not only is it the default browser for Windows 10 but other than this problem on this site it works better than Internet Explorer. Thanks in advance.
  6. A friend of mine picked up a Mossberg [see photo below] the other day and we went out shooting. Immediately when I picked it up, I noticed that there was no vent rib and that the bead sat directly on the barrel. When shooting, it was really hard to hit gently thrown clay pigeons. I wanted to pattern his shorgun on paper but we had none on hand. After shooting with him, I jumped online and looked at other pictures of Mossbergs with vent ribs and the bead sits exactly where it should be. What gives?!?! I would think that the POI would be WAY different between the two. [Also, I don't really believe that a tactical shotgun doesn't need to be aimed.] What is the consensus; has Mossberg lost their mind or am I nit picking?
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