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Found 21 results

  1. I was having a problem with primers winding up sideways in the primer pockets. I poked around the priming system, discovered all three nuts were loose, and tightened them, poof, the sideways primers went away. So I went to tightening the nuts before every reloading run. Now I can feel and hear the primer plate "catching" a little when it turns. It won't turn smoothly anymore. Just to look at it, I suspect it's the black 10/24 x 1/4 BH screw, Part # 13964, that's too tight. Going on the assumption I have tightened something TOO much, how do you tell when it's right? (Yeah, I know, "when it's not catching anymore", but I'm looking for a factory distance here, something I can set with a caliper.)
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and could use some advice regarding primers for a 929 with a lightened trigger. In Canada we haven't had access to Federal small pistol primers for about a year. All suppliers have back ordered them with no ETA. Has anyone tried any other primers that would do the job? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm using a Dillon RF100 to load Winchester Small Rifle primers... My RF100 has a difficult time transitioning the primers from the round rail to the vertical loading tube... Sometimes the primers just spin at the mouth of the feed adaptor... Sometimes they turn sideways and block all the other primers from dropping into the loading tube... It ends up taking a long time to get all the primers down the tube... Plus... More are flipped than ever before. I've loaded over 40,000 Federal Small Pistol Primers with this RF100... I've had a few primers flip upside down, but not nearly as many as I have had since switching to the Winchester Small Rifle primers for my new Open gun... I like the WSR primers and want to keep using them. I called Dillon and they sent me a new Feed Adapter and Stabilizer Plate... Added them and they don't seem to make any difference... I've filed out (opened up) the inside of the Feed Adapter to try and get the primers to stop spinning and drop into the tube easier... That doesn't seem to help, either... I've tried adjusting the speed of the primers several ways... Turning up the rheostat makes them move faster - depending on the gap in the Feed Adapter... Also... The tightness of the four plastic cover bolts greatly affects the speed of primers as they go around the bowl... Is there a trick to getting a Dillon RF100 to work with Winchester Small Rifle Primers?
  4. Around 20% of my rounds failed to fire. I took my gun to the gun shop and they said it worked fine, and it had to be the ammo. Now I'm not sure if it's the powder or the primers. I am loading 3.9 grains Titegroup over 115 grain Eggleston Munitions .356 coated lead 9mm. The TiteGroup I am using is coming out of an eight-pound container. I've had it around 3 years and there's only about 1 pound left. I have kept in a cool and dry closet, but I live in south Louisiana so I am wondering if humidity could be the issue. The primers were CCI 500 Small Pistol Primers. The ones that didn't fire don't look right. There is a tiny dent where the striker hit them. Normally when I get a mis-fire I shoot it again and that works. Not this time. The best answer I can come up with is it's the primers but I don't really know. One thing is different about this batch of primers. I bought them off the shelf at Bass Pro instead of getting them (presumably) fresh from the factory. Have any of you ever seen anything like this?
  5. I heard a rumor that my local cabelas had primers in stock.. at least small pistol/small rifle... What a suprise to see full shelves... Winchester/CCI/S&B some federal. The store guide asked if I needed any help.. and I asked if he had whole cases or should I just grab them off the shelves.. I think he was a little surprised them I grabbed 5 K small and 5K large primers... price was not great but it was not robbery either.....
  6. New to reloading. as a matter of fact, all I have now is powder, primers, empty spent brass, and bullets. bought these when they were available even though I haven't a reloading press yet. anyway, what is the proper way to store powder and primers SAFELY. Should they be in separate locations? On open shelving or within cabinets? Cool and dry locations such as a dry basement? Would be very grateful for advice. Live in Colorado if there are different regulations or laws for each state. Thanks.
  7. been having trouble primers been backing out causing gun to jam s&w 625 is primer pocket worn out. and yes I hand seat the primer
  8. I know this issue has been addressed to some extent in the past but after searching thru the posts, I can't find a satisfactory answer. The reason I'm asking is that I mistakenly bought 1k of these at a gun show thinking they were 5 1/2 primers. Anyway, the box carries a warning not to use these in 40S&W or 357Sig as they are high pressure rounds. So for that reason, I have yet to crack the box. But there is no warning about using them for 9mm, which if I remember correctly, has about the same SAAMI pressure specs that 40S&W has. So if they are fine for 9mm, why are they not recommended for 40S&W? I'm missing something here. For what it's worth, I don't load for maximum velocities since I'm only using these for target shooting. I'd say my loads would only qualify me for minor power factor if I was competing. Thanks for any insights.
  9. I did a little searching and really did not come up w/ a lot of specific info about experiences with Wolf small pistol primers. I'm looking to buy some primers and as I'm sure others have noticed these are cheeeeeeap (by today's standards). I'm planning to burn up some ammo this season with a drastically increased practice schedule so price is a bit of a factor. Is there any reason to stay away from Wolf primers? I see people saying that they're very hard, if not the hardest of the major manufactured primers. I will be mainly shooting them through my M&P and would not mind if I needed to upgrade to a extra power striker spring if thats the only issue. Beyond that does anyone have any experience with a high number of these primers (specifically through an M&P would also be helpful), have they been satisfactory? At one point I did shoot a couple thousand Wolf 9mm steel case rounds and had the occasional dead primer.. if thats what I should expect from their primers I guess I would probably be ok using them for practice, but certainly not for major match ammo. So far I've loaded about 10,000 S&B primers and had few issues. They were equally as cheap as the Wolf and I'm happy with my experience (considering they were significantly cheaper than most other options). Currently wideners has the Wolf in stock for $20/1000, which is usually what they have S&B for as well, but S&B has been out of stock for a while. Thanks for any information and help!
  10. I've just started reloading for my S&W 929 revolver using W231, Federal primers, 125 grain RN bullets from BBI, and range brass. Rounds with 3.8 grains of powder chrono'ed ~980 fps, rounds with 4.0 grains of powder chrono'ed ~1020 fps. This recipe has been relatively succesful for my M&P. However, 15-20% of the primers are backing out when used in the 929. Does anybody have any thoughts about why that is happening?
  11. Just wondering what balance points you all have found between main/hammer spring weights and specific primers, along with which mods? I found my fully polished, extended firing pin, reduced FP spring, SRS, RRK, CGW race hammer, reduced trigger return spring equipped CZ SP01 (Tactical, not that it should matter) seems to be having an occasional light strike with the 11.5# main spring. I'm saying seems at this point as I've shot one match fine, followed by a fair amount of load testing (~300+ rounds), some of which was with harder Fiocchi primers, but mostly MagTechs and some WSPs. Considering the contents of my current primer supply, I could go for quite some time on WSPs and MagTechs, but not so much if I 'needed' to go to Federals only. I had 2 light strikes out of ~300 rounds, which had good looking primer strikes, but no bang. Second strike set them off. I may need to run some more rounds through it, but wondering what you guys are seeing running lighter main springs?
  12. Was under the impression I was out of brass, 9mm anyway. Called up a buddy and he brought me over about 1100 in a big baggie. Went out to the garage to tumble them tonight, and the tumbler was full of tumbled 9mm brass already run through the u die. Hmm, well I guess I'll have to separate that I thought and went to run them through the sieve and into my one of two catch 5gal buckets.... It's full of media (1/2 full) that is full of more 9mm brass run through the tumbler and the u die. Looks like I have about 5k and only have to de-prime/resize about 1100 that I tumbled today. Went and discovered I have more than enough powder, and primers to cover that, and need only get another 3.5k projectiles for that. Just awesome!!! Less mental stress looking at the upcoming year.
  13. I just purchased a new RL 550b, and the primer feeding system seems to be having a problem. The primer slide doesn’t go back all the way, unless I give it a little help. When the slide does not go back all the way, a primer will not feed. Any ideas?
  14. Powder Valley has Win and Rem small pistol primers available.
  15. I have a problem with primers sticking in the bottom of the case on my 1050... See picture above. If I don't catch them, they will go into the swager and primer stages and cause a jam. The jams are a concern, but I am mostly concerned about setting off a primer. I'm using a standard Lee die and have lengthened the decapping pin as far as it will go. I'm not sure what could be causing the problem. If I grab one of the stuck primers with a needle nose pliers, it comes right off. I don't use case lube, but am thinking about trying it... Could that help?
  16. I wanted opinions on Winchester primers. I am a FNG on reloading, loaded about 700 rounds so far, 9mm, 38 spl, 357 mag. (mostly 38's) I bought CCI small pistol primers and Winchester small pistol magnum primers. I am using a RCBS universal hand priming tool and I clean the primer pockets. The CCI primers have seated and worked perfectly, but the Winchester primers seem to be much more temperamental. I had one yesterday that would not seat, and looked deformed. Even some of the Winchester primers were upside down in the shipping tray, just a few of them. They don't seem to feed as well in the priming tool. They just seem not as good as the CCI's. What has been ya'lls experiences? Thanks Cmax
  17. I've been reloading handgun rounds for a while now so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the process involved with reloading. However, I've been shooting a lot of 12ga (#6, BB, 00Buck) and would like to spend less on new 12ga ammo. I've been saving my hulls and have a Lee Load All 2 and the Lyman 49th shotshell manual and about 50 Winchester WAA12 Wads. Questions: 1. Should I stick with Winchester or Remington primers or are Cheddite primers just as good? 2. I've heard once you start using Cheddite primers you have to stick with them because they supposedly widen the primer pocket just slightly. Thoughts on this? 3. Any powders or wads I should stay away from? I've dot plenty of load data so I'm not going to pester anyone for data (yet) but anything y'all can help me watch out for would be appreciated. I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked before. -JD
  18. This week only, take 10% off all Ballistic Tools brass products with coupon code BRASS. You must "view cart" to apply the code before you check out. All of our brass is high quality and fully processed; ready to load. Primed brass is a good way to save on Hazmat shipping, or go unprimed to take advantage of postal flat rate shipping. We always ship quickly and the stock on the web site is in real time. Several items have limited stock, and some will sell out, so get your order in early.
  19. Like the title says, Midway has CCI small pistol primers. Hope this can help someone!
  20. Anyone know of online or places in colorado to buy primers? Small pistol as usual is out every where i look and call. Any tips on find some places would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I have a growing suspission that I have primers backing their way out in my 9mm major loads. Has anyone else experienced this? Any particular flavour of brass that is more prone to this than others? All loads are close to 165PF @ 1.165 with 124's so I am sure its not a pressure issue.
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