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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Folks, To start, I do reload and have for a couple years so I'm not a total newb, but not an expert by any means. This is a bit of a mixed discussion through a couple different questions. First: Trying to decide between staying in Limited and upgrading my gun or moving to Open. Currently shoot Limited with a Glock 34 Gen 3 but looking for a 2011 as an upgrade. I recently shot myself in the foot (not literally) and was able to shoot an Open gun in 9 major. Boy oh boy that was a mistake!! I had far too much fun doing so, but don't have the slightest clue on open guns in the way of reloading. My dilemma is whether or not to stick with Limited or jump to Open and expand my horizons. Reasons on why or why not to switch? Second: If I jump to Open, I've seen that coated bullets aren't super great because the comp vaporizes the coating and builds up in the ports. A friend recommended Montana Gold bullets specifically. I'm only familiar with the name, as it is renowned in the sport, but I don't have much knowledge on them. What makes them so great over any other brand? Please feel free to school me, as I'm always looking for more information on loading and gun knowledge! Thank you for your input and time! -Muddawg
  2. So I am only interested in plated bullets at the moment for the 45 cal. 230 RN and was curious what you all have found to be the most accurate and consistent? So far I have loaded about 3,000 Berry's 230 RN and have had good luck with them but I haven't tried any of the Rainier or Xtreme bullets in the 230 RN. I know there are plenty of good coated bullets out there but my range does not allow them and I can't buy jacketed in bulk quantities that would make it economical in comparison to plated. So has anyone had any experience or done any testing with all three in the 230 RN? Thank you.
  3. I noticed Rainier Bullets lists Dillon Precision as distributor but the only plated bullets Dillon actually offers are the Berry's Bullets. I was just curious if they originally offered Rainier and there was some problem that caused them to change over to Berry's of if they sell the Berry's because they find them to be a higher quality product? Or is it all just a profit based decision?
  4. OK, so I did a good deed last Monday and took some new shooters out to explore different pistol options and get some hands on experience. I load all the ammo I use, because quite honestly who can afford not to? For a long while, to save money I loaded with cast lead and it worked great. Well, now I have a Glock in the mix which I use as my competition gun, which ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT like lead at all. So I wanted to have my M&P's and other stuff out to burn all the old lead loads up so I could then just load everything up plated from there on out, plus to have more guns on the table so everyone could be shooting something and have lots of variety. I purposefully made separate stacks of 9x19 ammo and mags to keep supplies from mixing... But somehow that didn't work. I think maybe even I might have been the culprit, swapping out ammo that wasn't hot enough to be reliable in one gun and putting in my competition loads for the G34, and somehow mixing them. Or my wife and her friends might have unloaded mags at the end of the day and put them in. Or both. Whoever did it I didn't remember to check before putting it up then loading up my mags and ammo can Friday night. So around comes Saturday, got all my mags full, shoot one stage and do pretty well, more Alphas than not, then since I'm shooting production have to top off every mag. Moving on to to stage 2, looks pretty simple. So back to the line, BEEP! Blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam blam. Scoring...Charlie, Mike, Delta, Delta, Alpha, Charlie, Delta....enough Deltas I ask if I can get frequent flier mile credit for them. What the **** ? One of the guys pasting tells me my rounds are keyholing. Uhm...WHAT??! Does that even happen with a pistol??? Something's not right here. WAY not right. So off to the safe table I go to see if my barrel got a chunk taken out of it. Inspection shows nothing amiss so far as I could tell. Back to the stage table, I start topping off my mags...and then I saw the problem. I had 3 or 4 rounds in my hand and one was cast lead flat nose. Lead rounds got mixed in between my plated 124's. 2 or 3 in a row, then 10 plated, then another lead or two, then 5 in a row...all through the box I was loading out of. I emptied all of my mags and found lead intermingled in 3 of them. I picked every single one of them out and left them on the table. I didn't ask for a reshoot, but maybe I could have. Shot MUCH better the rest of the day, but that put a dent in my score that hurt. Oh well...not like I was anywhere close to the top anyway.
  5. a good friend of mine had 2 550's and wasn't running them a lot so he let me bring one down to my place to load pistol ammo on. I made a mounting plate to make the foster co ax I run for precision rifle portable and wanted the same for the dillion. I used an index card to make the template and sunk some holes partially through the plate with a 3/4" drill bit. it works great and the bolt heads are recessed in the plate so it mounts flush to my bench I had to add the tab for the finished round chute,so heres how it ended up also I was loading Berrys 147 plated and it was leaving a nipple on the end of the proj. because it was bottoming out before the ogive contacted the mating surface so I bored the nose of the plug out till it matched up better. then hit it with some steel wool to make it slicker press clamps anywhere I want it and plated bullets don't deform,the nipple would also give erratic oal depending on how far it protruded through center hole
  6. Rumor has it 100,000 of these plated bullets are headed to the US from Canada to sell. I've ordered 2,000 9mm 147 grain. I normally shoot a Montana Gold but they are a little busy right now! I can't find any feedback on these bullets on the web. www.aimprojectile.com My gun is a Glock Gen 4 model 34 with a Jager spring / guide rod. Any feedback is appreciated. I've never loaded or shot a plated bullet to my knowledge.
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