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Found 2 results

  1. Topton Fish and Game and Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club will be holding a 3 Gun series in 2016. It will be a four match series with all matches counting towards the prize table, but you can qualify for prizes shooting as little as one match. The match fee will be $30.00 per match, with a one time $30.00 fee if you want to be eligible for the prize table. The total for all 4 matches and the prize table will be $150.00. The prize table be made up up cash and some other prizes donated by sponsors. We will also hold a drawing for random cash prizes. Anyone that is eligible for the prize table and doesn’t finish in the cash or prizes will be entered into this random draw raffle. All cash and prizes are dependent upon the number of people that enter the points series by paying the extra $30.00. Once we know how many people have entered the points series we will announce the payout amounts. This match is more about having fun and introducing new people to the sport than having a big prize table. Points will be given by order of finish, the winner getting 100 points, 2nd place getting 98, third 97,4th 96 and so on. The winner gets one extra bonus point as we have done in the past. The matches will be April 17 and September 18 at Topton Fish and Game May 21 and October 30 at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club You will use all three guns at all the matches and we will be using the 200 yard range at Topton and the 300 yard range at Ontelaunee at both matches. We will honor the following divisions. Open, Tactical Optics, Limited (irons, or non-magnified dot), and Pistol Caliber Carbine. The prize table for each division will be based on the number of entries in that division, If we have less than 6 people in a division we will not payout for that division, but I will make posts here and notify the people in those divisions so they can switch division if they want. Division rules will follow 3 Gun Nation guidelines. For pistol caliber Carbine division we will have different long range targets, similar to what 3 gun nation is doing. We will only accept registration for people paying for and registering for all four matches until February 26th. You do not have to enter the point series to register early, just enter for all four matches, then from then until a week before the match you may register for 3 or less matches until the match is full. series entry form.pages.zip
  2. On Saturday Dec 12th - Sunday Dec 13th at South River Gun Club in Atlanta will be the first Annual KEL-TEC SubGun Championships. Some quick points about this event: - Only pistol caliber carbines or "SubGuns" are eligible to compete in this event in the following calibers: 9mm, 40S&W, 357 Sig and 45 ACP - Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs) chambered in the above mentioned legal calibers are eligible for this event with proper ATF paperwork - There will be four divisions :- -Irons (traditional iron sighted firearms) -Optics (one red dot or optic on the firearm) -Irons suppressed (must run a suppressor the entire match) -Optics suppressed (must run a suppressor the entire match) - The Event will be shot all day Saturday and Sunday morning, awards and prize table by order of finish by division at noon -Special Sunday “Team Event” is standalone two person team event with separate awards and prize for the top two person teams featured on Sunday morning - The event will be held at South River Gun Club in Convington, GA which is roughly 45 mins away from the Atlanta airport - 8-9 stages of fire featuring a dedicated shoot -house, bus raid, simulated hostage situation, and more. -150 shooters maximum including range staff -Entry fee is $145 per person -Electronic scoring on iPads for realtime, live scoring updates both at the event and online ​-Match is administered by Atlanta 3 Gun (www.Atlanta3gun.com) Sign up will go live Feb 27th, 2015 at 9 PM EST. I will post the sign up link here, but it will also be found on http://www.Atlanta3Gun.com . If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please email Jonesja@mac.com. We expect this to be a great one of a kind event featuring pistol caliber carbines, hope you will join us in December in Atlanta! Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/subgunchampionship?ref=hl
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