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Found 5 results

  1. This is Jim Tan from Canada. I love IPSC/USPSA. I have been shooting matches for one year and seven months now. One year and ten months from the day I first shot a handgun. Now, I make up my mind and know I love this sport so much that I want to be the "Paper M". I want to prepare myself for world shoot 2020. In year 2018 to 2020 shooting season, I will focus on open division. I registered my USPSA membership, and will shoot some USPSA matches in US next year. So I can practice real open division shooting, not the "Open 10" division in Canada. haha! I will update my daily training info and video here, so to push myself to keep up the work and get better.
  2. Is a Brand New 2011 STI Trubor for $2325 a good deal? (shipping is included) Thank you!.
  3. Hey All, As part of a move to open, I'm considering a new optic for my rifle. I'm currently running the Vortex Razor JM1. I've already added a 45 degree dot and shot a few matches with it. For everything inside 30 or so yards, I'm feeling very fast with the dot; so much so that I'm considering ditching the 1x requirement for my primary optic (I haven't used it once since adding the dot). That combined with the fact that I'm standardizing my optic collection to mils and that the razor's weight has had me considering other options in the past, has me looking to Nightforce... Unlike the design of the Vortex 2.5-10's PST (FFP) reticle, which I find too thin, I'm actually a fan of the NF Mil-R. That said, the NF doesn't offer a FFP option and I'm left questioning whether or not that makes sense for our application in 3 gun. I especially like the idea of having the full reticle at 2.5x as that'll likely be where the scope is left for all of the "bay" stages I shoot, and out to 200/300 I'm happy with just using the center cross-hair to hold basic POA-POI, regardless as to what I'm dialed to. But as I stretch out further and begin to actually need to use the reticle, I'm concerned that I won't be spending too much time on 10x, simply as a product of the type of "long range" shooting we do where target acquisition plays a major role, and therefore, won't actually be "using" the reticle. I have approximately the exact opposite concerns for the PST - FFP; meaning I can actually use the reticle, but having looked through them, they're so fine that for me, they'd be almost useless on anything less than 6x. So I'm curious what the prevailing thought process is for this...does SFP make sense on a 10x for 3 gun? In reading through various threads, it seems people are 50/50. I've looked at the NF 1-8 as well, but I'm not a fan of the center dot of 1.25moa. I've grown to like the .5moa center on my razor, and can't imagine going more than double that. I suppose there's always the thought process of just sticking with the razor. I like the idea of 8x or even 10x in specific circumstances, but certainly don't think they're requirements for 99% of the "LR" targets we are presented with.
  4. Im using CR Speed holsters for my open rig, and Im looking to see if theres a spacer to move the magazine out from my stomach. I wasn't blessed with a 6 pack so I have to move around my keg. Or is there a better magazine option that has this adjustability?
  5. Question for the reloading gurus (sorry, long post with lots of numbers, but I want to show the results): I finally got to chrony the rounds I cooked up for my new (used) 9mm Open pistol. It's a customized STI Matchmaster. It has the stock 4.15" no-hole barrel and T2 comp. For this reason, I know it's a bit harder to make Major PF with the shorter barrel. I loaded a progressive series using the following: 124gr Precision Delta JHP, Win SPP, Speer Nickel +P Brass, Loaded to COAL of 1.160. Powder is Winchester Auto Comp - I loaded rounds for each powder load: 7.0gr, 7.1gr, 7.2gr, 7.3gr, 7.4gr. Press: Hornady LNL AP (Go red!). I checked the weight of each powder load even though it's a progressive press to verify accurate powder weights. Here are my velocity results (note - 1331 fps needed to make major with the 124gr bullets; actually 1330 since they are 124.3+gr bullets on the scale). I will skip 7.0gr because too many fell below 1330fps. Location: Albuquerque, NM (Elevation ~5300 ft, 92 deg, sunny, clear). Chrony: ProChrono Digital ~10ft from barrel 7.1gr ------- 1375 1364 1352 1332 1394 1355 1332 1317 (only 1 missed major pf) 1340 1349 Avg: 1351fps (167.5 PF) 7.2gr ------ String 1 String 2 1350 1359 1346 1364 1364 1336 1335 1344 1346 1341 1339 1352 1349 1348 1325** 1345 1359 1390 1337 1337 (only 1 missed major PF) Avg: 1345 Avg: 1351 PF 166.8 PF: 167.6 7.3gr ------- String 1 String 2 1342 1353 1337 1350 1348 1366 1342 1357 1432(!) 1352 1330 1349 1361 1349 1345 1332 1330 1363 1349 1352 Avg:1343 Avg:1352 PF:166.5 PF:167.7 I think the 1432 was a misreading (or there must have been something about that round that I didn't catch, so it is left out of calculation) 7.4gr ------ 1345 1356 1355 1364 1325** 1346 1317** 1344 1344 1360 Avg:1346 PF:166.9 (Interesting, 2 rounds didn't make PF even with a tad more powder. I wonder if I hit the plateau) In none of these tests did the brass or primers show signs of increased case pressure. So based off of this, I am planning on loading 7.3gr of WAC. Now, on a couple of these rounds, I JUST made PF with a 1330fps. If I'd like to get a bit more cushion, what are the suggestions? I know because it is a shorter barrel that these same rounds would easily make major PF in a 5" barrel, but this thing transitions so nicely that I really want to shoot it! Options (and I don't know if some of these would actually make any difference) More powder? Change the COAL? Add a bit of crimp? (I am not adding any right now) Something else I haven't thought of? or Just leave it! (the average of 3 should be fine, I am being too picky about this, etc.) Thanks!
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