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Found 17 results

  1. Just got my first CZ (shadow custom from CZC). I'm used to loading my 147s to 1.14 OAL for an M&P Pro. Went to reload for the CZ and it wouldn't pass the plunk test with anything longer than 1.09 using BBI 147s. Xtreme and Everglades ammo 147 both pass the plunk test with my normal load at 1.14. I have a case of BBI sitting around and would like to use them, and I've tended to get better accuracy with coated vs plated out of my other guns. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going that short in their shadows? And if so how much are backing off the powder(if any)? I'm using titegroup i
  2. What is the longest practical 9mm OAL with a 124gr Precision Delta JHP in a 2011? What techniques or practices contribute to success when loading long 9mm OAL's? From reading here it seems like somewhere between 1.180" and 1.200" is the longest practical with the limiting issues being bullets falling out, bullet setback, or bullet tilt. Freebore shouldn’t be an issue for me since I measured 1.220” with the fired case technique. SV and MBX magazines so i'm good to 1.225"++ there. I’m loading on a 1050 with a Redding dies (could change to a tighter
  3. Hi Guys - Newbie here, I have a brand new Dillon 650, with all the trimmings, and I am having trouble with reloading for accuracy on my first few attempts of reloading. I am not pleased with the results of my first reloads after investing close to 3 grand in all of my accessories and press. I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong. One obvious potential problem area, is that my OAL is inconsistent, it ranges from 2.240 to 2.267. Before I get to that, let me share my results. Constants: AR15- Faxon Gunner Barrel, 18" 1:8 twist, AIM Surplus Black nitride BCG, Timney3.5lb
  4. Just about to start loading for the 45 to be used in the R1. Anyone found the max OAL?
  5. I have been reloading for a G34 for years and it has been very forgiving to my terrible reloading skills. I have been reloading for a Tanfoglio Stock 2 about a year now and still have not settled on a reliable load. It has made me question a lot about my current thoughts on reloading. To the Enos hive mind I go for answers. Current load is 1.135 OAL, 4.8 gr HS-6, Federal primers, 147 gr Blue Bullet, and it comes in at a 130 PF. Questions: 1: In precision rifle shooting, you almost always get better accuracy by loading the OAL to be .010 - .015 off the lands of the rifling. For a pist
  6. I finally setup my S1050. Everything seems OK with one exception. I am having inconsistent OAL readings. During my initial test rounds, I was using random range brass (mixed head stamps). After reading a couple of threads, I decided to sort my brass by head stamps and give that a try. I tried a few things and was still getting inconsistent OALs, so I decided to order the Redding Competition Pro Micrometer seating die. After setting up the Redding die, I am getting a more consistent reading, but I have noticed a two scenarios: 1) When I adjust OAL for a single round, I can get a perfe
  7. Hello, I am a new reloader. I am loading 9mm. I see the SAAMI drawing with its value for Over All Length of the Cartidge. This seems to be listed as OAL or COAL in different sources. It seems dependent on which reloading manual you first read to describe the measurement of the length of the Cartridge. Either way this is the Maximum length that firearms manufactures use when they design their products. When I look at Load Data I noted that Lee makes it perfectly clear that the OAL they list for a powder charge is the Minimum Over All Length for the Cartidge. Hodgdon, f
  8. Trying to get a good idea of where to start with a 135 RN with titrgroup out of my CZ accushadow. I currently have have been loading 165 RN xtreme with 3.0 gn at 1.150 OAL. This runs smooth and soft out of my gun 100 percent of time. My oress currently is set with an OAL of 1.130 for the BBI. But I'm pretty sure I go load this longer with no problem. At 1.130 it passes the plunk test. Also if anyone has experience with the 135 your thoughts on accuracy v. a 147 would be appreciated Any thoughts and insight as to starting grains and OAL would be helpful. Thanks i
  9. I have discovered it matters whether or not there are cases on the shell plate when you set the seating die. I think. I wanted 1.151". (4.1 g Titegroup for 9mm Hornady FMJ RN if it matters) Originally I set the seating die with only one round on the shell plate and I tested it that way before I started reloading. So out of nowhere I decided to test rounds as they were coming out. Waddya know, there were ALL 1.158" on the nose. .007" too long. Interesting. So right at the moment I case-gauge every single round I make and my gun loads FMJ RN longer than 1.161 anyway, so there never was a safe
  10. usa259

    P320 OAL?

    In reading in the 40 S&W reloading section, some are loading out to a length of 1.180 or more. I was thinking the target OAL was 1.130. I'm finding that my loads over the 1.130, like the 1.135 are not passing the plunk test in the barrel. I don't know how to tell if the 1.135 are not passing because they are to long or the bell in the case mouth is not tapered ever so slightly causing it to fail... Thoughts?
  11. After doing an enormous amount of snooping and skulking about online for information on the XL650 and Dillon in general for long range hunting / precision rifle loading - I got the press for Christmas and ordered all the various accessories last week. I was particularly interested in runout, OAL variation and accuracy of the powder measure with extruded powders. I ran my first box of shells through the press today - 7mm Weatherby Mag using IMR 4831 powder and barnes 140gr TTSX bullets. I am using standard toolheads, a standard RCBS two-die set, and the Dillon Belted Magnum powder measure sy
  12. Range trip today. Loaded .40 s&w long. Winchester once fired brass CCI #400 small rifle primers 180g LRNFP Winchester Autocomp 1.249 OAL Tanfoglio hunter 6in barrel 10mm 5g 1. 885 2.869 3.881 4.906 5.862 Average FPS: 880 Average PF: 158.4 Notes: crazy accurate and soooo soft! 5.5g 1.947 2.958 3.947 4.953 5.932 Average FPS:947 Average PF:170 Notes: nice load. I'm going to try 5.3-4 see if I can get in the 168-9pf. Use this for limited. Not as accurate as the 5.0g but really nice. Not too snappy. 6.0g 1.1019 2.1009 3.1029 4.970 5.1041 Average fps:
  13. When I started reloading I didn't know what to do, so I got in good with someone who did. Bayou 147 grain flatpoint 3.0 grains of Titegroup Loaded to 1.14 OAL Range brass Winchester primers Last year I was shooting a Glock and this load was fine (soft and accurate) but next year I'm buying a 2011. I plan to test my existing load first but what are other 2011 shooters doing? Moly bullets? Jacketed bullets? Specific powder? OAL lengths? (I plan to do some actual testing in the spring too but like to have the discussion in the meantime)
  14. I use a S&W M&P Pro and was wondering what OAL using Montana Gold bullets you all find works well in that gun. These are the various weights I load: 115 gr. CMJ 124 gr. CMJ 147 gr. CMJ 147 gr. HP Any suggestions are welcomed!
  15. I just bought a STI Edge in .40 and plan to start shooting Limited, but have never loaded .40 S&W or for major power factor. I have been using VV N320 in my 9mm Production loads and would like to use it for my STI also. My initial plans are to use Bayou 180gr poly coated FP bullets. SAAMI specifications call for an OAL between 1.085 and 1.135 with flat point bullets. I've heard that a lot of STI Edge shooters load their .40 rounds "longer" to feed better. Is loading longer worthwhile? How long is longer? Do any of you have a major load using N320 and 180gr FP bullets for an STI Edge
  16. Do you load long on a CZ like you would on a 2011? What do you recommend on OAL? The gun is a CZ 75 Tactical Sport in .40.
  17. Rolex


    Ran out of Zero 125 JHP's. Have been loading these at 1.160 OAL for my open .9 using SVI mags. Now I just got Sierra 115 JHP's, and can not load them as long- profile of bullet head is shorter than the Zero's. SO who has a starting OAL using 115 JHP's? I use True Blue at 7.8gr to make a nice 175pf. Just looking for a starting OAL-
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