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Found 13 results

  1. Hey shooters! I have a quick question for the PRS Group...besides some of the cool new flasher technology that is coming out, what are some ideas for some new target ideas or new hanger ideas that you have? Trying to help a local PRS Match come up with some new creative ideas. Thanks!
  2. Complete. New never used. Includes 1911 adaptor and all the square to round adapters, pins etc. This is the best one Ed sells. $115 and free shipping. Reply to: ax238barry@hotmail.com.PayPal accepted.Thanks.
  3. EEH


    Thought I’d put up pictures of the new little one
  4. Hey guys, just started in this group and plan to start shooting competitively. I use to shoot IBO and BHA here local in archery but have since moved on to firearms. Any tips would be great! Looking forward to shoot against some of the best shooters in the nation!
  5. Just joined today.....immediately got in trouble. Oops.
  6. Hi, I'm looking to get into 3-gun and I've got a Browning auto-5 my dad gave me years ago. I love the gun, shot many a bird with it over the years but my question is would it be good for 3 gunning? I assume I'd have to get an extension tube (if they make them for that model). Also, I'm not looking to beat the heck outta that gun, would it be better to just buy a new shotgun and keep the Browning for the birds and the memories? Thanks.
  7. Hello. I am new to shooting handguns and just recently bought my first pistol, a CZ75 SP-01 Shadow. I am now considering looking for a competitive league to shoot in and need help choosing what gear to buy. I have done some research and I am considering buying the package from benstoegersproshop .com that includes: Features •5 x Ghost Magazine Pouches ◦Includes bullet nose out (Ben Style) and bullet nose forward (conventional) pouches ◦Works with Double Stack Mags ◦Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Green, Silver, White 1 x Double Alpha (DAA) Belt ◦Available Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Silver 1 x BSPS BOSS DOH Holster ◦includes thumb screws All for $269.95 and free shipping. A lot of the forums I have read when searching google were a bit old. Is this currently a good setup? Will this setup allow me to shoot both USPSA and IDPA? What classes will I be able to shoot in each using my SP-01 Shadow and this setup? What changes would you make to this setup? Does anyone know of a cheaper place to purchase these items? Seems like an okay deal to me. Any other advice? Literally anything would be greatly appreciated as I am completely new to this.
  8. Hi all!- Long time lurker. I created an account here years ago but I guess I never introduced myself. I'm a regular guy who likes shooting. Did my first USPSA match 6 months ago and I'm getting very into it. As my username indicates, I'm a librarian, so if you need any research or reading advice...
  9. Hi everyone! I just joined this site. A friend of mine referred me to this resource. My name is Eli and I live in Austin, TX. I like competitive shooting and so far participated in USPSA matches only. However, my real interest is in multigun competitions. I shot rifle competitively as a kid while growing up in Ukraine. I decided to pick back up where I left off. Eli
  10. Hi all, New to the forum, but not to the game.....lots of good info on this site.......
  11. I shot it USPSA in high school over 20 years ago. I had a 1911 colt that was modified or hacked on by various club members and gun smiths. I am thinking about going back and I know the best option is just get out there but I have some questions. Optics were just coming into the sport and I had a Tasco aimpoint PRO mounted on it. It is a huge scope on this gun and both sights were removed at the time. I cant even rack the slide very easily with how it is mounted. I dont even know if it works as the battery is dead. I also cant find my magazines but hopefully it is in the box with my old leather gear. I really dont even remember shooting with the scope on there many times if any. Should I just take it off and get some fixed sights put back on so I can get started? My other thought was to buy a glock 34 since I wanted one anyways but the cost in all the equipment for a new gun might get overwelming. Also, any suggestions on where to buy some magazines would be great. Thanks
  12. Hi, the names' Mackenzie but I go by Mac. I'm military and stationed in southern GA. I am wanting to get into three gun as I have not had a chance due to being overseas so definetly hit me up if there is anything going down. I did competitions as a youth(22 rifle, 22 pistol, and skeet) mainly local and Boy Scout stuff. I am an experienced shooter but not at cometition. Anything you all want to know just ask and look forward to meeting some of you at the range.
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