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Found 10 results

  1. Hello to all - I'm a new member to this forum and the reason I came here is because I'm looking into purchasing a Dillon 650XL. I hope to gather as much info as possible before I make my decision. Danny
  2. Greetings everyone. I am new to this .com forum and requesting your assistance in finding 3 gun matches Near stafford, Virginia. Please reply.
  3. Hey folks, Just wanted to say hi to everyone, new to these forums, been lurking around, lots of stuff to read with tons of great info. looking forward deep diving the threads. I compete in IDPA with some USPSA local matches thrown in here and there as time permits. been shooting most of my life stopped for about a decade+ & then got back into it again so here I am.
  4. Just joined this site. Have been shooting SASS and USPSA but been off for the year due to arthritic back pain (I am 62 y/o). As soon as my surgery is over and I am healed, I plan to get back to shooting. I have a custom made Glock 34 built by Zev Glockworks, it has Leopold electronic optics, KKM barrel, will be shooting in USPSA Open class. Don't know how to take a pcture and transfer it to this site for everyone to see. My SASS guns are Ruger Vaquero's (old model) 45LC, Uberti copy of Winchester 1873 with 5th gen short stroke by Cowboy and Indians, Winchester Model 12 S/G, Stoeger sxs S/G and Auto Ordnance model 1911. I am a retired LEO and former member of the USCG Reserve.
  5. Hello to all : My name is Bill. Back in the day I did a lot of reloading for 12 ga. shotgun, as I did a lot of Trap shooting. I retired and thought I would like to get back into reloadin again. I must have been in a cave of darkness, as I had no Idea that you could not get reloading supplies! I did order a Dillon RL 550R still did not get it yet. Dillon just sent the 9MM, dies. The press should be here in 1-3 weeks. I will be loading for a Beretta PX4 Storm, 9mm. and a Smith & wesson BodyGuard 380 auto. I did make a trip to AZ. to the Dillon Factory and they nothing execpt some Bullet that I purchased. They are 9mm in 147 gr. and 115 gr Winchester JHP- Notched. I was able to purchase 4lb. of Titegroup powder, Starlite Brass in 9mm, and CCI Primers. I have been looking at load data for both. Need some help on load data for the 380 auto. I would like to use the TG. powder for it. I know I will not be using the bullets I have tor any 380 loads. I need some load data and bullets yet for that. If you can help with load data using the TG. powder for that would be great. Thanks Can"t wait to get going Las Vegas Bill.
  6. Salaam Alaikum, I finally convinced the boss that I can shoot more, spend less and still not blow up the neighborhood so I had Brian fix me up with a 550B. Where has it been all my life? I've been picking up brass for 40+ years; now it's worthwhile. Forums have already saved my butt a couple times. Thanks to all who share your knowledge and experience. Semper fi, boski
  7. Just wanted to say hello. New to this forum. I'm active on a couple of local gun forums in my area. I've met and shot matches with a lot of great folks through those forums and gleaned a lot of information from them too. Hoping to do the same here. Steve
  8. Have been shooting IDPA since 2002 and USPSA since around 2005. Usually shoot Kimber Custom CDP, limited 10, single stack. Avid shooter Life Member NRA, NRA cert. Pistol Instructor, member of Izaak Walton League, VSSA, VCDL. Some three gun experience Mossberg 500, Bushmaster AR. Never get enough trigger time as I would like.
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Lance. I am best friends with MarkCo and he suggested I join here to get quality information about shooting competitions. About me. I am the Chief of police in a town here in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. It is a new position for me so I am pretty busy and I am going to need to get my "Shoot On" to help easy the stress. So I figured shooting competitions are a great way to accomplish this. So I will be perusing the forum to get an idea of who is here... I am pretty busy as I am not only the Chief but the only full time officer, weeee fun for me. I am a gluten for punishment. So I might be a bit spotty when it comes to replying to anyone and posting .... . So be talking to you soon... Lance
  10. Greetings. I'm a beginning 3-gun and USPSA shooter in the Bay Area, shooting primarily at the Chabot Range and Richmond Rod & Gun Club (at which I am a member). I handload .223 and .45 ACP and I'm interested primarily in exchanging technical advice and learning the art of stage construction, as I have a bit of experience designing first-person shooter levels and I'm learning that a flair for stage construction seems to go a long way in the action shooting sport. I'm still at the "run what ya brung" stage in handgun shooting; I shoot a Kimber 1911, a Noveske Rogue Hunter/Armalite SPR hybrid .556 rifle, and a Mossberg 930 JM. I started the account to ask a few stage construction questions I couldn't see answered anywhere else. I'm looking forward to learning more about the sport as I go on. Cheers all.
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