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Found 5 results

  1. Ok I am thinking about building a 10/22 to start shooting RFRO. This is something I want to build over a bit of time. I was curious is it better to go with a reeiever like the Tactical elite 22LC with left charging handle or a standard Right handed charging handle. I am a right handed shooter. I have shot a lot of pistol competitions but no rifle comps. Is it better to practice clearing malfunctions with my strong hand while keeping the rifle mounted to my shoulder with my week hand, or keep the rifle mounted with the strong hand and clearing the malfunction with your week hand. The rest of the build I am thinking of is TacSol or CF barrel Kidd Bolt and trigger Group Axiom sock. Not sure if I want to go Slide ride C-more or Vortec Venom for the dot? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey all, 3 gun season here is Colorado will be over in a couple of months and i'm already thinking about off-season stuff. Looking to replace my primary AR as its getting a little tired. Was thinking it would be nice to know what guys (and girls) would build if they were going down that road. I know I could just buy a completed rifle from a quality company (but wheres the fun in that). So, if you're game, post your dream build. Would like to know all the components (receivers, barrels, triggers, etc), basically everything. Also, if you feel up to it, an explanation on why you would use what you listed would be cool. Looking forward to seeing the info. Thanks
  3. no name upper with m4 ramps ballistic advantage barrel 16 inch hanson profile.223 wylde rubber city gas key tac-com rifle alw buffer/system enhanced spring mil spec no name bolt/bcg xbr powder 55grain dillon case gauge less than 30 rounds through barrel i started tuning a new AR (ish)/m4gery. forward bolt movement is tuned properly gas key is tuned properly failures: i had a few difficult to extract loaded cartridge had a few failure to return to battery FTRB: The FTRB were with one specific magazine and only when loaded with approx 5 rounds or less NO FTRB with 20 round mil spec mag NO FTRB with full mag at this point I'm writing this off to mag failure will retest with another brand magazine never had issues with stock pmags and mils spec al mags difficult extraction: shot cases were extracting fine, bolt cycles fine only had difficulty in extracting occasional loaded rounds, from FTRB's and manually cycling bolt with loaded cartridge if i recall i believe these were with same "problem" mag i literally needed to pull charging handle with both hands to extract please advise? RO suggests dirty chamber, due to dirty powder. i'm thinking cursed magazine I'm also thinking new barrel/bolt needs break in.... is XBR considered a "dirty" powder? any ideas or suggestions and i'm sure some of this is may be break in issues. i understand and accept that "upgrades" can decrease reliability
  4. It looks even better in the flesh. the chameleon small parts are cool. inside the barrel is way cool. bobby even did the aftec! some are lucky enuf to have one...how about a pair?
  5. I just finished putting together a new build using the following: Nordic 18" rifle length gas barrel JP low mass bolt carrier + mil spec bolt JP low mass buffer rifle JP tuned buffer spring rifle JP adjustable gas block ARFX Rifle length stock Noveske striped upper AP customs handguard Miculek comp Rainier lower, JP trigger, a2 stock I went to the range with a couple of boxes of different ammo (ultramax reman 55 grain FMJ, federal premium 69g match king, tulammo 55g FMJ) to adjust the gas system and sight in the scope. Followed instructions to adjust the gas block from JP, using Ultramax ammo, and was not able to make the bolt stay open with the mag catch even after opening the gas all the way (6 full turns). Repeated the process with the federal premium and different magazines with the same results. I borrowed my brother's PWI BCG and was able to get the gas adjusted in a couple of shots, keeping the JP Spring and buffer. My brother's PWI rifle will work perfectly with the JP BCG, spring and buffer (16" barrel with mid length, non adjustable block). My conclusion was that the combined mass of the JP BCG and buffer using JP's spring is to low, and can't create enough momentum to overcome the spring force. Ok, here are my questions 1. Does that make sense? 2. Does not make sense to me that JP's components are not playing well together. Is anyone running a similar setup? Have you experienced this problem? 3. Is the rifle length gas system underpowered to cycle the JP system? 4. Does Carbon Arms Nordic Barrel with the adjusted gas port cause this issue? 5. Any recommendations on how to make my setup run? 6. Will drilling the gas port in the barrel do anything to fix this? There is limited I can do to swap parts due to the current industry crisis, so I NEED to make my setup work. Thanks in advance.
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