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  1. Iv read and read on here, everyone has different situations. at this point someone just tell me what to do. S&W M&P Pro 9 CORE model. inconsistent light primer strikes. Apex 3.5lb trigger, 11lb recoil spring, glock 6lb striker spring iv used S&B, magtech, fed, win, usc and pmc. all 115gr all light primer strikes. just got some Jesse james going to give it a shot. Anyone have any pointers?
  2. I am shooting an M&P 2.0 5in for primarily 3 gun and also a little USPSA production to practice for 3 gun. What should I change on my gun to shoot flatter and recoil softer while staying legal in production and still able to reliabily shoot factory ammo. Tungsten guide rod, lighter recoil spring, something else? Please note that I wont be loading lighter ammo since I can't reload where I currently live.
  3. What happened to the 21st Century Catalyst Mag Release Extender for the M&P?? It is no longer available. If anyone knows where to find one, let me know! If there is another option out there please advise. Thank you! Lobonca
  4. Is it safe to put the M&P polymer part of the gun in a ultrasonic cleaner with mild cleaner? I have been shooting USPSA for two years and feel I need to do a better cleaning than I have been doing.
  5. Is there any lefties out there that have a good holster for the M&p2.0? My 14 year old niece has started shooting a little and needs a good holster. Bladetech said they don’t make one left handed for the 2.0, they did put me on the list if they ever do. I have an old forbis M&p holster that the 2.0 fits in however it’s not the best. Does anyone know of a good left hand idpa approved holster?
  6. Searched come up empty handed. Searched the forum couldn't find anything. Throwing around the idea of perhaps modifying the takedown or building something to replace an assy pin. Anyone ever done such thing? Weld, solder, drill and tap? Limited gun. Also, I'm a virgin to the game havent even been to my first match. Background in trap and skeet, got boring.
  7. Hey all, I want this really to help myself see how I (hopefully) grow and get better as time goes on. I've been shooting for a lot of my life, growing up plinking an old 22, and when I got my "big boy job" out of college I essentially started collecting guns with the intent to some day compete. Never been much of an athletic type, but figured this could be my sport. I eventually settled on the M&P platform, so I use my Pro 9mm in production. I am currently unclassified in everything. I've shot Steel Challenge, 3 gun and NSSF Rimfire. I should be classified in Steel Challenge, bu
  8. I have an M&P 2.0 that I've been running in USPSA limited. This is the thumb safety model. At present, this model (to the best of my knowledge) is only being manufactured with the thumb safety. It can be easily removed an replaced with factory frame plugs. I believe this is not legal in production. Does anyone know whether or not it's legal in limited?
  9. USPSA Limited and Single Stack shooter here and wanting to get started in CO. Bought an M&P Performance Center 9L and want to find a Leupold Deltapoint 2 to put on it (not a new DP Pro as the don't fit) want to be able to co-witness the suppressor sights. Anybody got any ideas or connections for finding one of the older model RDS???? Check your safes and Junk drawers guys....
  10. Hello Everyone! First off I would like to say that I am new to the forums and I was directed to post this question here! So here it is: I have a S&W M&P 45acp that I installed an Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit into and I have had issues with double firing. The gun is brand new and nothing else has been done to it and I had no problems up until this point. I think it might be the sear spring but not sure (it was recommended that it might be the sear spring this morning, I have not tried it yet). Anyway, when I initially installed the kit I put the
  11. Hello, A local club is putting on a USPSA match in a few days and I'm going to try it. I've never been to one before. I've shot about half a dozen IDPA matches in the past 3 months (because they were available on my days off, not any kind of preference) and am pretty bad (Sharpshooter), have been using a carry gun (M&P 40 compact) for that in their concealed carry pistol division. Anyway, I also have an M&P 40 pro 5" and I'm considering shooting it in Limited major because I have 3 of the 19 round 140mm Taylor Freelance magazines and a carver custom flared magwell, alth
  12. I recently came across a "prodution" smith M&P 9L for sale when I got clear pictures of the gun the front of the slide appears to be machined or modified to a rounded edge. I found in some research this was something people did to balance the gun. I do not believe it to be production leagal. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I got a deal on a standard M&P9 that I could not pass up and I was wondering they interchangeable with the standard M&P inserts? I am not all that familiar with M&P's and i could not find the answer on the interwebs thanks.
  14. I got a deal on a standard M&P9 that I could not pass up and I was wondering they interchangeable with the standard M&P inserts? I am not all that familiar with M&P's and i could not find the answer on the interwebs thanks.
  15. Looking for some recommendations to get my slide milled for an optic. Any information will be appreciated! Thanks Jeff
  16. Just getting a M&P 40 pro to use in limited. I do my own loading and up to this point have not loaded any 40cal so i am looking for a little help from some proven reloads. First bullet weight. I see a bunch of back and forth between the 180r and the 200r. Coming from 9mm I prefer the heavy 147 over all others. So, is the recoil effect from the heavier bullets the same in 40 as it is in 9mm? I am guessing that it is and I would like to try the 200gr FP Bayou bullet out but hate to buy things that don't work. Update...I have purchased the 200r so I will build a load on that, but the questi
  17. My search ability is failing me, I'm sure this is somewhere but I can find it. I want to build a rig to test spring recoil weights for Glocks and M&P but need to know what lengths they need to be tested at. Thanks in advance for the help y'all.
  18. I'm replacing the factory rear sight on my M&P 9L with a Dawson rear. I noticed that after heating up and removing the sight set screw, the slide no longer mounts to the frame. The polymer housing in the rear of the slide sits lower and its tabs are now down far enough to block the slide rail that the frame's metal tabs would fit in. Is this normal once the rear sight set screw has been loosened? Hope I didn't damage anything by using a heat gun - required a fair bit of heat to break the loctite bond. Pic of underside of rear of slide: I went ahead and removed the rear sight. There i
  19. Hi - I have a CORE M&P pistol in .40 and I'm looking for a Magazine Well. I am new to the competitive side and have gotten some TT magazine extenders and would like to get a magwell to put on my handgun as well. My challenge is either my google-fu is week, or finding a Maxwell online is hard. Add to that when I do find them, there seems to be what to my eye from the picture 'look identical' yet one says 'IDPA Box' and one says 'Limited 10'. I'm not doing IDPA or USPA type shooting, just local range competition. I don't know if I'll ever do the IDPA/USPA but the gun I'm putting th
  20. After the sell challenge match this past weekend my girlfriend remarked on how fun it looked to shoot an Open Rimfire carbine (we currently shoot a MKIII with volquartsen internals and a Fastfire on top). Well seeing as how rare it is to hear her say she wants a new gun, I thought I should jump at the opportunity! So here is my question. At my club I mostly see people shooting M&P15-22's. Some have the factory flash hider, some just have the bare end barrel. All are running dots. I don't have any idea as far as what they are doing with their triggers, if anything at all. The other t
  21. I did a little searching and really did not come up w/ a lot of specific info about experiences with Wolf small pistol primers. I'm looking to buy some primers and as I'm sure others have noticed these are cheeeeeeap (by today's standards). I'm planning to burn up some ammo this season with a drastically increased practice schedule so price is a bit of a factor. Is there any reason to stay away from Wolf primers? I see people saying that they're very hard, if not the hardest of the major manufactured primers. I will be mainly shooting them through my M&P and would not mind if I needed to
  22. Got a new M&P 22 compact last night and did a little breaking in today. Like most semi-auto 22s I've experience with it is a little finicky on ammo. I shot 869 rounds through it - mostly as fast as I could pull the trigger. No issues with minimags, aguila super extra, aguila super maximum and Remington viper ammo. It choked on Winchester 1650 fps non-lead bullets (20-30% FTF, FTE). It had a few stumbles on American Eagle 1100 fps ammo. It ran like a raped ape on the higher velocity ammo though. I'm not concerned about the performance on the lower velocity ammo as I run at least minimags fo
  23. I'm collecting some information on the life/failure point of M&P trigger springs. If you have had one break or fail, I would appreciate your input. I would like to gather caliber combined with documented or otherwise accurate number of rounds fired and/or age of gun, and whether it was an Apex spring or a factory spring. I gather some folks may be running Glock trigger springs, so if one of them has failed, I'd be interested. Also, if you experienced any type of odd behavior, such as light strikes or failure to reset right before, I'm wondering about that. I'll probably post this in a coup
  24. So I'm looking to build an Open M&P or two for family members. After trying a multitude of platforms, they have decided they want to go with an M&P (no love for my 2011s). I'm doing the research now to get the parts together but the one part that I'm unsure of the most is the scope mount. I know it's going to be a 90 degree mount so that narrows it down. I have looked all over and all I can find is two, the Stingray and the SJC. Did I miss any others? I have searched for reviews on here and elsewhere but haven't located a lot. Can anyone give me some advice on them such as ease/
  25. Here is the problem, I am using N320 with 124 gr FMJ. The gun is an M&p Pro. c.o.l = 29.05 mm N320 = 3.8 gr The bullets are crimped well enough however the gun is not cycling, most of the cases end up stove piping or remaining attached to the ejector and being put back into battery again. Basic problem is there is not enough force to cycle the gun properly, please help me solve this, i do not think more powder is the solution. Someone suggested shortening the rounds however i do not know by how much. is 1mm too much? Too little? is this even the solution? Please help
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