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Found 5 results

  1. Well, here's a new experience... Working up loads (well, trying to, anyway...keep reading) with Longshot for my Limcat (full-length, V-6 ported, 4-chamber comp). 124g MT Gold JHPs, once-fired Federal cases, WSR primers, 1.165" OAL, Oehler 35P chrono. Everything progressing nicely... 7.0 gr Longshot - 1311fps/34fps SD/162PF 7.2 gr Longshot - 1324fps/28fps SD/164PF 7.4 gr Longshot - 1348fps/18fps SD/167PF So far, so good; velocities increasing reasonably linearly, std dev's tightening, seemingly closing in on good load, would like a little cushion on PF, so, a little bit more should get me there... 7.6 gr Longshot - 1298fps/49fps SD (!) 7.8 gr Longshot - 1299fps/35fps SD (!!) Chrono'd regular load (7.8 Silhouette) as check - spot on @1378 fps... Hmmmm... Back to the bench, calibrate scales (yes, two, as cross-check), load two more test batches @ 7.6 & 7.8, weighing each charge...and... 7.6 gr Longshot - 1299fps/57fps SD (!) 7.8 gr Longshot - 1307fps/35fps SD (!!) Chrono'd regular load (7.8 Silhouette) again as check - spot on @1380 fps... So, if this (counter-intuitive!) data is to be believed, one would have to be well north of 8gr with Longshot to make, oh, say, 170pf in my particular gun, but am guessing, and I think correctly, that at some point not very far above 7.8 things are going to spike dramatically. 7.4gr load too close to 165 for comfort. My search-foo may be lacking, but I can find nothing anywhere noting this phenomena (more powder = LOWER velocities?!) with Longshot in Major 9. Has anyone else experienced this issue? "Recovering" velocities by going higher yet on charge weight? Keen to hear any feedback...
  2. This is the data reduction so far. Data at 180gr bullets with long shot deserves repeating. Temp was about 50 degrees. Glock g35 40sw 5.85"LWD barrel freedom 40SW reman 180gr, 980 fps (14fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4.6gr longshot, 1.1" OAL, 805 fps (52 fps std dev) 180gr fn-fmj, 4gr longshot, 1.15" OAL, 1070 fps (22fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr long shot, 1.13-1.17 OAL, 802 fps (37 fps std Dev) 165gr fn-fml 4.5gr longshot, 1.05" OAL, 786 fps (54fps std dev) 165gr fn-fmj, 5gr BullsEye, 1.1" OAL, 1095 fps (34fps std dev) Glock 21SF 45ACP LWD 6.61" threaded barrel with Comp 185gr berry plated hollow back, 10gr power pistol, 1226 fps 230gr lead bullet, 8.5gr LongShot, 1.21" OAL, 1151fps
  3. Hi Guys...You all were a great help on my other 10mm tread so I took one posters advice and bought 8 pounds of longshot which is inbound right now. I also bought 1000 heavey plated RMR 180gr to go with the longshot.. Soooo..I assumed that I would find lots of loads due to how much everyone loves longshot in the 10 mm.. I found exactly 1 load on Hodgens website and of course not for a 180gr RNFP plated bullet.jezzzz...I am sure I could start working it up around 8.5 or something but I wanted to check with you guys to see if you might have any data to share.. Also..Any 155gr 10mm RNFP plated data using csb-1, longshot, would be helpful as well... Again, Thanks in advance!!
  4. I'm looking for a start recipe for Hodgdon LongShot aka LOUD Shot !!! for a 115gr or 125jhp 9mm Major bullet ... 4 port comp, no pop holes, 5.4" barrel, 5" open gun ...
  5. Greetings from Yuma. Ive been looking all over for some reloading questions. Quick info, my loving wife brought home a Glock 22 in December and I loved it so I got a Glock 35. We have gone crazy these last few months and we had decided to start reloading (how I found the forum). This weekend our Dillon 550 showed up so I'm ready to start. While waiting the 8 weeks for our press and dies to arrive we purchased all we could find for reloading .40. These items wouldn't have been my first choice, but right now, this was about my only choice of components. I was able to get: 2000 CCI small pistol primers 5000 Remington small pistol primers 2000 Bear Creek 180gr flat nose molly coated bullets 8 pounds of Longshot powder We purchased the Hornady book and wrote every powder they listed for the 180 grain, and Longshot was the only one I could get my hands on during these scarce times. My 'source' told me that I could use the same numbers as the 180 gr FMJ bullets with the lead ones. I haven't been able to verify this. Is this right? I loaded 20 rounds with 52.3 grains of powder and they fit in the case checker just fine. In the manual it was supposed to give you 950fps, and was second to lowest load. I haven't shot them yet. Does anyone have any experience with this combo? Does it sound like a good starting point? Should I toss these 20 rounds and start over with another setup? My wife and I mainly shoot in an indoor range, and outside at steel targets. Any input would be greatly appreciated. When this drought ends I will get some FMJ and different powder, just to try. Another question is the dreaded Glock and molly coated lead bullets combo. I have read and know guys who have had good luck with the Bear Creek in their Glocks, as long as they clean the barrels after shooting. I at least want to try it out while I'm waiting for our aftermarket barrels to show up. Again, thanks for any advise in advance. I'm a lucky man to have a wife who sports a Glock sticker on her SUV, but the cost of ammo is getting out of hand when she has a 500 rounds per week habit.
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