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Found 3 results

  1. What is the longest practical 9mm OAL with a 124gr Precision Delta JHP in a 2011? What techniques or practices contribute to success when loading long 9mm OAL's? From reading here it seems like somewhere between 1.180" and 1.200" is the longest practical with the limiting issues being bullets falling out, bullet setback, or bullet tilt. Freebore shouldn’t be an issue for me since I measured 1.220” with the fired case technique. SV and MBX magazines so i'm good to 1.225"++ there. I’m loading on a 1050 with a Redding dies (could change to a tighter sizing die if recommended) and am planning to remove a little material from the expander in station 2 for more neck tension on jacketed bullets. I do minimal belling and just crimp to remove the bell. I use mixed range brass. I try to make sure all the cases are laying on their side when spraying them with 1 Shot lube to avoid getting much lube inside the cases. I have shot a test batch of 1.200" loads over slightly compressed 3N38 without issue. A little background if anyone cares.. I’m new to open. I am developing a load for a midlength (5” barrel) AKAI V6 2011 with 7 barrel holes. I like the idea of loading as long as practical to keep pressures as low as possible with a gun that is going to take a lot of powder to make major. I started out load development with 3N38 and was unable to make power factor with 8.9gr which was about the most I want to try to stuff in the case because of potential spillage. 8.9gr 3N38 124gr PD JHP 1.190" OAL slightly compressed Win SPP = 1273 fps or 158PF. Planning to try HS-6 next so it will likely not be compressed. I will of course do the thumb pressure test to check for obvious setback issues. I figure if I am successful with 1.190” the extra 0.025” is 1/3 of the way to 38SC length and softness/flatness/goodness. I realize that I would be better served by loading to 1.165” like everybody else and using this time to dry fire instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Thanks, Greg
  2. When you make gauges, you discover there's a much wider variety of bullets and pistols out there than you can imagine. Over the past year or so we've seen ammunition made with coated and lead bullets that exceed the SAAMI .401" maximum diameter one way or another (coating thickness variance, out of roundness, slightly misaligned loading dies, mold parting lines, heavy crimps, and so on) and yet the shooters report the ammunition fits and fires fine and to please make them a gauge that it will fit into, so we went ahead and made a new gauge-- Announcing the ".40XL" 100-round case gauge. Same chamber-reamed chamber, but the bullet area is enlarged and designed for lead and coated bullets .401" and larger in diameter, loaded over SAAMI length or not. If you are loading ammunition with bullets that don't quite fit into the .40 or .40L gauge, or are tired of giving ammo a light push to seat it in the gauge, the 40XL is the gauge for you (make sure that slightly-oversize-bullet ammunition fits in your pistol properly before ordering however) Since .401" bullets are the SAAMI maximum spec and this gauge is larger than that, we still recommend the .40 gauge for regular-length SAAMI ammunition and the 40L gauge for shooters using jacketed or plated bullets .401" or smaller at over-SAAMI lengths. Think of them as the .40, 40-Long and .40 Long+Wide. Available at your favorite dealers probably by the time you read this if they are on the ball. If your favorite dealer doesn't carry Shockbottle products, slap them upside the head and tell them you are the customer and the customer is always right and you say they should.
  3. Range trip today. Loaded .40 s&w long. Winchester once fired brass CCI #400 small rifle primers 180g LRNFP Winchester Autocomp 1.249 OAL Tanfoglio hunter 6in barrel 10mm 5g 1. 885 2.869 3.881 4.906 5.862 Average FPS: 880 Average PF: 158.4 Notes: crazy accurate and soooo soft! 5.5g 1.947 2.958 3.947 4.953 5.932 Average FPS:947 Average PF:170 Notes: nice load. I'm going to try 5.3-4 see if I can get in the 168-9pf. Use this for limited. Not as accurate as the 5.0g but really nice. Not too snappy. 6.0g 1.1019 2.1009 3.1029 4.970 5.1041 Average fps: 1013 Average pf: 182 Fun to shoot. Brass and primers are fine. No bulge. Snappy and as accurate as the 5.5g load.
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