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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought a brand new pre 7000 serial # LNL press for a great price. It came with the powder drop that has the diagonal return spring and height arm with three notches. Can anyone give me some set up help on using the old style Hornady metering assembly? The all in one pistol/rifle metering assembly is new to me and I haven't been able to find any information on it. Specifically where/how to position the rifle meter when dropping pistol charges. Also it only came with two powder bushings. Should there be a third? My bushings measure 1.1" long with a .205 hole and a .750" length with a .291 hole. Thanks for any and all help! Brad
  2. I am finding that straight wall pistol cases struggle to be aligned correctly with the sizing die on my LnL AP. The cases will tip directly away from the center of the shell plate. Most times (90% or more) the case will find it's way into the sizing die even though it's out of line a little. It usually isn't a problem with 45 ACP and 9mm because of how short those cases are, relatively. However, even these cases are titling, it's just not enough to cause a problem. It's much more common with 357 magnum, being a longer case. If the case tips too much, the mouth catches on the sizing die and won't proceed without being manually adjusted. Before anyone says it, I am 99% sure this is *not* an indexing problem. The shellplate is slotting into its detentes positively and staying there. Further, if it were an indexing issue, the cases would be impacting the mouth of the die either because the case was arriving too soon (impacting the side of the die closest to the left side of the press) or would be arriving too late, and impacting the side of the die closest to the right side of the press. That's not what's happening. The left/right alignment is correct on the case. The cases are visibly tilting away of the center of the shellplate. Hornady suggested stretching the case retainer spring a bit, on the idea that it's too tight. I will try that (haven't gotten to it yet) but wanted to know if others have had this issue?
  3. I'm relatively new to reloading and, unfortunately, I've had a couple of squib loads, which has made me nervous about my reloading technique. I'm using a Hornady LNL, and my setup is the following: (1) resizing die, (2) powder drop/PTX expander, (3) bullet feeder, (4) seating, (5) taper crimp. I thought I was being careful about visually checking my charges, but apparently I've missed a few. I'd like to add an extra margin of safety by adding an RCBS lockout die (or I could use a Powder Cop, but I already have the lockout die). I thought I could solve the problem by combining the seating and crimping into one die to free up a station for the lockout die, but I'm using plated bullets, and I've read that seating and crimping simultaneously isn't a great idea with plated bullets. So what do I do? I've returned to using a single stage press for now, but there's no way I can crank out the number rounds I need that way.
  4. I was told that a Hornady LNL is not designed to seat primers below flush. Since below flush and a range is typically given in loading manuals this seemed odd. I sent a message to Hornady and asked. They got back to me. The answer is, " The AP will seat primers to a flush fit position.". Is this a deal breaker problem with this press?
  5. I've been reloading other pistol calibers (9, 44, 45) using the case feeder without a hitch. But with 38/357 brass it takes FOREVER for the brass to get to the feed tube. I started with the recommended large pistol feeder plate but nothing would ever get to the gate. With the small pistol plate some get to the tube but it can't keep up even when I manually load the tube initially and I'm not going very fast. Any ideas/suggestion?
  6. Hi all, I've read until my head is ready to explode. I'm picking up a Hornady LnL AP, but am somewhat confused about what else I need to buy to get started. I plan on reloading 9mm, and later adding in .223/5.56 and .40 or .45. Yeah, I know - not the most ideal time to start, but it is what it is. I may eventually add a case feeder, but for right now, want to keep it simple. I will be picking up an RCBS lockout powder cop, possibly the bullet feeder die and 'manual tube' (load up ~50 bullets in a clear tube, no auto-load the tube). I know I need to pick up dies and a shell plate for 9mm, extra primer rods, primer flip tray..have lube, tumbler and calipers on hand. Is there a clear 'winner' on 9mm dies, besides the $$$ RCBS competitions for ~$150? I'm looking at "Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3 die set with Taper Crimp" - is this + the RCBS lockout die sufficient, or a similarly priced +/- 20% or so set from someone else more worthwhile? Also need to pick up a scale - I'm not able to lay out the big bucks for Brian's scale at this point, so is there a reliable lower cost digital scale someone can recommend? Last question - the PTX die(s). Am I correct in assuming there is no benefit to be had here until I add both the bullet and case feeders, at which point I'd need to remove the powder cop/lockout w/out purchasing a PTX? (and if so...whose? Powderfunnel, Hornady, Dillon, other..?) Thanks in advance for any help you might offer!
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