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Found 6 results

  1. Got a new barrel for my 40 compact, a KKM 40-9 conversion barrel to shoot in IDPA CCP division. I shot groups with it at 25 yards to test function. While groups were OK( < 5" 10 shot groups) they were consistently centered about 5" to the right of the bullseye. I drifted the rear sight to the left about .07" with my sight pusher. My concern is that it makes the rear sight look pretty off center although it's still within the dovetail and doesn't protrude off the side of the slide or anything. I can just start to see the very slight edge of the striker block hole visible on the right side of the rear sight but it's definitely in no danger of popping out. Is this an acceptable situation? Could the slide to barrel fit with the new barrel just be that much different than the factory barrel? Function was fine in the first 50 rounds. http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae219/randomperson8008/IMG_20170219_070359.jpg http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae219/randomperson8008/IMG_20170219_070310.jpg
  2. I have a couple questions about the CK arms open 2011's. Can someone tell me for sure: what weight and brand recoil spring comes in the hardcore and thunder open 2011's? (38 super in this case though I presume they use same springs in 9mm too) what weight and brand hammer spring in same? What brand firing pin spring (I believe this one is ismi) what brand leaf spring/sear spring? Finally does anyone know what twist rate the KKM barrels are? KKM state 'standard' is either 1:16 or 1:18 but they make a bunch of twist rates from 1:10 to 1:40... I'm hoping it's the 1:18 or even 1:24. The reason I ask is I've previously seen it stated they use all ISMI springs. I've also seen (I think it was on SSI) that they use wolf springs. I have a CK open in both hardcore and thunder. So far the harcore runs great though the hammer spring feels super heavy (not quite springfield 1911 heavy which are 28# but certainly much heavier than the 15lb or 17lb in my other 2011/1911's. it 'feels' to me like it's over 20lb). The recoil spring is harder to feel as the slide to frame fit is still very tight so there is some friction when racking the slide, but if I had to guess I'd say it's a 10 or maybe 11lb. I'm curious for 2 reasons. One it's nice to know what's in there. Also if I want to replace them at some point it means I can do the same if I wish. I usually run a wolf 8, 9 or 10lb variable recoil spring (depending on slide weight really) and a 17lb or 15lb ismi hammer spring. That combo is quite nice on my SV (8lb variable wolf recoil and 15lb ismi hammer). The CK currently is being run in, but it shoots really nicely with whatever the current spring set is. So I'm curious to know what it is. I feel the hammer spring is very heavy. When I got the gun I had to put in a new firing pin spring. I did what I usually do and fitted an extended FP (in this case SVI was what I had handy) with a wolf spring with 2 coils cut. When I dry fired the gun the hammer strike was hard enough to jam the firing pin into the breach face hole! I removed the wolf spring and re-used the one that came with the gun (looks like ismi) and it now works fine. That's something that leads me to believe the hammer spring is quite heavy (also you can feel the weight if thumb cocking the hammer). As I said the gun shoots really nicely and I wonder if a heavy hammer spring actually works to contribute to that 'feel'. Any help much appreciated.
  3. New to the reloading game here so any advice would be much appreciated! I am wondering if WST can safely make major PF out of a Glock 35 with a 180gr .40 due to the case pressure loading WST short in a not fully-supported KKM Barrel. According to Hodgdon reloading data with 4.9 grains of WST you are theoretically making 932fps, almost a 168PF, but at 32,000psi. However that load data is out of a 4" barrel vs a 5.3" of a G35. I have been doing a little research and have found that with a KKM barrel many can run an OAL at 1.135". Can I load safely to say a 170PF?
  4. After reading great reviews on the KKM from so many people, I got one for my G34 Gen4. I took it to the range today and want to see if my groups would improve, and if it ran my ammo OK. I shoot Atlanta Arms & Ammo 9mm 147gr reloads (130pf on a G17). I shot 100 rounds from a bench rest at 25 yards, and took precise trigger pulls. I shot about 40 from the Stock Barrel and 60 from the KKM. I took about 5 shots to the berm with the KKM before shots on target. Here is my best group from the Stock Barrel (12" target): Here is my best group from the KKM (12" target): I was aiming for the bulls-eye on all shots. It seems to me, my G34 likes the Stock barrel better. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Hi everyone, Been lurking and reading for a while and can't seem to find the answer to my problems. So I thought I would throw this out here and hope someone can see something really wrong with my setup, loads or have experienced these problems before. Any help is much appreciated as I'm new to the open gun setup and trying to get my feet wet. I'm determined to make this thing work ahahaha... Issue: Light primer strike Failure to feed (1-20 to 25 rounds) Failure to extract (Fixed by sorting brass and pulling the bad stuff out) Setup: S&W M&P CORE 9L KKM Barrel Carver Custom 3 port comp APEX Forward Set sear and trigger kit (aluminum) APEX competition spring kit Trijicon RMR on the slide (off for now getting fixed) 13 lb Recoil spring Running 23 round mags with wolf extra power spring and Tarren Tactical extensions. Current load worked up: 4.8 grains of WIN 231 with 115 grain x-treme plated projectile. (concerned about this load with a comp) I've run CCI primers and moved over to Winchester primers (Same issues) and loading everything on a Hornady LNL. Steps taken to isolate issue: Removed comp and ran the gun with just the KKM barrel (still had issues) loaded rounds with less OAL 1.12~.005" (Down from 1.169") Used standard mags (still had the same issue) Changed spring from 11lb to 13lbs Polished feed ramp, Barrel breach and any contact surface to eliminate as much drag as possible. Details and evolution: The gun started stock and I put the trigger kit into it and it ran 100%. I then added the RMR on the gun and it was just as reliable as before. Then I added the KKM barrel and comp and that's when I had problems. I've only made one change at a time and evaluated the change every time to make sure it worked. I can usually get through a full mag or down to my last 4-5 in the mag before the issue pops up. Also when I reload, I seem to have the highest chance for a light primer strike (Not sure if this is significant or not). At this point I'm wondering if I have a couple of issues. Based on reading here, I might have an undercharged load for running a comp and I'm running a recoil spring that's too heavy (timing issue on the slide???). The feed issues seem to be when the round is entering the breach it gets stuck so the bullet might go in but the case is not making it all the way forward and into battery. Can someone look at my load data and tell me if I should load more on the hot side. Max is 5.1 grains, but its hard finding data for a gun running a comp on it. I'm wondering if there's not enough gas to cycle the slide properly due to to the comp bleeding off 35-40% of it.
  6. I just ran some test loads through my Chrono Today And I thought I would pass the info along to anyone interested. I was shooting a M&P Pro with a KKM 5 inch barrel + threading for a Carver 4 Port Comp. Temp was 65 Degrees and sunny at approx 7,000 feet ASL Using a CE Pro Chrono Digital at 15 Feet. I was loading mixed headstamp once fired 9mm brass, Remington SPP, MG 124 CMJ, Loaded to 1.183 OAL. I started at 7.0 Gr working up 0.2 Gr at a time looking for pressure signs on primers, Powder is Ramshot Silhouette 7.0 Gr, 163 PF, 1315 Fps Avg, 8.7 SD 7.2 Gr, 168 PF, 1355 Fps Avg, 15.4 SD 7.4 Gr, 171 PF, 1378 Fps Avg, 11.1 SD 7.6 Gr, 174 PF, 1404 Fps Avg, 11.6 SD 7.8 Gr, 176 PF, 1420 Fps Avg, 7.4 SD 8.0 Gr, 181 PF, 1459 Fps Avg, 5.0 SD I had some 8.2 Gr rounds loaded but didn't see the need to exceed 181 PF. I'm not even seeing flattened primers at 180 but don't see the need to run the gun that hot. It also felt best around 7.6-7.8 Gr
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