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Found 7 results

  1. Chapo

    9mm major

    Looking for the best recipe for a gen 4 g34. I am using this time hs6. I have all competition springs and a 13lbs recoil spring. Carver 4-port comp. looking for a flat experience. I am thinking about 6.4 grains and taking it from there? Thoughts from other g34 open shooters?
  2. Just thought I would post some numbers I came up with today at the range, I know that I was struggling to find much data for 115 grain pills at major with HS6. Tons of stuff for the 124s and stuff, but not a whole lot for the 115s. I am shooting a Gen 4 Glock 17, Lonewolf barrel, SJC 11 port comp, 13 pound spring. I think I am going to put in the 11 pound spring, because even at 170 pf not a single round would eject or feed. Thoughts? Anyway, here are the numbers (all loads are with HS-6, 115 grain Black and Blue bullets coated, at 1.150): 6.8 gr: 142.6 pf 7.0 gr: 142.9 pf 7.2 gr: 149 pf 7.4 gr: 154.9 pf 7.6 gr: 156 pf 7.8 gr: 161.6 pf 8.0 gr: 163.7 pf 8.2 gr: 166.9 pf 8.4 gr: 170.3 pf Anyone have any ideas about the ejection? ::ETA:: Here is a video of the 7.8 grain load, it seems decently flat to me and the 8.4 was definitely even flatter but I didn't get a video of that one because I had to use all 10 rounds for the chrono (got a couple of errors)
  3. Long time reader. First time poster. I owe you guys a lot for helping me figure out my 9mm major loads, accuracy issues at that velocity and training techniques. Here is a bit of a complicated question i am hoping someone has actual experience with.... I run a Glock 17 with Carver comp and at the moment Iron sights in open USPSA division and 3 gun. I run HS6 powder behind 115's to make Major velocity and it blows a dirty mess back and coats the front two inches of the slide. It is about time i put an optic on the pistol. I like the SJC Micro mounts look and size, but it has no gas/blowback plate protecting the optic. Anybody run this combination? Does the blowback residue from the HS6 cloud the optic? Is this an issue? If so i will have to remove the SJC micro mount from my wishlist and figure something else out.
  4. Anyone ever tried this with 38SC? Seeing lots of postings for use with 9major. I'm working up some loads and have a good amount of HS6 and Autocomp. Also 115 or 124g bullet? Remember this is for 38SC not 9 Major
  5. Just a comment - I've read on other threads here (BE) and on other forums to expect HS6 to be really dirty. After a detailed cleaning of the gun (including brass brush dremel cleaning of the comp) I shot a couple hundred rounds (maybe more) of 10gr VV 3n38 behind 124 MG JHP. Detailed cleaned again - including dremel brass brush cleaning the comp. Then shot a couple hundred more rounds of 9gr HS6 behind 124gr MG. I didn't have the foresight to take comparison pictures this time, but the HS6 was definitely cleaner than 3n38. HS6 left a lot less 'burn residue' on the comp in comparison to 3n38. I'll do this again in the coming weeks, and add pictures.
  6. Hoping to draw on the collective wisdom here. I finally managed to do a reloading/training session with a close friend of mine, to the point that he's produced his first loads. LnL AP w/Redding dies + Lee FCD, set up to do seat + crimp separately. With components being what they are, he picked up what he could, and I started him out on 9mm vs. jumping into rifle. He's got a jug of HS6 which seems better suited for 9mm Major, which isn't of use to him (range shooting from a Glock and SIG in 9mm, eventually trying to nudge him into competitions). I gave him 1k of Montana Gold 124gr JHPs until he can find his own preferred bullets. I've seen many people mention loading MG JHPs similarly to Hornady XTPs of the same weight, and while there is some HS6 9mm Minor load data out there, but it's a bit all over the place, so wanted to poll the crowd, as I don't load HS6.. Hornady's load data seems a bit conservative in this case, but let me explain. HS6 Min load for 124gr XTP: 5.1gr 900FPS Max: 5.9gr 1050 FPS From Hodgdon: 125gr LCN, HS6: Min: 5.9gr 1023FPS Max: 6.6gr 1124FPS 125gr Sierra FMJ: Min: 6.4gr 1131FPS Max: 6.8gr 1169FPS Speer: 124gr GDHP (thick plated), HS6 Min: 6gr 951FPS Max: 6.7gr 1059 FPS Sierra: 125gr FMJ or JHP, HS6 Min: 5.4gr 950fFPS Max: 6.6gr 1150FPS Except for the Hornady XTP and LCN data, they all seem more or less consistent, and I'd expect to find a decently performing, safe (but maybe dirty?) load somewhere in the 6.x range. If Hodgdon's pressure data is the be believed, even 6.8gr may be well below SAAMI max pressure. Having said that, just now close are MGs in performance to XTPs vs for example, a Sierra FMJ? Out of my guns w/WSF, the MG JHPs seem to be a reasonably fast bullet at the chrono, meaning I'm good at the lower side of charges and still making 130+ PF easily. I'll likely wind up chrono-ing his loads for him due to his limited spare time. If not for seeing the XTP load data, I'd be starting loads at 5.8gr vs the rest of the load data, on up to 6.4gr or so in .2gr increments for the chrono. With Hornady data + the listed max at 5.9gr (with what seems to be quite low velocity), I had him churn out some test rounds at 5.6gr, 5.8gr, and 6.0gr, at a relatively long OAL of 1.11" (fine for both his 9mms), which I'll chrono next week. Target in this case is simply making a consistent, safe, reasonably accurate 130-ish PF load to cover any gun games he wants to but hasn't yet gotten in to, which would be right at ~1050FPS to slightly higher if we find accuracy differences to be significant from there. Is that MG -> XTP correlation valid at all? If so, is Hornady XTP load data that conservative? I'd expect little issue in going to 1050-1100FPS with such a slow powder, but Hornady's maxxing out at 5.9gr/1050FPS.. ???
  7. HS6 may not be the powder of choice of 38 super these days - but I've run out of 3n38. I've searched on the forum, but only found a couple of recipes 124 JHP. Looks like the correct formula is somewhere around 9grs. Thoughts? Thanks and sorry for the repeated thread.
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