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Found 8 results

  1. Lots of cracked slides these days caused by less than perfect metallurgy, hardness, fitting, etc.. compounded by high pressure 9major loads. My goal in developing a great load is to maximize performance while NOT destroying me or my gun. The common sense recommendation is to use a slower powder to reduce case pressure. OK, slower powders measured & ranked how? Powder manufacturers charts are considered 'guidelines' as to 'relative' burn rates, and should maybe be considered most accurate with their own product? Add to this, the different burn rate charts available have conflicting ranks among the most popular powders used for 9major. And now for the rule of thumb Slower powders usually require more charge weight than fast powders to achieve the same velocity (assuming same bullet, barrel, primer & cart.). More conflict. So all of this has got me thinking... (probably over-thinking) The following is compiled from my own 9major load data over the years. This is a high level comparison - not a true apples to apples, since this is with 4 different barrel configurations, different temps, etc.. The last column is the charge weight of a 100% full 9mm case. Nice for relative density comparisons.
  2. Wanted to know how much HS-6 you use to make major load with 38SC? I have AKAI shogun with 5 pop holes SV barrel and 3port comp. I'll be using PD 124g JHP. thank you in advance. Bryan
  3. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my Bedell 9mm major pistol. I loaded up some ammo yesterday so I will be ready for the range when it arrives. Have 125 gr Black Bullets, Win small rifle primers & HS-6. I loaded small batches @ 7.4 gr of powder, 7.7 gr of powder & 8.0 gr of powder. All loaded to 1.170" OAL. Got a fresh battery in the Chrony. Can't wait to collect some data & start blasting!
  4. Just thought I would post some numbers I came up with today at the range, I know that I was struggling to find much data for 115 grain pills at major with HS6. Tons of stuff for the 124s and stuff, but not a whole lot for the 115s. I am shooting a Gen 4 Glock 17, Lonewolf barrel, SJC 11 port comp, 13 pound spring. I think I am going to put in the 11 pound spring, because even at 170 pf not a single round would eject or feed. Thoughts? Anyway, here are the numbers (all loads are with HS-6, 115 grain Black and Blue bullets coated, at 1.150): 6.8 gr: 142.6 pf 7.0 gr: 142.9 pf 7.2 gr: 149 pf 7.4 gr: 154.9 pf 7.6 gr: 156 pf 7.8 gr: 161.6 pf 8.0 gr: 163.7 pf 8.2 gr: 166.9 pf 8.4 gr: 170.3 pf Anyone have any ideas about the ejection? ::ETA:: Here is a video of the 7.8 grain load, it seems decently flat to me and the 8.4 was definitely even flatter but I didn't get a video of that one because I had to use all 10 rounds for the chrono (got a couple of errors)
  5. OK guys need some input here to help me diagnose some issues with my STI Edge 40 Cal. I am running an Aftec extractor and a Recoil Master guide rod/spring in the gun. I got the gun used and have put approximately 700 rounds through it but I don't know the total round count on it. I am firing 180gr Berry's over 7.0 gr of HS-6 (all rounds chamber checked). The gun is completely cleaned after each match/practice session with Frog Lube. The problem I am having is, after my 3rd stage of a USPSA match today, the gun started to cycle "slowly". It would eject the spent case but seemed to struggle pushing the next round into battery. The issue occurred with 10-12 rounds fed from two different magazines. It would often stop 1/4 inch or so shy of closed and I would have to push the slide the remaining distance. Thinking that if might be an ammo issue, I switched to some GA Arms factory ammo for my next stage and I also put a few drops of oil on the barrel hood and top of the barrel. While this did improve the situation, it did not eliminate it. The issue occurred twice more in the next two stages. One of the RO's suggested that it may be an extractor tension issue? Would love to hear any thoughts from the group on what the issue may be.
  6. Ok, before somebody gets all bent out of shape about this, I've done numerous searches on the forum and still haven't found much specific information on this load. It's been asked before, but not completely answered. I've got a few qualifiers for this one too, so hopefully this thread will be useful to someone else as well. Just Autocomp and 115's. I'm not looking for information about: - 124's - HS-6 - Silhouette - 3N37, 3N38, or #7 I just need to fill in one part- 115 gr. MG JHP (insert charge here) Winchester Autocomp Win SRP Mixed Brass 1.155 OAL So far I've reverse engineered it to about 7.5 gr. What do y'all think? Thanks!
  7. I've been researching this forum for 2 months now and have gotten so many different answers and opinions that my head is spinning. Anyone willing to help a novice reloader get a test batch loaded and not destroy my brand new Zev race gun? I am looking for a 9major recipe using the following components: Zev Open G17 with a KKM match barrel and a Zev Major comp. Reloading components: Montana Gold 9mm 124 gr JHP Mixed range once fired brass Winchester small pistol primers HS-6 (I already have found great tips and recipes for using Autocomp, so no need to share recipes for that powder) My questions: What's a reliable OAL for use in the Glock? Most of the answers i'm getting revolve around a S_I or custom 1911 What's a good start and max load with powder? My goal is 1375 fps using a F1 Shooting Chrony. One last note to share with you all: I've asked Zev to share what recipe they use to QC the pistol and their answer was that they don't share recipes. All I can surmise is that this is a liability issue.(?)
  8. Ok, I have a new TruBor 38sc T-2 comp bone stock. Need data for these components. Zero 125g JHP Starline 38sc Brass Fed SP Match primers HS-6 powder STI Mags Need charge weight and OAL. Thanks and I know I should search, but I'm LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!
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