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Found 6 results

  1. Just got a new holster from gx-products and this thing is really awesome. The holster is by far the best one I’ve ever seen. Super clean double layer that is really tough and rigid. The anodized washers stand out and look really good. The best part is the VICE lever. With it in the down position (unlocked) the gun comes out with ease since I have it set with no retention at all but the gun does not move or wiggle since it’s made with such precision. With the switch in the up position (locked) it does just that, completely locks the gun in the holster. You can run and jump while doing your walk through and it will not come out or move and when it’s time to shoot just switch it to the unlocked position and you have zero retention and are ready to go! https://gxproductsusa.com/
  2. Hello All, New to the forum, not the sport. Life member and last competed 1998 (My son was born in Feb of 1999). It's thyme to play again!! I see looking at the rule book the USPSA has hired a wall of attorneys and a few thesauruses. Soooo, rather than hurt my very small brain I thought I'd reach out to those of you who made all the mistakes in advance. I will be shooting "Limited" (Not to be confused w/Limited 10). Is a "Open" holster (like the Safariland Model 014) acceptable? Does the trigger need to be completely covered on both side.. or even one side? Thanks in Advance, Doug DVC
  3. Hello there, people!!! I just wanted to ask anyone of you guys if you know of any model of Safariland Holster that the CZ Shadow 2 would fit into it. I will call Safariland for this, but I figure I should ask here first. I just wanted to add that I specifically am looking for Safailand brand and not currently interested in other brand of holsters. Thank you in advance for your response! Regards, BASTi
  4. I don't see too many plugs for this holster dealer, so I thought I'd throw it out there just because of the exceptional customer service that was provided to me. I spoke with Mr. Lytton today on the telephone at Lytton Custom Holsters looking for an exceptional production rig for my Tangfo Stock II. I explained to him that I had recently had the opportunity to utilize on of his custom built holsters a few weeks back at a local match and how seamless and easy it was to adjust and draw from that holster (I was very impressed!). Mr. Lytton took the time to explain to me in fine detail how the holster was made and all of the available options for my BOSS hangar, along with his modified version of the BOSS hangar and how it was made to be a better functioning system. He also gave me a pretty specific build time for the holster with shipping information and answered all my questions with enthusiasm and patience. It was just a refreshing experience to talk with a business owner who cares about his customer's specific requests for their holster customization and he want's your feedback on the pro's and con's of the holster so he can make improvements if needed. Mr. Lytton posts his cell number on his website, so you can contact him if by chance there are any issues with the holster or the accessories. He also asked if I would send video of the holster in action once I got it hooked up and running in which I answered, "absolutely". I have no doubt that my holster build will be spot-on after this conversation and had to go ahead and place my order. If you guys get a chance, check out his website or give him a call. I think you will be thoroughly impressed. www.lyttoncustomholsters.com
  5. I am almost positive the final verdict will be "try, and see what works for you", however, I must ask for guidance. I have shot USPSA intermittently over the past 20 years and am planning another push. This coming year I turn 45, and I'm setting a goal to shoot the SS Nats. I have no illusions of being anything other than a B/C shooter there to enjoy myself and shoot my first major match. I have a new 1911 and plan to run either a Comp Tac or Garret Silent Thunder holster. I'm a male, so no DOH for Single Stack. I also like shooting in USPSA Production, Steel Challenge, and local 3-gun matches. In these games I tend to run a CZ, most often a 75 Shadow (although I do have an SP01 on the way). For the past 7 years I have shot from a Blade Tech holster with the DOH removed. I recently bought a Stoeger BOSS holster for the incoming SP01, and am now questioning my holster position for the CZs. Previously, I ran all holsters in SS-legal config (even a limited rig I had) for consistency of draw. I am tall (6' 3"), with long arms, and although it felt like I was drawing into my armpit, I practiced enough that my hands fell naturally into position on the gun. Now I wonder if I am sub-optimizing my draw in other divisions/games in order to keep a foolish consistency. I have tried the DOH back in my CZ's holster, and after a bit it did feel more comfortable, but all heck broke loose when I tried to go back to my Single Stack rig. So the question for those who shoot Single Stack and other divisions/games: Do you keep your holster position consistent across your rigs, or do you vary to take "advantage" of what the rules allow? Am I better off training for a single draw position, or should I be working to adapt to any rig? Or am I way overthinking all of this? Thank you for any advice/guidance. 59B
  6. Hi Guys, I have been searching the internet and the forum for a speed holster for my Browning Buckmark, but I can't find any. Some posts here in the forum are suggesting to contact people who customize holster. But what I am really looking for is a speed holster because i am planning to use my buckmark for training and practice. I was wondering if you guys might have some ideas like jimmy rigging other holster to fit the buckmark. The first one in my mind was the "ghost" holster for glocks, since i think the size of the trigger guard of glocks are close to the size of the trigger guard of the buckmark? I am not sure though, i just eyeballed it and never really run through a caliper. I just haven't bought the ghost holster yet since i don't want to spend money on something that might not work later on. But anyway, if guys have any suggestion or recommendation on how I can accomplish this, i would really appreciate it. Thank you!
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