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Found 13 results

  1. I don't know why no one offers a 1911 sized polymer grip for the 2011 frames. I searched but haven't seen one. Seems like a viable product. Make a 2011 style polymer grip so it accepts single stack mags and voila! I'm thinking it would be a lower cost way to build a 1911. Thoughts?
  2. Hey All - new to the forum so I apologize if there is a thread on this already. I recently had a custom 2011 built for me to shoot Open in USPSA. It’s a middy (4.5” barrel), steel grip and chambered in 9mm. Beautiful gun. One thing I am trying to adjust to is having to modify my grip slightly from the plastic 9mm minor guns I have been shooting for the past few years. I always got as high up the slide with my support hand as possible with the plastic guns, but on the 2011 it seems getting high up gets you into trouble with things like extended mag release button, scope mount, thumbrest, etc. Any tips to more easily transition to an open gun friendly grip. Thanks in advance!
  3. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    Hey folks, Is anyone aware of a grip for CZs/Shadow 2 that would mimic the very aggressive feel of the PT Evo grips for 2011s? Handled a friend's 2011 build at a match today and it was exactly what I was working for with those grips - super aggressive. I'm currently running Lok 's S2 Bogies with the texture covering the entirety of the grip (custom order). They are decent, but I would prefer something more aggressive. The CZC lemon graters are pretty solid, although a bit thicker than I'd like. Appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.
  4. For those of you who do shoulder/hand transitions, how do you recommend getting a similar grip with your "weak" side as with your "strong" side? My grip on a handgun with my right hand always flocks to the same spot, but when I switch to or draw with my left, I always feel like I have to readjust. Is it just practice, or are there specific techniques to get near identical/symmetrical grips?
  5. I guest ordered a CZ shadow 2, What would you recommend for a holster for a new be guest starting out. I have bigger hand too i noticed people taking about changing grip. what are the changing too? thanks for the help
  6. Attention rule gurus! I want to do a glue grit job to my gen 3 Glock for production. However, in reading up on the best way to do the grit job, it seems like I need to take some material off the grip so the epoxy and grit adheres better and to maintain the stock grip circumference. Does this violate D4, 22.2? "Grips – any addition or removal of material which changes the factory profile or adds function such as beavertail or thumb rest."
  7. I got the Double Alpha grips (http://benstoegerproshop.com/double-alpha-academy-daa-cz-sp01-shadow-cz75-series-aluminum-grips/) for my Shadow 2. The grips are thicker than stock, and the stock screws hold them on by only a few threads. If you don't tighten the grips tightly, they will slide forward slightly and impede the mag release button from pressing all the way, and your mags won't drop. While trying to tighten the grips tighter, I threaded out the screws (since only a few threads are catching. Question: Did anyone else have this problem? What was your solution? Can anyone recommend a longer/stronger screw that works for the Shadow 2 grips? I see this (http://benstoegerproshop.com/cgw-cz-grip-screw-by-cajun-gun-works/) but don't know if it works for the Shadow 2. Thanks for the help! Kurt
  8. I think Joe over at PD is just about ready to unleash the elves and start a production run. He's fix'n to send out sets for evaluation shortly. I have high hopes of getting an evaluation started on a set of them pretty dang soon. Will post up how they are. (After Joe ships them !) lol. poor guy is hopping around building parts for us like crazy. Polymer grips, aluminum grips, light weight guide rods, gyroscopically stabilized 9 axis auto aiming ... oops! That last one is not due out till 2018. (joke) The polymer version grips will have about the same low weight as the wood grips. An important thing for CO with a Stock 2! The henning grips put me over 45 oz. REALLY looking forward to a better solution than sanded wood grips with skate tape!
  9. I received a new Caliber Exchange Kit last Friday. Not my first. However in this latest kit there was a new style Med. Grip frame with a "fence" molded into the slide release area, and a replacement slide release lever with instillation instructions. This new lever is about 1/2 the size of the old levers on my FCUs. I haven't installed it yet because I don't have a problem with the old levers. I've herd of people resting there thumb on the old lever causing the slide to not lock open after the last round but, it just hasn't happened to me. It appears that with this new grip and lever combination it would be almost impossible to manually lock the slide open during "show clear" but I suppose you could just hold the slide back and just release it at "slid forward". I guess I may try it on one of my FCUs but that means I would only be able to use it with the new grip too. Any body else seen this yet and have any thoughts? Jim.
  10. I'm looking for an aggressive set of G10 grips for my P226 USPSA model. I like the ones that come on the new P226 Legion, they have a bit more shape and checkering than the other Hogue grips that are available for the P226. I confirmed that Hogue is making the Legion Grips, but they are not available for purchase. I called VZ, nothing available there. The saleswoman confirmed they have been told that new grips are "coming soon" for about a year now. Looking around the Hogue website I found these grips for the Allround with much fuller checkering coverage: http://www.hogueinc.com/store/products/sig-sauer-p226-dasa-allround-piranha-grip-g10-solid-black/8598 The Allround has slightly modified controls, has anyone here played with these grips on a standard P226? Are there any differences on the Allround frame vs. the standard P226 that would affect grip fit other than the slide stop? Right now I'm running a set of standard factory grips I've stippled. They're not the magwell grips, but they hang below the grip frame just enough to interfere with an extended baseplate. I'd like something besides the E2 grips that fits flush with the bottom of the frame.
  11. RickyH

    cz p-01

    Can you cut cz 75 sp-01 grips to fit on a cz p-01?
  12. Hey! We just finished up the 2015 design of our checkered contour grips for Tanfoglio / EAA Witness large frame models. We have several customers who have already ordered them and they will be shipped out shortly. What I currently made available online are: Tanfoglio Match / Stock / Steel Grip Panels (full-size grips) for models with rounded trigger guards. http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-full-size-grip-panels-large-frame-new Tanfoglio Stock II / Limited Pro / Hunter Grip Panels for models with square trigger gaurds. http://henningshop.com/products/tanfoglio-stock-ii-uspsa-production-grip-large-frame-new Available in black or silver anodized. Also available in bearcoat custom colors, please specify color: The grip panels for Limited / Gold Team etc with magwell will be posted shortly. If you have any questions, you can all our shop number: 720 325 7890. ;-) Henning
  13. If you know someone that makes custom grips, please post some information here. I've been auditioning every platform that I can find at stores and everything is too small for my giant hands. So if you've used someone in the past to make some custom grip for you, I'd love to talk to them so they can make me extra big grips. For reference: I can palm a basketball pretty easily. Most XL gloves don't fit me. I've tried several Beretta models (92 and 96) and Glocks in all calibers. I've been told by at least a dozen people at various matches that my P-35 is too small. My shooting is suffering pretty badly because my fingers from my strong hand wrap around the grip leaving me nowhere to put my support hand to make a proper grip.
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