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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for race holster recommendations for the 9mm gold team. I have been running a DAA X and have not had stellar results. Though constructed well, I seem to get alot of binding no matter how I have adjusted it. Hoping others can share their experiences and suggestions. I may go a different holster direction if things don't work out. Thanks AP
  2. When I started swapping around Glock parts, and trying to de-Glock the Glock trigger, I had a hard time finding any type of comparisons on connectors. Now that I've had a good amount of exposure to most of the popular connectors, I thought I'd write up a little synopsis for anyone else facing the same dilemma of which items to purchase! It is also worth noting that the testing was completed in a gen 3 Glock 35. I tested the same connectors in a gen 4 G35, with very similar results except where noted. Glock Stock Connector - As you can guess, this connector was extremely crisp, but also extremely heavy. I polished the connector to a mirror shine, and it felt the same. I took another stock connector, stoned it to smooth and flatten all surfaces, polished, and still felt about the same. Glock Dot Connector - This connector reduced the trigger pull almost the same amount as the Ghost connectors, but provided a ridiculously crisp and predictable break. I was okay with the slightly heavier pull weight because the break felt so clean. Ghost - The Ghost connector was the first connector I tried. I really liked the Ghost Rocket, because of the DIY fitting of the overtravel stop. This made for a much shorter trigger reset, as well as a significant reduction in pull weight. After installing an overtravel stop into the housing, the rocket was no longer required, and I tried the Ghost 3.5. This connector felt about the same, without the overtravel stop on the connector. The Ghost line of connectors was a good balance between weight and feel. The break was okay and the pull weight was a bit less. Taran Tactical Innovations - Taran's connector provided one of the lightest breaks out of any of the connectors. However, I didn't like the overall feel of the trigger. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't tell when the trigger was going to break. I know some people prefer the "surprise trigger break" feel, and I understand how and why it works, but for me, I didn't care for the feeling. It felt a little more like what I would describe as a rolling break. The one thing I did like is that pull weight was smooth throughout the trigger pull. This may have been the reason behind the rolling feeling, and I may prefer something that provides a little more feedback prior to breaking. I think this could be the ticket for many people, I just preferred the slight increase in pressure before the break. **The break for this connector felt much better in a gen 4 than it did in a gen 3** Zev Tech - The ZevTech V4 Race Connector worked very well for me. I had heard some negative reviews, and feedback that was less than flattering, so I was hesitant to purchase another connector. However, after installing the V4, I couldn't have been happier! The pull weight was significantly dropped, similar to that of the TTI connector, but the trigger still had a slight spike in weight/feel prior to breaking the shot. Again, this is a personal preference, but I really liked the overall feel of this trigger. Springs - Along with my quest to find the "perfect" Glock trigger setup, I also tried many of the spring kits offered. In reality, they're all pretty much the same thing. With all of the kits, the safety plunger spring was great, trigger return spring worked well in most cases, and firing pin spring worked for a little while. As soon as the lighter spring started to become worn, setting off hard cupped primers like Tula's became an issue. With CCI primers, which are also supposed to be pretty hard, I didn't have any issues. This may be a primer issue more so than a spring issue, but I haven't done enough testing to conclude. Please also share your experiences below, so others may benefit from it!
  3. Since I'm pretty cheap I didn't want to spring for the boss purely because everyone had one and I liked my buddy's "The One". So I made a review of it.
  4. Anyone have a source for ghost holsters springs? Wore out / broke the top 'toggle' spring & it came out in pieces when i unscrewed the cover scres Also want to change the bottom steel ball spring while i have it apart too. Thanks.
  5. Taran connectors vs Ghost connectors... I really cant stand the trigger on my Glock 43 so i am considering getting a new connector for it. I have used Ghost in the past in my SR9 but swapped it for the factory one after i polished it because i didn't like how the Ghost made the trigger feel. This was on a Ruger SR9 and not a Glock so it might be different. I haven't used a Taran. Looking for folks to chime in with their experience with using these connectors and preferably in the tiny G43 pistol. How do they feel? I have noticed these connectors take the crisp break out of the trigger on some guns. The 43 seems to have a more pronounced break than a Glock 19. Do the connectors for the 43 have less of "mush" to them than connectors in larger models due to the length of the connector? I would like someone to set me straight on all of this stuff.... I am also worried about reliability as this is one of my carry guns. I am just way too used to light triggers to be able to handle, what feels to me to be, over-travel after the heavy break on that 43. The gun moves around too much in my hand after the break. Its the only gun i have that does this to me. Thanks again! -G_B
  6. Just did the $0.25 polish job with a dremel and although everything feels smoother the trigger won't reset consistently when manually racking the slide. This happens every other time I rack the slide. I'm very new to Glocks (Sig guy normally) so I'm not sure what part of the trigger assembly isn't grabbing. Did I overpolish something? Does the safety plunger grab the top of the trigger bar when the slide comes forward or is it the striker?
  7. Safariland wanted 2 weeks plus shipping time for their 014 so I decided to go with this. Anyone have any experience setting this up? seems ready to go out of the box, which is whats worrying me. lol I researched other threads and found the same responses about "great holster, terrible owners manual/instructions" those comments still apply here.
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