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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I have been working up a load for a new trubor in 38 super. The gun is stock standard. When pjtting rounds over the chrony i had an interesting stoppage. The slide locked half open, at first i thought the next round being fed into the chamber had caught on the feed ramp and jammed it open but after dropping the mag the slide stayed open. I pulled back on the slide and it has no tension from the recoil spring. I could push and pull the slide and it just stops where ever its sitting when i let go. Somethings binding the spring possibly, when i move the slide i can feel what i think is the guide rod head? grinding against the barrel, well something is binding up but im not sure quite what. When i pull the slide to the rear, insert the paperclip into the guide rod hole and push the slide foward the jam goes away, the spring unbinds and its like its never happened. On another occasion i disregarded the paper clip and just pulled the slide stop out and took the slide off, in the hope of trying to see what the hell was happening but.... when the slide comes off everything is as it should be! Almost like there was nothing wrong to begin with :/ When this malfunction happens i notice that the hole that you put the paper clip into has rotated, when everything is running correctly the hole sits at the 12 and 6 oclock position. When it binds up the hole is at the 1 and 7 oclock position. The guide rod is turning, i suspect the guide rod head is jamming itself against the barrel and dust cover somehow, there by siezing it in place while its compressed. Does this sound logical? If so what could be causing it? I will point out that i suspect the end of the guide rod is just contacting the comp when the slide is pulled right back, there is no daylight visible between the two and there is a very slight wear mark on the rod but not alot of wear on the comp. I guess these two parts are not meant to be getting that cozy? This malfunction happened to me 5 times today during a 100 round break in on the gun shooting bill drills. Everything ran fine for the first 47 rounds and then it all went pear shaped. Long winded but i tried to explain it as best i can. Any ideas?
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