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Found 7 results

  1. I purchased an OZ9 directly from ZEV last month, and I’ve got about 1,300 rounds through it so far. My first range trip with it I had 70 rounds in And my firing pin snapped. I called ZEV right away and they sent me out a new one two days later. Very random, especially for a brand new pistol and brand new firing pin, but I guess random events happen. Fixed it up, all good... for a little bit. Once I hit the 700 round mark, I’ve had nothing but failure to extracts (FTE). About every 10-20 rounds I’m getting an FTE. I’ve tried 115, 124 and 147 of blazer, AE and Federal in it. I’ve tried several magazines. I cleaned it up REALLY well. Stripped it several times, and everything looks up to par. I can’t figure it out. I've spoken to ZEV and they are working on getting me a shipping label, so I should be mailing it out this week for repair. I also asked how many rounds they use to test fire And they’ve told me “about 40” so I’m hoping they are able to see the FTE and don’t just say “it’s fine, there’s no issue with it”, because I’ve had at-least 50 FTE once I hit that 700 round mark. so, anyone else have any issues like this with their OZ9? I’m thinking something has to be out of spec, it’s the only possible solution. Either the barrel (or the slide?) are out of spec, sounds crazy maybe idk, but it’s all I got at this point. Thoughts?
  2. If you have run your competition ammo in your Walther Q5 and/or Q5 SF through a chrono, please list your model gun (Q5 or Q5 SF), bullet weight (115, 124, 147, etc.), average power factor, encountering any issues (none, Failure to Extract, Failure to Eject), and if you are using a factory or different recoil spring (list new weight spring weight). I hope to publish my complete results next week (I need to chrono my competition ammo). I am not asking for your load data but just the bullet weight you are using and the average power factor you determined after running the ammo through a chrono. My data Model Gun: Q5 SF Bullet Weight: 147 Power Factor: TBD Encountering Issues: None Recoil Spring: Factory As per a response I received, depending on the bullet weight you are using you may need to load to an average power factor. I'm also assuming at this time that the factory recoil system is set up to handle NATO ammunition. With your help in providing the information requested above, I think we can help isolate it down. Again, assuming at this time, I believe changing the extractor spring to Keith's new version and a lighter recoil spring (depending on your power factor) will help prevent the issues some are having with Failure to Eject and/or Failure to Extract. I also believe the Walther Q5 and Q5 SF come with really fast barrels. So if you haven't run your ammo through a chrono, I think you will be surprised at the results when you do. If I can and can figure out how to do it, I plan to insert a spreadsheet here to gather all the data received. Thank you!!! Walther Q5 and_or Q5 SF Data Request.xlsx
  3. I figured I would start a new thread rather than post in the 90+ page "Scattergun" thread. I am having multiple FTE with multiple types of ammo. Here's my vitals...M3000 24", MOA Precision competition package (minus the disconnector), +6 tube, loading port opened. I'm experiencing about a 75% FTE, ammo listed below. I know, manual says 3 dram recommended, I ran some 2.75 because I happened to have them laying around. That said, I am getting FTE with 3 dram as well. I've browsed the threads and did come across Tom's experience of a partially loose mag extension causing some FTE. After about 40 rounds, I noticed mine was loose by about 1/2 turn...still getting FTE after tightening. To clarify, my FTEs are about a 60/40 split of either the spent hull being extracted from the chamber and hanging up on the ejection port or the spent hull still in the chamber. When the hull remains in the chamber, I am able to remove it by removing the new shell on the lifter, cycling the bolt, then the spent hull ejects. In both cases, there is always a new round waiting on the lifter. Fired and un fired shells slide freely in and out of the chamber by hand. I'm hoping mine isn't one that's going to require an M2 extractor right out of the box. All together, I've got just under 200 rounds through it. Nothing appears abnormal on the rim of the spent shells and no noticeable burrs in the chamber. The "ramp" in the barrel where the extractor rides does appear rough, but no burrs on the extractor. Here's the ammo I was using: WIN Heavy Lead Load- 3DR , 1 1/8oz, 1200 fps, 7.5 shot - 80% FTE REM Game Loads- Dram not on box, I'd guess 3DR, 1oz, 1290fps, 7.5 shot - 75% FTE RIO Target Load- 3DR, 1oz, 1280fps, 8 shot - 95% FTE (I know, RIO) Estate - 2.75DR, 1 1/8oz, 1145fps, 7.5 shot - 75% FTE (I know, Estate) FED Target Load - 3DR, 1 1/8oz, 1200fps, 7.5 shot - 80% FTE FED Multipurpose Load and FED Field and Target worked the "best"- 3DR, 1 1/8oz, 7.5 shot - only about 25% FTE WIN Super X 2.75" OO- 0% FTE S&B 3" OO- 0% FTE So, in hopes of shooting my first TAC Shotgun match tomorrow, today I picked up: WIN Super X Upland and Small Game- 1 1/8oz, 1255fps, 7.5 shot Estate heavy Game Load- 1 1/8oz, 3.25DR, 1255fps, 7.5 shot (I know, Estate again, but hoping the 3.25DR will work) WIN AA Super Sport (clays)- 1 1/8oz, 3.25DR, 1300fps, 7.5 shot Am I spinning my wheels here fishing for the right ammo? Should I just plan on an M2 extractor? Will the 3.25DR ammo help my FTE enough where I can shoot a match, or back to the drawing board? I've browsed the threads here a lot and am hoping for a little guidance. Thanks in advance!
  4. Just thought I would post some numbers I came up with today at the range, I know that I was struggling to find much data for 115 grain pills at major with HS6. Tons of stuff for the 124s and stuff, but not a whole lot for the 115s. I am shooting a Gen 4 Glock 17, Lonewolf barrel, SJC 11 port comp, 13 pound spring. I think I am going to put in the 11 pound spring, because even at 170 pf not a single round would eject or feed. Thoughts? Anyway, here are the numbers (all loads are with HS-6, 115 grain Black and Blue bullets coated, at 1.150): 6.8 gr: 142.6 pf 7.0 gr: 142.9 pf 7.2 gr: 149 pf 7.4 gr: 154.9 pf 7.6 gr: 156 pf 7.8 gr: 161.6 pf 8.0 gr: 163.7 pf 8.2 gr: 166.9 pf 8.4 gr: 170.3 pf Anyone have any ideas about the ejection? ::ETA:: Here is a video of the 7.8 grain load, it seems decently flat to me and the 8.4 was definitely even flatter but I didn't get a video of that one because I had to use all 10 rounds for the chrono (got a couple of errors)
  5. I'm no expert. I drop parts in Glocks, polish S&W internals and have a good set of punches and screwdrivers. I just wanted to share this recent experience with a new STI. Got my brand new discontinued STI GM in 38 Super. What a beautiful thing! I picked it up from my small town USA FFL delivery with much pageantry. We passed it around, racked the slide, felt the trigger, turned on the dot and just generally admired it. The Owner of the shop admitted this was the first one they had ever received or even seen. One of the girls that works there seemed a little left out so I asked if she would like to check it out before I left. She sheepishly said “I already have. I checked it out when it came in”. I don’t blame you, I replied. I took it home, showed it to the wife (“yep, that’s pretty”) and took off to the basement. My brass and dies came in the next day from Starline and Midway. By that time I had field stripped, wiped it down and re-lubed. I proceeded to load up some 125 grn. BBI’s to my 9mm major recipe. This load only produced about 155 pf. as opposed to 170 in my Glock. Turned a few more flats on the powder measure which produced about 168 pf. Problem was the gun was not extracting. The slide was just barely moving with these loads. I got on Benos and discovered several posts on faulty new STI’s. Somehow I missed these when I was deciding to buy one. One of the posts had an STI quote saying to run 100-500 175 pf rounds thru it to break it in. Turned the measure again and got in the 174 range but the gun still wasn’t cycling enough to reach the ejector. By this time I’m starting to look at warranty return information. Since it was Friday and nobody was home at STI I decided to think on it more over the weekend. I read a lot of the forums and decided to do some backyard troubleshooting. First I racked the slide several hundred times til my hands got raw, wiping and re-lubing along the way. Next, I ran 10 190 pf rounds (124 grn. Jacketed). It was still a single shot and only barely bumping the ejector enough to release the spent case. It still wasn’t ejecting or coming to the rear enough to pick up the next round. I decided to forget it was a brand new factory gun and just act like I had thrown a bunch of parts on a frame and do what I would do. The slide was very smooth. The gun failed the same way with or without the magazine installed. My first guess was that the recoil spring was too heavy. I trimmed 2 coils off the recoil spring and it started cycling 175 pf but still stovepiping every few rounds. Progress! I trimmed 2 more coils and it started running 175’s no problem. I dropped back to 170ish and it started running. It hasn’t jammed in a couple of hundred and fifty rounds. I used all the new STI magazines with no problems. The cases are all exiting nicely in an arc landing 3 to 4 feet away. I think it’s going to be really nice. I’m figuring STI must have installed the “Heavy” recoil master instead of the “Light” called for with the 38 Super. I tried to call STI Monday but wasn’t able to get thru so I ordered a light spring from SC. BTW, this gun did not come with a test target.
  6. I have a Gen 3 Glock 34 with a Vanek Classic Trigger installed that has 15-20K Rounds through it. Could be more, I have not kept an accurate count of how many rounds are through the gun. All other parts are stock and nothing has been changed since I installed the trigger a couple years ago. Recently the gun has started to have periodic Stovepipe FTE's. The malfunctions are inconsistent though seem to be increasing in frequency. The just fired brass is usually easy to remove from the ejection port and the next round will usually feed properly. The mags I use are all Glock 17 round mags purchased ~ 2 years ago. I've cleaned the mags and checked the springs and they all seem ok. The springs are very close to the same length as new springs. I'm hoping to get some help diagnosing, or tips on what I should try to figure out what I need to do to fix the problem. I've done several thorough cleanings and that didn't seem to help. Thanks for any help
  7. One more update. I've been shooting now for about 6 months, and having a blast. I downloaded the Walmart app on my cell phone and it's been a great help in finding bullets. Although the bullets are costing me a fortune, Walmart is the best deal around. I have shot three USPSA matches and have been reading all the books and practicing hard. It's really a cool sport. You can put a lot into it, or just go and have fun. I noticed pretty quickly that I was having problems with pain in my forearms, so it inspired me to finally get off my butt and join a gym. This has helped a lot, and I'm feeling better than I have in years. As far as my gun choice is conserved the xdm 9 5.25 has been great. I have no doubt that it was the right choice. I have a couple of old family hunting guns, but the xdm is all I want. I'm enjoying studying competition shooting, and I'm going to try to get as far as a 50 year old man can go. The drills, shooting on the move, the challenges of the matches, it's all very enjoyable. So far I've been able to maintain a stock of about 1000 rounds but today I'm down to about 50. I'm going to hit Walmart in the morning and snatch a few boxes of fifty. I usually do pretty good with finding 100 boxes, but no luck this week. If I don't buy something soon I'll be out of business. I've decided that I want to shoot about 250 rounds twice a week. This is in addition to 4 dry fire sessions. It seems to be working, my first match I came in 18 of 20, and on the second match I was 11 of 20. When I received the scores on my third match I was still stuck at 11, but after I double checked the scores posted on the USPSA web sit against the photos of the score sheets, I noticed a 56 point error. So I really came in 8th. That's a pretty good jump for me. And if it wasn't for hit on a no shoot and a stupid failure to engage I could have taken 5th. I need to somehow learn and practice stage breakdown. This is the second Mach where I've either didn't see a target behind a barrel, or got distracted by a bad reload and ran off leaving a target with no holes. This mantle part of the game is very hard for me. I've noticed the top shooters are pretty sharp guys and their brains operate faster than they can blast their way through a coarse. Me, not so much. I'm really going need to figure out a way to learn the stage programming and visualization techniques. I would like to receive any comments or suggestions. Also any comments on the amount of ammo I'm shooting would Also be helpful. I'm chinking of buying a Dillon 650XL. Does anyone have a load they could recommend for shooting production USPSA? I'm looking for cheep and available. The federal ammo 115gr I'm getting at Walmart is about 25 cents a pop ..plus tax, and I'm hoping to use the new press to reduce my cost of ammo about 50%. Thanks in advance I'm sure I'll get some good info.
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