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Found 3 results

  1. I currently have Springer Precision extended base pads (Xdm 5.25" .40sw) with Grams spring and follower. My issue is, sometimes the spring or follower (can't tell which) will get stuck and the ammo in the mag just pours out thus causing my gun to malfunction and ruining a stage. I'm guessing the follower tilts sideways and just jams up the mag. How f*#king annoying. What do ya'll do to combat this? Will the Springer Precision follower and spring fix this issue? Though, it does look to be the same profile as Grams just machined out of aluminum. Another thing, one of the screws on the SP basepads won't back-out...how the hell do I take it off? Is it a lost cause? Should I get TTI extended base pads? Will TTI base pads work with SP follower and spring? Should I just stick to whatever spring kit TTI comes with in order to have that extra reliability even though I'm losing that one extra round capacity? What's inside a black hole? Do black hole lives matter? So many questions - what do ya'll suggest?
  2. Sent an email to Beven on a Sat, He called me on Monday to finish out the order for springs I needed for the following weekend... but life is crazy and my bank card was hacked and I just got off with the back to shut it down (damn), Beven took all this is stride and sent the required springs in time with me having to call him back once I have the new card. Top Notch, Great Springs and followers for SV/STI Mags, if you are running one of these guns give these a try and you will never go back, I know I wont.
  3. Hoping to glean some collective wisdom here. I've yet to have an issue on my JM930, but am looking at replacing the OE follower based on comments by others at this point. I've seen the GG&G, along with someone's green or red (ETA?) Delrin, which seems to be fairly long. Thinking about it, I'd prefer my follower to wear vs the mag tube itself, so it seems like stainless (GG&G) shouldn't be the first choice here. My JM is a 22", which can 'almost' fit a 9th in the tube, so am considering adding a Nordic XXL cap once/if I can ever locate one in the future. This is another reason giving me some pause on the fairly long aftermarket followers. Seems like I'm probably looking for a Delrin follower with a short 'tail' for anti-jam/tilt, or am I off entirely here in my thinking?
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