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Found 6 results

  1. Recently when cleaning TSO .40 I've noticed that the extractor pin seems to be 'walking' a bit, causing it to drop down into the slide channel. I noticed this when trying to remove the slide and feeling a bit of tension/resistance while trying to pull the slide off the frame. Below is a picture of my 40 (top pic) that has several thousands of rounds through it, compared to my TSO 9 (bottom) which only has a few hundred rounds through it. It appears the pin was staked from the factory. Anyone else notice this with either a TS or TSO (I believe both frames are similar/same)?
  2. I have been having extractor problems with my 9mm Trubor Open gun... The overwhelming advice I got was to install an Aftec extractor, so I did... I carefully fitted the firing pin stop per the Aftec instructions... After that, I installed the Aftec extractor with two of the small springs... It shot well for about 150 rounds, then started to jam again... Checking the tension on the Aftec, it turned out to be quite loose... I was surprised to find that because I thought the two springs would provide plenty of tension... I rounded the edges of the firing pin stop to make sure the Aftec could rotate enough to grab the case, but that does not seem to be happening... Is it ever necessary to bend an Aftec extractor to provide enough tension?
  3. Anyone know the exact EGW part number for the extractor in the Para Pro Comp 40? I think it takes the EGW Series 70 or 80 HD Extractor number 10310 or 10311. I have a Para limited slide which take the PXT extractor but I gather that is different than the HD extractor?
  4. OK guys need some input here to help me diagnose some issues with my STI Edge 40 Cal. I am running an Aftec extractor and a Recoil Master guide rod/spring in the gun. I got the gun used and have put approximately 700 rounds through it but I don't know the total round count on it. I am firing 180gr Berry's over 7.0 gr of HS-6 (all rounds chamber checked). The gun is completely cleaned after each match/practice session with Frog Lube. The problem I am having is, after my 3rd stage of a USPSA match today, the gun started to cycle "slowly". It would eject the spent case but seemed to struggle pushing the next round into battery. The issue occurred with 10-12 rounds fed from two different magazines. It would often stop 1/4 inch or so shy of closed and I would have to push the slide the remaining distance. Thinking that if might be an ammo issue, I switched to some GA Arms factory ammo for my next stage and I also put a few drops of oil on the barrel hood and top of the barrel. While this did improve the situation, it did not eliminate it. The issue occurred twice more in the next two stages. One of the RO's suggested that it may be an extractor tension issue? Would love to hear any thoughts from the group on what the issue may be.
  5. I have a versamax tactical with the welded lifter from c-rums. It has worked flawlessly for about 150 rounds. This week I took a competition multigun class with Mike Seeklaner and Erik Lund and had 4 shot shells and 2 slugs out of 200 round get caught on the extractor cut in the barrel. Its possible it was bad shellsm but I see on here were people "break the edge" or "radius the sharp edge. Does anybody have any pictures of what one looks like after the modification? I could not find pictures in any of the threads and I dont want to make it worse or ruin the barrel. Thanks
  6. Hello, I would like to share this with those frustrated with vertical ejection on their 45. I read a magazine in the 80's that the Colt 1911 was designed for vertical ejection, as requested by the cavalry. So it had the following: 1. High wall on the ejection port 2. Ejector angled 20 degrees back 3. Extractor with large clearance to allow the rim to rotate upward. The shell would hit the wall of the ejection port, eject vertically and slightly to the right, and land behind you. Dents on the shells were result. I also noticed that the tip of the extractor hook would mark the bevelled part of the extractor groove after firing. I've seen shells reloaded 30 times and has an ugly ring on the extractor groove. Lowering the ejection post eliminated the dents on the shells, but sometimes the shells would still eject vertically on some pistols. Using an extended ejector helps, but not all the time. Then in 1993, a fellow gunsmith made some extractors from tool steel and sold some to me. He claimed it provided consistent, more horizontal ejection. I installed some on my friend's guns and it ejected the cases far and consistently, around 30 degrees from the horizontal. I did not put a tight tension on it, about the same as on a 38 Super. An added benefit was that you don't have to relieve the front of the ejection port when manually ejecting live rounds. And the hook does not contact the bevelled part of the extractor groove on the shell. Colt started elongating the front of the ejection port in the late 80's They also redesigned the ejector with a vertical impact surface in the late 90's or early 2000's for their Gov't Models. It now looks like a semi-extended ejector. EGW has introduced a Heavy Duty 45 extractor with the hook closer to the breechface, and they claim a more positive, consistent ejection. Using the inside jaws of my calipers, the distance from the hook to the rear of the firing pin stop slot measures 2.345 in. An Ed Brown 45 extractor measures 2.363 in. The difference is 0.018 in. I have not installed one yet to verify if it does work like the ones I installed 20 years ago. Keep in mind that the distance from the breechface to the rear of the slide where the firing pin stop rests varies a lot from different manufacturers and time period. So the extractor clearance will vary as well. I would like to hear from those who have tried the EGW HD 45 extractor on a pistol that previously had vertical ejections. So those "match grade" and "bullet proof" extractors is not a 100% solution, IMHO.
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