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Found 13 results

  1. Those that know me, know this has been a long time coming. Hope this is a helpful little nugget I wrote up. This is just some stuff I like and what I use. Having used just about every part and part combo this is what works for me. I have reasons for each part. I get alot of questions and i hope this finds some well. As always YMMV. @PatriotDefense @johnbu 9mm GT Stroked slide Beveled mag well(transition between mag well helps smooth reloads) Tuned 9mm Extractor(typically factory extractor is 38. 9mm needs more tension for reliability) Polished and Lapped rails. Hammer face angled and polish(smoothes recoil and slide movement) Hammer strut hole opened and smoothed( eliminates spring bind and friction. Also a must for única hammer ( Slide faced and comp(if needed) retimed. Breach Face inner edge chamfer and polish (smooth feeding) Extractor Channel polish( crud gets built up here. This ensures free movement ) Fireing Pin channel polish.(reliable strikes) Slide bottom front Chamfer(reduce's drag on 2nd round and reliable feeding) Slide rear bottom Chamfer(smooths recoil as slide travels over hammer) FPB removal( not needed in open. Reduces FP drag) All before adding parts. My favorite parts list and combos V12 barrel EGD Brass grips(bring weight back into hands) DAA adjustable thumrest, hand checkered by me Henning Mag well Gen 1( design keeps magwell from walking forward) Over sized Safeties, hand checkerd by me( more dexterity) Henning short Trigger(medium spring) PD Light Guide Rod PD Fireing pin(heavy for reliability) Única DA/SA heavy hammer(used as SA only) #patriotdefense bolo disconnector( eliminates pre travel) EGW sear (gives shortest reset) 6-9lb recoil spring (I prefer 8lb) PD 13lb hammer spring( works with heavy hammer and pd parts) PD reduced Power FP spring Xtra power Extractor spring 9mm Extractor PD reduced Sear spring Precision made sear cage pin made by me( eliminates sear cage + sear wobble, and a crisper disengagement on trigger press) Factory polished sear cage( less friction on moving sear) Xtreme G2 racker or Angled G1 racker. Xtreme trigger plunger Factory trigger bar (almost need to own several to pick best one) Over sized mag release(factory) IPSC Alex RTS2 mount 8 MOA RTS2 or 8 MOA slide ride Única Hammer short strut. #dgbullets 115g bullets HS6 or AA7 powder Current Slide/Frame combo Older Limited frame with better checkering and up swept beaver tail GT slide V12 9mm stroked. Also Tanfoglio 40s&w slides will and can to be tuned to run 9mm reliably with a 9mm barrel obviously. The Spare GT barrel that comes with the gun, can also be used with limited slide in conjuction with cone comp. This is basically what you have to do to the GTs and this is thee best parts and parts combos I've used and found. Enjoy.
  2. Background:I want to get into competition shooting with USPSA and IDPA (both are local for me). I am a little overwhelmed by the gun categories nuances--especially IDPA. Currently, I have a S/A XDS in 9mm (my carry gun) and an EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Full Size in 10mm. I absolutely LOVE shooting my Witness, but I think competition shooting in 10mm would get really expensive, really quickly.Question:Can anyone tell me if the Witness P Match and P Match Pro are legal for USPSA or IDPA, and in which categories? I think they are really sexy and would love to give one a try. However, I do not see either on the USPSA production gun list, and it appears from the specs on EAA's site that they would BARELY fit into the IDPA box. Links:http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-tanfoglio-404http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-p-match-pro-tanfoglio-410Thanks in advance!
  3. I have a 38 super Witness Gold Team - I'm looking for a 9mm hybrid barrel to make it a 9mm open gun. It does not appear that EAA carries these... does anyone know a source for a 9mm open barrel (even just the comp is fine... the hybrid seems a bit 'over' compensated) for the Witness Gold Team? Thanks!
  4. Howdy y'all!!! I've been a member here for a while, but this is I believe my first post. Back in May of this year, my son bought this Witness for his first handgun. I have had several Pre and Post EAA pistols, and I am a big fan of them, so I recommended he get one for his first handgun. After passing on the 1996 Witness in .45 that I now own, he he opted for this one, as he has heard a lot of good things about the .38 Super, mainly from me. I also knew that he wouldn't blow a lot of his money on ammo, due to the fact that in the area where we live, .45 is cheaper than .38 Super. BTW, he's tighter than Dick's hatband with his money, and that's a good thing. Anyway, I did find that his was made in 1995, but that's about all I have found out about it. It appears to be a semi-competition pistol, although the trigger is rougher than I-81 going through Virginia. The interrupter has a ridge in the middle of it, so it keeps popping out of place in DA. I have tried to polish this out when I smoothed the trigger out for him. I have since bought a new interrupter from Ben Stoeger, along with a lighter weight trigger bar plunger spring, as he doesn't like the factory weight. I will work on different hammer springs after I finish with the trigger. This pistol has a squared and checkered triggerguard (both front and underside are checkered), checkered front strap, checkered back strap, competition style grips (plain Witness grips won't fit, they are too long), cheaper factory fixed rear sights and the usual solid front sight. According to EAA, the pistol did not come with the frame drilled and tapped, but this one has three holes on the left side, as opposed to Tanfoglio's four holes per side. The holes do not look like they were done by a gunsmith, as the finish in the holes is the same as the rest of the matte blue frame, and the holes are evenly spaced, so as to not take out the Witness name, or any of the other markings. If anyone can shed some light on this, I would sure appreciate it. BTW, he is twenty-two, and has too many "important things to do" other than let me get more pics of his pistol. This is the only pic I have at the moment. Thanks
  5. Does anyone out there have a stock 3 chambered in 45acp? Curious to know the weight of one and see if I can make it IDPA CDP legal (needs to be under 43oz) which I believe can be obtained. Would also like to make it SSP legal for the sake of being able to interchange parts parts off of it and remain legal.
  6. I have 2 stock 2s and they chamber different lengths. One of them runs my bbi 135gr 9mm at 1.110 fine but the second one will get hung up. Idk if it's tanfo consistency or what but it's driving me nuts.
  7. How are you all doing?! I am approaching my 21st birthday so I will finally get to buy my first handgun. While my dad has handguns so I'm not new to the handgun world of shooting, I am looking for something special as my first pistol. I am in CA so we do have a roster, basically all guns except for glock gen 3's are illegal here. That being said, I have a friend that is offering to sell me his Springfield Model P9 LSP (long slide ported) for my birthday. I am trying to find as much information as I can but Google is lacking of much information. I could only find that they are Tanfo OEM parts assembled in the US by Springfield (I don't even know if this is correct). I was also told that they used to be used heavily as Open guns if they were chambered in 9x21 to make major power factor. This one my buddy is selling is chambered in 9x19. Anyone here own one and/or have more information surrounding this pistol? Where can I get extra parts? Barrels? Sights? I kinda want to shoot this in production but it is ported.... Thanks in advanced!
  8. HELP! I am shopping for an open gun for next season and I had my heart set on a 9mm Czechmate for a long time. I currently run a CZ Tactical Sport (that I've done a lot of work to) and I absolutely love it. Runs like a sewing machine, and every time I see people fussing with their 2011's I think "You know what will fix that? A CZ." I've heard good things about Tanfoglio's and asked for some prices on their open guns from my local shop. I have a lot of base knowledge about the CZ 75 platform, and understand the Tanfoglio's are kind of an "upper class" CZ... but I had no idea that Tanfoglio had a base open gun with 3 mags and a big stick that you can find for about $1600-$2000. The Witness Gold Custom. I do a ton of research on things, and everything I've read on here seems to point to it being great... in 38 super. I'd like to go 9mm. However, most of the posts here that talk about the gun needing work in 9mm is very old, like 5+ years. Has ANYONE out there bought a Witness Gold Custom in 9mm in the last year or two, and does it run?! I don't need the arguments of why 38 super is better, I get it. I just need someone with direct experience with this gun in 9mm to share their personal experience. Thanks in advance for the help!! -Scott
  9. Does anyone know where I can find these aluminum base pads for large frame mags in the United States. They are +0 capacity for production. I saw on the Italian Tanfo site, they show them as AC002 aluminum base pads, that goes all the way to the front of the grip and gives you somewhere to put you pinky, which for some reason none of the aftermarket ones these days do. I'm talking about the straight sided ones, not the tapered ones that are clearaced to fit the magwell that comes with the limited's. http://www.tanfoglio.it/shop/accessori/custodie-e-valigette/ac003-aluminium-pad-cal-9x21-40s-and-w-clone-2.html
  10. Hey, So I had bought a Stock III a few months ago, and recently was able to get my hands on a Stock II. I have since sold the stock III because I could only afford one gun at the moment. I am having some minor regrets though. If you look at the pictures I have posted, The checkering on the Stock III (and the old Stock II I had years ago) are really sharp and bite into your hands great. It was one of my favorite features of Tanfoglio guns. Well the checkering on my Stock II is REALLY SHALLOW It nearly feels like the checkering on a Tactical sport, that is often laughed about. I guess my question is this. Would it be worth going back to EAA and seeing if there is anything they could do about improving the checkering to what 99% of their other guns have? Or, would I be allowed to sharpen it myself, or have a local gunsmith do it, and still have the gun be production legal? Blued Stock III (sharp checkering) vs Chromed Stock II (shallow non-grippy checkering):
  11. I just got a hold of a Stock II and I am looking to see what people are doing to help the trigger on these guys, The SA pull doesn't seem too bad, but the double action pull needs lots of love. What kinds of upgrades/modifications do I need to look into?
  12. I am fortunate enough to be squadded with Henning. He asked me what parts do we need for our Tanfoglio's.... I relayed the typical item i know people are looking such as magwells, grips, ....... What else? Hammer? Interuptor? Trigger ???
  13. Hey guys what's up. I new to this forum and am hoping to get some good advice and info on the new Tanfoglio witness elite limited I picked up. Im gonna be shooting limited with it so any tips or advice you have let me know. Thanks Drkinzenbaw.
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