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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I want to measure my own figures against the community. I will use my current 650 Dillon setup for 9mm 124 gr as a reference. I have Mr. Bullet Feeder and case feeder. A few other minor upgrades. I have more primer tubes than I know. So, what is the real time involved in loading X amount of rounds? Given = plenty of brass cleaned and stored in a bin. Let's start the loading process. Grab plastic container, use a 50 hole brick* to inspect brass and place in container. I do this for about 600 rounds. Spray with one shot. Close container and shake rattle and roll. Load 6 primer tubes of Winchester primers. By then the One Shot is dry. Dump about 200 cases in the feeder and 100+ bullets in the feeder. Top off powder and fill primer magazine on press. Load ~100 rounds, rinse and repeat. (topping off brass, bullets, powder and primers). In ~500 round "one hour" session I have maybe 10 stoppages due to various reasons like flipped case or primer stuck in case. My reality is with the 650, Case and Bullet Feeder, I am happy to turn out ~500 an hour. Granted I may be a little slower or deliberate than others. This too me is a Start to Finish measurement. Not in this process is the brass cleaning. When I load 40 S&W the extra time for X Die processing is another factor. For all the EGW/Lee 40 die fans, I get it. Personally, since I went to the X die, I no longer case gauge 40. Just my preference. Thanks
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