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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone else out there have a tactical Advantage in 40 cal made by Dave Dawson.
  2. Hello, Would someone know does gen 3 Glock 17 (or 34) equipped with Dawson Precision ICE magwell fit in to IPSC Standard box (225 x 150 x 45 mm)? G17/34 is 138 mm tall, so there's only 12 mm free space "under" the grip. Length won't be a problem with G17, but G34 is 222 mm long, so there's only 3 mm of free space.. Width won't be a problem. Dawson told me that ICE is 42 mm wide. For some reason Dawson hasn't provided me an answer to this question (how much ICE adds to the length and height of the gun). I've asked it from them couple of times, and they always send me a reply telling how much ICE weights
  3. Like most competitors I have bought a few things from Dawson, sights, magwell and recently some 47d Wilson mags w Dawson basepads. I had issues w the basepads, the holes were too tight I had to chamfer the holes to even get the keeper plates (the little plate that goes under the springs and holds the basepad on). Also on a couple they would spread the mag body enough that they wouldn't drop free. I had to swap em around till the mags mostly worked ok. So I shot Dawson an email told them I wasn't happy. I didn't ask for anything I got a phone call within 24hrs, they explained that they checked into it, Wilson had changed the size of the dimple on that retaining plate. They were going to update their basepads and send me all new ones. Sure enough a week or so later I got a box from them. (I admit I let it sit on the bench a couple weeks I been so busy). I just tried them all, worked perfect! Not a single problem w them going on, staying on, or mags sticking. You can't beat that customer service. Love dawson Red
  4. I have been going back and forth on sights for this G43 that I have. I don’t really have the money to try various sights and have been reading up on a few different models/brands for a while. I have been reading up on Trijicon HD, Ameriglo (various models), Dawson Precision, Warren Tactical/Sevigny, Heinie, Glock brand tritium sights, and so forth. Ameriglo seems to have fit and finish issues, at least with current models that i have seen; they dont look to be machined very cleanly as well as their finish seems subpar. I have seen good sets of Ameriglo as well though. Something about Truglo puts me off, not the sights but the company. The TFO/TFX sights are also too busy for me, I wish they didn’t have fiber optic pipes on the rear and just had tritium back there. I keep going back to looking at the HD set but i am nervous about POA/POI issues as well as a lack of general accuracy regarding sight design. So, G43 owners, what aftermarket sights do you have and what do you have to say about them?
  5. So I'm trying to figure out what sight heights to buy from Dawson Precision. I want the Glock 34 Gen 3 to hit POI/POA with 115gr bulk ammo (Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, etc.) at 20-ish yards. From navigating Dawson's website, should I just get the Competition Fixed Sight Set? (Item 310-003) The sight set has a .205 tall front and a .225 tall rear. Will that get hits POI/POA @ 20-ish yards? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I remember seeing something about this a long time ago but I cannot find the thread. Current setup: CZ SP-01 Shadow Target with factory FO front and BO MAR adjustable rear CZ SP-01 CZC Accu Shadow with HAJO rear and CZ Custom front FO sight. I would like to change the setup on both guns to have a Dawson FO front and CZ Adjustable BO MAR style rear sites. I like the current setup on the Shadow Target with regards to sight height, I just like the Dawson front better. The intent is to have a training gun and comp gun with the same sight setup. The rear sight part is easy and I have a local shop for the LPA cut but the front is more complicated and I'd like to get it right the first time if possible. What I need to do: Accu Shadow: remove my existing HAJO rear and CZ Custom front site and replace both Shadow Target: Just replace front sight These are the parts I want to use: Dawson Front site: https://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80001716-1388518374 CZ adjustable BO MAR style rear: http://czcustom.com/trtchampionlpacutts.aspx So what I'm looking for: 1) What height Dawson sight do I need to replicate the CZ factory FO sight off the Shadow Target. Dawson measures their sights differently than CZ so its not just a math the specs kind of deal. 2) Since the Target has a front sight roll pin and the Accu does not, can the same model sight be adapted to both guns. What parts/tools do I need to fit a sight to the Accu shadow? Thanks
  7. I have a STI Spartan 9mm – purchased new, runs great. I recently picked up a used STI Trojan 9mm, seems to run great as well but too early to tell. I ordered (2) Dawson Precision 10 rd magazines. Both work well in the Spartan but are too tall for the slide to close on the Trojan. I’m not 1911 savy yet – any ideas?
  8. Does any one have any experience with the dawson ice mag well on a xdm 9mm? Been shooting a lot of idpa this year and wanted to add a mag well to my 5.25 for enhanced service pistol. I really like the looks of the dawson ice but don't wanna buy one then go...........shit it won't fit the box. I have seen the pistol gear ones but don't care for them.
  9. Hey all, So I have been shooting my new eagle for a few months now, and have been shooting a self tuned 140 mag made with STI tube, Grams guts, steel spacer and Dawson aluminum basepad. I use this magazine specifically as my first mag because it holds more than the rest, so it frequently gets dropped. I just recently noticed that the steal spacer is apparently hammering into the aluminum base pad with every reload. There is now a very obvious mark on the inside and out side of the base pad, and it appears a crack is starting to form on the outside of it. Has anyone ever seen this happen before? Is there any solution? I did notice there is a little play of the spacer when the magazine is empty (up and down). Should I be worried of this destroying my basepad? Do I need to switch back to the factory plastic spacer? Is there any real difference between he steel and plastic ones. Maybe some way to keep the spacer affixed semi-permanently to the mag tube to keep it from hitting the base pad? -Eli
  10. Hey all, I have been looking and searching and cant find much of anyone that really calls out which version of this mag release they use. I have a new STI eagle I plan to use for three gun and as a back up limited gun. I'm having some over insertion issues with the stock mag release so I'm going to order one of Dawson's Posi-lock ones. I have smaller sized hands and do have to shift my hand to reach the stock mag release. What do most people use out there. I have read some people that got the extended one and felt it was too long and found their mags dropping all the time. I would think if you chose to put a mag button on the end it would only stick out further and get in the way more. My though as of right now is to get the drilled and tapped one that is IDPA length, try it as is, and if I decide I want it a little longer still get a button to put on it. What do you all think? Which buttons do you all prefer if you do like using a button? Stock length .......... 0.165" IDPA length ........... 0.190" Extended length .... 0.265" With button ........... ????? Thanks, Eli
  11. Has anyone had reliability issues with these extensions? I have been running them on duty Glock 22 for about 2 months now, loaded with 20 rounds each. Do the springs hold up? I have shot a couple matches since getting them and they have run flawless. What's the recommended life span on them fully loaded? Is it the same as the factory 15 round mags?
  12. I FINALLY got my STI MatchMaster set up the way I want. I really appreciate all the help you guys have given me getting this project off the ground. It's definitely been a journey with a pretty large learning curve, especially for a guy that's used to shooting open with a Glock. I bought a STI MatchMaster from the guys at Shooters Connection, I then found out I would have to replace all the internals in the 140mm mag I had and do the same for the complete 170mm 9mm mag I bought from Top Gun supply. So I ordered the parts for two 140mm mags (STI 140mm tubes, Dawson +1 basepads, Grams guts, SC Hardy spacers) in an attempt to learn how to tune my mags. I'm still working on this particular issue. I also found out that I needed to change my extractor due to my brass hitting the mount that came with the gun, so I did, I got an Aftec and installed it. Then in an attempt to further cure my ejection issue I bought a Cheely 90 degree mount, which I couldn't use because it was about .00001 from my slide. I finally settled on a Cheely RTS mount and I am EXTREMELY happy with it. It's been a learning process to say the least, but I'm extremely happy I did it. So since all you guys have been helping me a figured the least I could do was share a pic or two with you and tell you what I ended up doing to my gun. I have a Dawson lo-pro mag button coming to replace the Ed Brown I have on currently, a Dawson ext firing pin, a 5" STI guiderod, a STI reverse plug (5"), a Dawson Shock buff, and some ISMI springs (7,8,9). I decided to change from the RecoilMaster to a standard RSA, I figured that would allow me to further tune the gun to my loads plus the RecoilMaster is a pain in the butt to deal with. It's easier to change springs than to change your entire RSA. I also have (or have on the way) 3 140mm tubes and 1 170mm tube, Grams springs and followers (1 13 coil, 3 11 coil), 4 Dawson +1 basepads (not SNL), and Hardy spacers (1 170, 3 140's). So, what do you guys think? Without taking into account my mags still need tuned what do y'all think about the gun? Anything I should know or is there anything you guys suggest? Thanks again for all your help!!!!
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