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Found 3 results

  1. I am reloading both .223 and now 300 Black Out. I am having a help of a time getting the right size in the primer pockets for both 5.56 LC and .223 FC Remington. I either swage too much and the primers drop out or are loose or my Dillon 500b will not seat about 30% of my primers which can be very frustrating. Any one have some tips on calibrating the Dillon Super Swage? I have heard you can over swage and you should set it up to just swage the opening of the primer pocket and not swage too deep. I also use one of those "cutters" to lightly cut out the crap before I swage. I had thought I would not have to swage .223 Remington FC since they were not military primers but I find they feed in my 550 a lot better if I swage at least one time before I use them from reloading (factory brass). Also any tips on tools to check the size of a primer pocket to see if its too big or small? thanks
  2. I recently purchased a set of Dillon 357 Magnum dies and I am not sure if I am setting up the crimping die properly. I only have experience loading 9mm so this is my first time reloading for a revolver (S&W 686P). In the books I have as well as the internet videos I have seen, they show a roll crimp like the one on the first round (factory made) in the attached photo. The crimp applied by my new Dillon crimping die looks more like a taper crimp to me. I am unsure what a proper crimp should look like using the Dillon die. The round on the right is crimped so the rim of the brass is almost flush with the bullet (Missouri Bullet Co 158g LSWC). Is this the correct amount? I would appreciate any advice you would care to offer. TIA.
  3. first my back ground. im a precision rifle guy.tactical longrange rifle matches are beginning to incorporate pistol more and more and this is an aera I was lacking in and I had a match coming up with pistol stages so I started researching and it lead me to Enos.i read around on here and that led me to the xdm 5.25 9mm/ prp ultimate match trigger/ tightgroup/ and berrys 147 "I know the montanagolds are the go to,but at the time these are what I could find and ive been real happy with them. one of my traveling partners had 2 dillion 550's and he was gracious enough to let me bring one down to my place, THANKS CC . so this is kind of a reloading/development journal as I go.if I try different components I will update the thread along the way.im layin low this year and not travelin for rifle so I will be playin with this here at the casa. ok ok onto the data. .002 and .003 effects on plateing effects on target, all targets at 19yds. shot real technical off this apparatus no crimp .002 .003 ps this 550 is ridiculously fast , im used to a co-ax single stage everything one at a time.
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