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Found 2 results

  1. *Found a formula error and fixed Reloading Cost-2020.xlsxSo, I first made this spreadsheet back in the mid 2000's when I started reloading. I've been on a layover for the past 4 days so I decided to update it and see what's changed in the decade and half plus since I first made it. I updated it a little when the great ammo/reloading supply shortage of the mid 2000's hit, but haven't touched it since. I figured I might as well share it with others as well. I've seen several threads along the lines of "Is reloading worth it", "what's reloading cost", etc, etc over the years, so I figured this would be a great tool for someone getting into it to figure out their upfront and long term costs. Or for that matter, anyone interested in how much they are saving...or not saving...by reloading. My quick take away is, with the increase in cost of components and the drastic drop in ammo prices, you have to reload A LOT to see any substantial savings. I love the process of reloading in general, but if I were getting into it today I'd have to think long and hard about it. I'd probably still do it, because for me it's not just the cost savings, but the freedom that it brings. Not to mention the ammo that's prefect for each and every firearm I own. And one of the biggest issues for me is you never know when the next "crunch" is gonna hit. I started reloading before the last Big Crunch hit, and one of the main reasons I did it was because I just had a feeling something was on the horizon and I wanted to make sure I had ammo when I wanted it. Not just when it was available. Anyway, I tried to updated to the spreadsheet to make it understandable to look it and figure out what the data was telling them, and to be able to change it to suite your specific needs. Obviously it's tailored to my calibers, bullets, primers, powders, etc, but you can change anything you want. It's not a perfect analysis, because there are just so many possible combinations it would take a 100 years and a 100 sheets to account everything. But I feel like it gives a good "rule of thumb" analysis of the cost of reloading. I use FMJ and JHP for almost all my pistol rounds. I found over the years that when you buy in bulk the fractions of a cent you save on lead coated, or plated just aren't worth it to me personally. I use middle of the road bullets for precision rifle work like Sierra or Nosler. And Bulk Horn 55gr FMJBT for AR stuff. I averaged out powder per round based on common charge weights for a given caliber. I think most things are self explanatory, but I also put a lot of notes to clarify what things I was using and what my line of though was. I'm sure I left some details out. If you have any questions, just ask. The first section is a cost per round break down for common combinations. Second section is cost per round break down of common equivalent factory loadings. Next section is the percentage savings (or lack there of) for reloading over factory ammo. Last section is a place for someone to put the cost of reloading equipment and then figure out how many rounds it will take to break even in terms of yers. I averaged the cost per round for this section based on just high/low average. Obviously the more expensive your factory ammo is, the more you are likely to save reloading. In this section you input the number of rounds you expect to shoot a month, and based on your overhead cost and cost per round it will tell you how long it will take to break even shooting that many rounds per month. Again, it's not perfect, so please I beg you don't remind me. But it will give you better than a rough estimate. I am working on a Mac so it was originally in Numbers, but I have exported it as a xls spreadsheet for the Windows users. There might be some "translation" issue between the two the formats. I have also loaded the Numbers version. If you have an issue, maybe try and open the Numbers version in Excel and let it do the translation to see if that helps. I appreciate all the help I have received over the years here, and I hope this helps someone else. Lastly my suggestion would be do download a copy and duplicate the downloaded copy to make changes too. That way if you mess something up you can always go back to the original and copy it again. 169592097_ReloadingCost-2020.numbers Reloading Cost-2020.xlsx
  2. I am curious as to why the Mr. Bullet Feeder Pro cost is so high? The price on the improved bullet dropper is pretty steep as well. Is the adjustable stand going to be a stand alone option? I am trying to decide between the standard version with the dropper and stand add ones and the Pro version.
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