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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all. Does anyone know of any compensators that sit flush with the X5 Legion slide when using a 5.7" Barsto Extended and Threaded (Suppressor) barrel? I want to run a comp while waiting for a suppressor. Has anyone tried the Range18 or Agency dual port with this barrel? Thank you!
  2. This is all "pretend" but I need you guys to answer solid, truthful, and what you thoughts are. ****Admin create Yes/No pole if possible**** and room to explain reasons. MANUFACTURERS, AND COMPANY'S DO NOT COMMENT!!! ( Let's say (pretend) I've got a whole bunch of threaded bull barrels just spun up match grade...the beesknees. But then I blow your face away by also saying more universal and I also have a pile of NOT GT comps. Both sizes and items fit, limited, S2, and Gold team. Let's "pretend" I'm not going to release this stuff or even begun designing únill I've got a bunch of input. Also don't get too excited yet. This is purely hypothetical. What if you could buy a GT, ditch the v12 and factory barrel and drop parts readily available, simpler than 2011, as fast, soft ect and at almost 1/2 the price of a Domina or aNY Custom? Who would be like F*** yeah!!! And actually buy a Tanfo open gun. If a pretend package was available? Like I'm gonna just say GT 2k and open package 600. So let's just pretend about 3k you have a shorty or middy that's simpler than a 2011, same stroke length, and all the same damn benefits. In? Or Out. Even if you don't shoot or plan on open let's hear some weigh ins. Pretend I won the lottery. But let's not get over zealous or make assumptions. I sincerely am baffled. If the parts are there, for a BETTER, SIMPLER, platform wouldn't people build, or is the 2011 thing a followers fad and it's just had more market so everyone is worried about taking a chance and just plays follower? Pioneer
  3. Hi all, I have been working up a load for a new trubor in 38 super. The gun is stock standard. When pjtting rounds over the chrony i had an interesting stoppage. The slide locked half open, at first i thought the next round being fed into the chamber had caught on the feed ramp and jammed it open but after dropping the mag the slide stayed open. I pulled back on the slide and it has no tension from the recoil spring. I could push and pull the slide and it just stops where ever its sitting when i let go. Somethings binding the spring possibly, when i move the slide i can feel what i think is the guide rod head? grinding against the barrel, well something is binding up but im not sure quite what. When i pull the slide to the rear, insert the paperclip into the guide rod hole and push the slide foward the jam goes away, the spring unbinds and its like its never happened. On another occasion i disregarded the paper clip and just pulled the slide stop out and took the slide off, in the hope of trying to see what the hell was happening but.... when the slide comes off everything is as it should be! Almost like there was nothing wrong to begin with :/ When this malfunction happens i notice that the hole that you put the paper clip into has rotated, when everything is running correctly the hole sits at the 12 and 6 oclock position. When it binds up the hole is at the 1 and 7 oclock position. The guide rod is turning, i suspect the guide rod head is jamming itself against the barrel and dust cover somehow, there by siezing it in place while its compressed. Does this sound logical? If so what could be causing it? I will point out that i suspect the end of the guide rod is just contacting the comp when the slide is pulled right back, there is no daylight visible between the two and there is a very slight wear mark on the rod but not alot of wear on the comp. I guess these two parts are not meant to be getting that cozy? This malfunction happened to me 5 times today during a 100 round break in on the gun shooting bill drills. Everything ran fine for the first 47 rounds and then it all went pear shaped. Long winded but i tried to explain it as best i can. Any ideas?
  4. This thing is awesome. In a small brief testing period of my own, it far beats out the V12. Less Powder, 115g Major, and much softer in hand. I do not have this barrel reamed by the good folks at PD yet. I was very anxious to test it out and quickly made up some loads I knew wouldn't touch major with a 115 from the V12, but Might with the Durso comp. Sure enough I made 166pf with 115g Blues over 7.9g of Power pistol. Loaded @ .....1.06. I can't wait to do more testing with a better powder and after reaming. Thoughts are on AA7.
  5. Chapo

    9mm major

    Looking for the best recipe for a gen 4 g34. I am using this time hs6. I have all competition springs and a 13lbs recoil spring. Carver 4-port comp. looking for a flat experience. I am thinking about 6.4 grains and taking it from there? Thoughts from other g34 open shooters?
  6. Has anyone seen this in person??? Perhaps at shot show? I know everyone is looking to the new sti DVC gun but this looks pretty rad if its a quality piece. Reminds me of limcat. Am I missing some link here? Any clue a msrp in America or an ETA of availability?
  7. I have a gift certificate for a Nordic comp, I can choose either the Tactical of Corvette comp, does anyone have any input on which is better? This is going on a light weight competition AR build in 223. 16in barrel, adj. gas, and a lightweight bcg, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello. I'm sending my gun to have a compensator and a V-6 port installed on it. It will be a match 4.75inch barrel before the comp so with threading I'm guessing right at 5in then a comp. I'm planning on doing some loading while my gun is gone so that when it returns I can start shooting. I will be using starline 38 super comp brass CCI #400 SRP and a 124 Xtreme hp. Powder options are Hs-7, Hs-6, Autocomp, Vv 3n38, and accurate #7 any one running a 5in gun with a few poppet holes please let me know. I would prefer not to have more then 25 loads to keep track of for the range trip. Lol thank you for the help!
  9. Hi, What is the current thinking in the community on 308 muzzle brakes (compensators)? Is it the usual suspects that we would see in a 223 lineup? In no particular order: Rolling Thunder SJC Titan JP Nordic Corvette Seekins Other? Am am I missing any? Do you have preferences you'd care to share? I'm about to begin collecting the components for a 308 AR build based on a Criterion barrel. Might take a while depending on part availability and funds. Thanks for your input. --------------------------- Editing to add that this would be for 3-gun Heavy Metal competition on an occasional basis.
  10. Somewhere along the line, I was of the impression Aimpoint Comp and Comp XD sights were REALLY tough, REALLY reliable, and guarenteed. And if they ever did become disabled they could most likely be serviced, within reason. Such is not necessarily the case and i now have two very nice Aimpoints Comps that are $400+ pieces of worthless scrap. (However, they do seem to work as a very clear 1X monocular!) The one Aimpoint Comp XD has been mine since Day 1. NEVER abused. Looks NIB. Near perfect glass/coating. Was mounted on a comped 9mm Springfield and used for Steel Challenge-type plinking (i.e. light loads only). The rheostat switch increasingly developed slop (no, it is not the two knob set screws) and it finally ceased to function. The second Aimpoint Comp had seen moderately more use but appeared fine. Very clean exterior. Near perfect glass. I was working the Shot Show at the time a friend showed up with it and complained of windage/elevation function problems. Thinking all Aimpoints were guarenteed (WRONG), repairable (WRONG), and mistakenly believing they would service their product for a nominal fee, I traded him straight across for one of my new Comp XD's. So ... I have sent 3 emails to Aimpoint inquiring about how to proceed. No reply (to any of them). Next I send them both to Aimpoint for est. repair cost - and I get back a VERY brief note 'they are beyond repair'. Interesting. They build them but they cannot replace a simple switch. They build them but they cannot re-establish windage/elevation function. Does anyone out there know of an independent Aimpoint repair station? ... like the fellas that used to redo/beef-up the old PDP3 sights? ~ one disheartened former Aimpoint supporter
  11. Two 22/45 Lite builds w/ Bearcave 90' C-More & Allchin Pac-Lite Comp My plan for the 2012 Ruger Rimfire World Championship was to go shoot, get a t-shirt, maybe win back my match fee, and of course, have a lot of fun. In summary, two fun days of shooting in limited and I also got to walk the prize table early enough to win a VQ TG2000 10/22 trigger group. However, instead of just being content with my MkIII 5” stainless with iron sights, fellow RFC member Sousa and several open shooters at the match convinced me to explore the world of red dots and comps. So at the match, I picked up a Pac-Lite Comp from John Allchin who was there shooting, as well as a 90 degree C-More mount from Barry of Bearcave Machining (he makes them for taccom) who was in my squad. For a platform, many folks were shooting the 22/45 lite and figured it would be a nice lightweight platform with a threaded muzzle ready for a screw on comp. So the week after the match, I went searching for a 22/45 lite but could not find one locally in stock. I wasn’t in a rush so I just placed an order at my local dealer and was told it may take several weeks and put on a waiting list. That same week, I went looking for some surplus stuff at another dealer and happened spot a NIB 22/45 Lite Talo and was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Besides, I had several weeks to wait on the ‘gold’ version. Then of course, I get a call the next day from the other dealer saying several Lites came in and I could pick one up. I figured, why not and justified the decision to keep both so both my kids could shoot with them in several years. This also meant picking up another 90 degree mount and comp. So, here’s the Allchin comp. It uses two large ports which I like to make cleaning easier. I hate to clean guns and figured this may last longer between cleanings. I have a S&W 627 V-Comp (removable comp) that had the three thin slits opened up to one large opening. Even that thing clogs up with lead and crap so figured .22’s would be the same or even worse. As you can see, because the OD of the comp is larger than the barrel and the rear of the comp is recessed, there will be no visible gap between the muzzle and comp. This makes for a nice clean installation but for someone who likes to have iron sights available in the event the optic fails, the design of the compensator presented a challenge. Besides, Bearcave’s C-More mount was designed to allow irons sights to work with the C-More attached. Because the front face/edge of the front sight sits flush with the muzzle, the overlapping rim of the comp would hit the front sight base. I thought about cutting back the compensator, but that would expose the gap between it and the muzzle. I also though about chopping a portion of the front sight with a hack saw, but that would likely look too butch and make for a funny looking front sight. So, this is what I settled with: I don’t have any fancy equipment nor do I have access to a machine shop. I basically chucked up an end mill HSS bit to a Lowes/Skil drill press, secured the sight to a vise, and started cutting. Did some rough measuring as well as approximated the amount of relief needed if the comps were properly clocked with the ports up at 12 o’clock. Again, nothing fancy, a little rough, but better than a dremel. I’ll probably degrease and spray some black Aluma-hyde on the exposed metal later. The Allchin comp comes with two different thickness rubber o-rings to assist in clocking the comp to the barrel. With the OEM wave washer, it’s pretty easy to get things aligned. However, I found that the o-rings can tear after repeated installation/removal and my OCD personality wanted something a little more precise and repeatable without much effort once setup properly. So, given the threads are 28 tpi, which also means a pitch of 0.0357” and 0.0357” per revolution, I calculated the following: ½ turn = 0.0178” ¼ turn = 0.0089” 1/8 turn = 0.0044” 1/16 turn = 0.0022” 1/32 turn = 0.001” I screwed on each comp as far down as possible and then approximated how far away from 12 o’clock the ports were. So, if the ports were facing 3 o’clock (i.e. over rotated past 12 o’clock), that would mean the comp was about a ¼ turn over rotated and would need a shim in the area of 0.009” to get it to stop at 12 o’clock with a snug fit. McMaster Carr always has those hard to find nuts, bolts and widgets and I ordered a bunch of steel shims ranging in size from 0.001” up to 0.031”, which should give me enough combinations and permutations of shims to fit any application and variation. Here’s the C-More and the Bearcave 90 degree mount ready to be mounted. Both Lites have the standard fare of upgrades and modifications. Both have the ZRT charging handle as well at the closeout VQ 22/45 extended mag release buttons. I’ll be sure to post pics when done.
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